Interstate 495 Massachusetts

Interstate 495 Massachusetts


Interstate 495 is the outer beltway serving Boston metropolitan area commuters. Cities directly served by I-495 include Lowell, Lawrence and Haverhill. The highway also provides part of a bypass route from the Mass Pike south to Cape Cod and north to the New Hampshire Seacoast.

I-495 was the longest three-digit Interstate highway until 1996, when I-476 in Pennsylvania was extended north from Plymouth Meeting to Clarks Summit.

I-495 north at I-90 / Mass Pike - Westborough, MA

Interstate 495 north at the trumpet interchange and access road to the Mass Pike at Westborough. 10/06/14

Plans for 2021 or beyond call for improving the I-90/495 interchange. With the Mass Pike switch to all electronic tolling (AET) on October 28, 2016, the toll plaza between the two trumpet interchanges linking the beltway and toll road was no longer needed. The removal of the toll barrier allows for the addition of flyovers or other high speed ramps to eliminate some of the weaving traffic patterns currently in place.


Referred by the Massachusetts Department of Public Works as the outer circumferential highway in a letter sent to the American Association of State Highway Officials (AASHO) on April 10, 1958, the number selected for the beltway around Boston was Route 95W. The letter W was selected to indicate that the route lies west of Interstate 95. This eventually changed to Route 495, and on November 13, 1958, AASHO approved it as part of the Interstate Urban Numerology for Massachusetts. I-495 was outlined along a route north from I-95 along the Mansfield/Foxboro town line to I-95 at Salisbury.

Route Information

  • North End – Salisbury, MA

  • South End – Wareham, MA

  • Mileage – 121.56

  • Cities – Marlborough, Lowell, Lawrence, Haverhill, Amesbury

  • JunctionsI-195 I-95 I-90 Mass Pike I-290 I-93

Source: December 31, 2021 Interstate Route Log and Finders List

I-495 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

Interstate 495 was built in segments between 1958 and 1982.1 The route ended at Interstate 95 in Foxborough from the north until June 17, 1975, when the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) approved the southeasterly extension to Interstate 195 at Wareham. This extension was previously approved by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) on May 23, 1974.

With mileage gained from the cancellations of both I-95 along the Southwest and Northeast Expressways through Boston, and the Inner Belt Expressway for I-695, the I-495 extension was added to the Interstate Highway System under the provisions of 23 U.S.C. 139(a) and 23 U.S.C. 139(e)(2). 14.2 miles of new construction lengthened I-495 southeast from Foxborough to the junction of Route 24/25 at Raynham. I-495 superseded an 18.5 mile long section of Route 25 from Raynham southeast to Middleborough and I-195 in Wareham. Interchanges were renumbered to start at Wareham instead of Foxborough.1

North End I-95 – Salisbury, Massachusetts

I-495 North at I-95

I-495 north at Route 110/I-95 - Amesbury, MA

Route 110 provides a Breezewood style connection to Interstate 95 south from I-495 north. The four lane arterial leads east from Exit 55, three quarters of a mile to a parclo interchange with I-95 in the town of Saulsbury. 07/30/07

I-495 north at I-95 - Amesbury, MA

The remainder of Interstate 495 north defaults onto I-95 north into Seabrook, New Hampshire in one mile. A pair of ground level signs replaced this overhead assembly. Photo by Jim Teresco (11/18/01).

I-495 north at I-95 - Salisbury, MA

An end shield formerly posted at the wye interchange with Interstate 95 north. I-95 transitions to the tolled Blue Star Turnpike in three miles. Portsmouth lies 16 miles to the northeast. Photo by Jim Teresco (11/18/01).

I-95 South at I-495

I-95 south at Route 286/I-495 - Salisbury, MA

The first sign for Interstate 495 south appears in the town of Seabrook, New Hampshire, two miles ahead of the split from I-95 south. Photo by H.B. Elkins (06/01/13).

I-95 south at Route 286/I-495 - Salisbury, MA

Just across the state line, a second diagrammatic sign outlines the forthcoming wye interchange (Exit 59) with Interstate 495 south. The initial stretch of the 122 mile long beltway parallels the Merrimack River west through the towns of Amesbury and Merrimac. Photo by H.B. Elkins (06/01/13).

I-95 south at I-495 - Salisbury, MA

Continuing south from the wye interchange (Exit 60) with the connector to MSR 286 and U.S. 1 in Salisbury, I-95 proceeds one half mile to Interstate 495. I-495 loops southwest 11 miles to Haverhill while I-95 advances south to the John Greenleaf Whittier Bridge across the Merrimack River. Photo by H.B. Elkins (06/01/13).

I-95 south at I-495 - Salisbury, MA

Interstate 495 travels southwest to Lawrence, Lowell, and Marlborough before returning southeast toward Cape Cod. Connections with Interstate 290 in 60 miles provide a direct route to Worcester. Photo by H.B. Elkins (06/01/13).

I-95 North at I-495

I-95 north at Route 110 - Amesbury, MA

I-95 crosses the Merrimack River north ahead of the cloverleaf interchange (Exit 88) with Route 110. Route 110 west links I-95 north with I-495 south. 08/21/21

I-95 north at Route 110 - Amesbury, MA

Route 110 leads one mile west from Exit 88 B to a loop ramp onto Interstate 495 south in Amesbury. 08/21/21

I-95 north at I-495 - Salisbury, MA

I-95 converges with the north end of I-495 at mile marker 89 just inside the town of Salisbury. 08/21/21

I-495 South

I-495 south - Amesbury, MA

Leading away from Interstate 95, a begin shield stands along I-495 south by the Amesbury town line. Photo by H.B. Elkins (06/01/13).

South End I-195 Route 25 – Wareham, Massachusetts

I-495 South at I-195 Route 25

I-495 south at I-195/Route 25 - Wareham, MA

Southeast into the town of Wareham, the final two miles of Interstate 495 traverse an area of wetlands dotted by cranberry bogs. 07/28/07

I-495 south at I-195/Route 25 - Wareham, MA

Advancing south of the Weweantic River, a second diagrammatic overhead outlines the forthcoming trumpet interchange (Exit 1) with Interstate 195 west and the freeway continuation onto Route 25 east. 07/28/07

I-495 south at I-195/Route 25 - Wareham, MA

Interstate 195 arcs southwest from I-495 and Route 25 to Mattapoisett and New Bedford. Route 25 continues the freeway 10.04 miles east to U.S. 6 at Buzzards Bay. 07/28/07

I-495 south at I-195/Route 25 - Wareham, MA

Interstate 195 travels 45 miles west from Wareham and I-495 to Fall River and Providence, Rhode Island. 07/28/07

I-495 south at I-195/Route 25 - Wareham, MA

An end sign advises motorists of the southbound transition of I-495 to Route 25 east. Route 25 provides a direct link to the Bourne Bridge across Cape Cod Canal and Route 28 south to Falmouth. Photo by Jim Teresco (08/29/01).

Route 25 West at I-495

Route 25 west at I-195/495 - Wareham, MA

Route 25 west transitions into northbound Interstate 495 within the trumpet interchange (Exit 1) with I-195 west. Photo by H.B. Elkins (05/31/13).

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