The FHWA Route Log and Finder List was updated for the first time in three years at the end of 2021. Several previously omitted overlaps are finally acknowledged systemwide. Verifying statistics route by route, the mileage for I-15 in Utah changed. I-181 was finally dropped from the table for Auxiliary Routes corresponding with an adjustment for the mileage of I-26 in Tennessee. The figure for I-29 in Iowa was adjusted, but erroneously references an overlap with I-880, which echoes the former concurrency with I-680.

May 16

Interstate 2 – The project upgrading the exchange joining the south end of IH 69C with IH 2/U.S. 83 at Pharr, Texas make progress with substantial completion expected by the end of next year. The next section of IH 2 under construction is the La Joya Relief Route. The freeway is expected to open by early next year. It remains to be seen if TxDOT will apply to AASHTO for an extension of IH 2.

Interstate 4 – the Express Lanes built as part of the I-4 Ultimate project started in 2015 finally opened to traffic on February 26, 2022. The managed lanes run 20.5 miles north from SR 435 (Kirkman Road) in Orlando to SR 434 near Longwood. Future work extends the toll lanes north to Deltona and southwest to U.S. 27 in Polk County.
Updated coverage for the west end of I-4 with photos shot on 06/11/20, 08/29/20 and 06/03/21. Construction anticipated to start next year makes capacity improvements to three of the ramps at the Downtown Interchange.

Interstate 11 – guide signs installed in 2021 along I-15 and CC-215 at U.S. 95 include spaces for eventual Interstate 11 shields, suggesting that the route will eventually overtake the remainder of Interstate 515 northwest from the Henderson Bowl interchange to Downtown Las Vegas. Added one photo of the south end from 03/01/19.

Interstate 12 – six lane expansion continues between LA 21 near Covington to LA 59 north of Mandeville, Louisiana to 2023. Updated photos at the east end with three photos from 10/08/21 and one from 05/11/22. Also added 2 photos covering the south end of Interstate 59 from 10/08/21 and three from 05/11/22.

Interstate 14 – the extension of the I-14 corridor to West Texas and east along the proposed Gulf Cosat Strategic Highway to Augusta, Georgia was included in the $1.2 trillion Build Back Better Plan infrastructure passed in November 2021. Widening is currently underway along IH 14 at Belton as well. Shot new photos of the east end on May 11, 2022.

May 17

Interstate 8 – updated west end coverage with photos from 07/19/21.

Interstate 15 – updated photos covering the south end of I-15 and California State Route 15 in San Diego from 05/28, 06/13, 07/17 and 07/18/21.

Interstate 16 – added photos covering construction at the west end of I-16 from I-75 north taken on May 6, 2022.

Interstate 22 – replaced eight photos from 2016/19 covering both ends (05/06/22).

May 18

Updated traffic counts for all three digit Interstates in Tennessee with counts from 2021.

Interstate 4 – reshot the west end from I-275 south and I-275 north today!

Interstate 55 – following years of delays, the I-55 / Crump Boulevard Interchange project in Memphis, where I-55 navigates through a substandard cloverleaf interchange east of the Memphis-Arkansas Bridge spanning the Mississippi River, finally went to bid on March 25, 2022.

Interstate 65 – updated photos at the south end (10/08/21, 05/11/22).

Interstate 81 – the Final Environmental Impact Statement for the I-81 Viaduct Project/Community Grid was released on April 15, 2022. Work on the removal of I-81 through Syracuse can start this Fall.

Interstate 140 Tennessee – the Pellissippi Parkway Extension (SR 162) advances with design work underway through 2022. Right of way acquisition may commence by the end of the year.

Interstate 269 Memphis – added photo at the south end from 05/06/22

May 19

Interstate 27 – part of the Port to Plains Corridor, the extension of IH 27 south from Lubbock and north from Amarillo, Texas was signed into law as part of the 2022 omnibus appropriations bill in March 2022.

Interstate 29 – updated coverage of the south end in Kansas City with photos from 10/07/21 and 05/07/22.

May 20

Interstate 35E Texas / Interstate 35W Texas – expanded coverage of both ends with photos from 05/10/22

Interstate 516 Georgia – the Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for Project DeRenne, which will improve the east end of I-516 where it meets Montgomery Street in Midtown Savannah, was completed in 2021. Construction could begin in 2025.

May 23

Interstate 42 – Pending concurrence by the FHWA, AASHTO approved a request by NCDOT for the establishment of I-42 along the Goldsboro bypass at the Fall 2021 Meeting. This will overlay U.S. 70 Bypass and a portion of U.S. 70 east to NC 903.

Interstate 43 – updated with photos by Peter Johnson from 12/17/21 at the south end showing the completed interchange upgrade with I-39/90 and Wis 81 at Beloit, Wisconsin.

Interstate 240 Oklahoma – the superfluous beltway concept adding 75 miles to the route of IH 240 moved one step closer with approval by AASHTO at the Fall 2021 Meeting. The FHWA must concur before signage can be added along the full loop using portions of IH 40, IH 44 and the Kickapoo Turnpike. Added photos from 10/04/21, 05/09/22 and 05/10/22.

Interstate 478 New York – converted page from the old html format and added four photos from 12/17/17.

May 24-26

Converted pages with old html tables into the WordPress format for I-278 New Jersey / New York, Interstate 678 New York, Interstate 287 New Jersey / New York, Interstate 295 New York, and Interstate 695 New York.

Interstate 66 – replaced two photos at the west end (08/15/21).

Interstate 73 – construction continues on the Rockingham Bypass, the next section of I-73/74 to open in North Carolina, to at least April 2024.1 Posted two photos of the current south end from 08/14/21.

Added photos at the west end of Interstate 278 in Elizabeth, New Jersey and both ends of I-678 in New York City from 12/17/17.

Updated coverage for the south end of Interstate 287 in Edison Township from the New Jersey Turnpike with photos shot on 12/19/16, 12/17/17 and 08/19/21.

The I-295 Direct Connect project in South Jersey continues to 2027. Replaced two photos covering the south end of Interstate 295 near Newport, Delaware (08/19/21) and added another from 08/25/21 showing current road work along I-95 south leading to I-295.

Interstate 684 Connecticut / New York – added photos from I-287 east at I-684 at the south end and I-684 north at I-84 at the north end from 08/19/21.

Interstate 691 Connecticut – replaced photos from I-84 east at I-691 (08/19/21).

Interstate 785 – added/replaced 11 photos at Greensboro (08/14/21).

Interstate 840 North Carolina – added/replaced six photos (08/14/21).

May 27

Interstate 84 – updated photos covering the west end in Dunmore, Pennsylvania from I-81 southbound (08/24/21).

Interstate 86 – replaced 2006 photos covering the west end in Pennsylvania (08/23/21) and a 2005 photo of the east end (08/24/21).

Interstate 93 – replaced photos covering the south end along I-95 northbound showing the new mile based exit number. (08/20/21)

Interstate 95 – funding for construction of the long needed widening of I-95 in the LowCountry of South Carolina was approved by the South Carolina General Assembly in March 2022.

Interstate 99 – the schedule for bidding on the construction contract for the systems interchange joining I-99 with I-80 was delayed from March 3, 2022 to February 16, 2023. Completed coverage of the north end with photos from 08/24/21

Interstate 195 Massachusetts / Rhode Island – added/replaced photos covering the west end in Providence (08/20/21).

Interstate 295 Massachusetts / Rhode Island – added photos at both ends of the loop around Providence from 08/20/21. Expanded the short section about the cancelled loop of Interstate 895.

Interstate 395 Connecticut / Massachusetts – researching documents at the AASHTO Archive, discovered that a two-digit number was once considered when Route 52 was added to the Interstate system. I-99 was the only available number fitting AASHTO guidelines, but the state of Connecticut objected because it would have required renumbering State Route 99.

May 29

Interstate 393 – replaced four photos at the east end and two at the west end (08/21/21)

May 30

Interstate 88 East – replaced two photos at the east end (08/22/21) and added/replaced six photos at the west end (08/24/21).

Interstate 89 – construction on the final link between Quebec Autoroute 35 and the north end of I-89 at Highgate, Vermont finally gets underway next year. Added four photos covering the south end, including from NH 3A and Hall Street, where the freeway begins just east of I-93 (08/21/21).

Interstate 190 Massachusetts – converted page from the old format with html tables and updated coverage of both ends (08/21/21).

Interstate 495 Massachusetts – added three photos at the north end (08/21/21).

Interstate 890 New York – replaced photos covering the end of I-890 from I-90/New York Thruway westbound (08/22/21).

May 31

Interstate 49 – construction on the next section of I-49 east of Fort Smith may commence this Fall. Updated photos covering the north end (10/07/21) and the south end (05/07/22 and 04/11/22 by Jeff Royston).

Interstate 470 Missouri – updated the west end with photos from 10/07/21 and 05/07/22


  1. I-73 Segment 11/I-74 Segment 12. MalmeRoads.Net.