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Interstate 295 serves as a western bypass of Providence and Pawtucket, Rhode Island. The freeway loop had also been proposed to extend east and southward from the north end at Attleboro, Massachusetts.

Rhode Island DOT renumbered all interchanges along Interstate 295 from I-95 at Warwick north to the Massachusetts border at Cumberland. Costing $340,000, the resigning ran from north to south over a two week period starting on November 27, 2017.1 The Route 146 freeway was scheduled to be resigned in 2018, adding mileage based exit numbers to its previously unnumbered interchange array. The Route 146 project started in Summer 2019 and runs through the end of 2021. All remaining freeways using the sequential system were to be converted by 2020.2 See the Rhode Island Highway Exit Renumbering Program web page for more details.

High Priority Corridor

Interstate 295 is part of High Priority Corridor 60: Providence Beltline Corridor.


Interstate 295 was planned in 1960, with construction commencing in 1965. Work on the freeway finished in June 1975.3

Dan Moraseski writes that current Interstate 295 was always planned as I-295. The beltway east of I-95 was later changed to Interstate 895 though, perhaps when transportation officials realized it would not extend straight across I-95 at the south intersection.

The original plan for the beltway in Rhode Island originated along Route 37, likely at Interstate 295, and took the route east across the Providence River. From there the loop turned north along the East Shore Expressway to Route 114 and further to the north end of Interstate 295. Later it was planned to travel roughly along Route 138 and Multi State Route 136 from I-95 to I-195.

A $6 million project realigned the ramp from Interstate 95 south to I-295 south in Attleboro to both improve geometric deficiencies and reduce truck roll overs. The project replaced the original ramp designed to accommodate a loop ramp from unconstructed I-895 north to I-95 south. Work commenced in July 2015 and was completed in Spring 2017.4,5

Route Information

  • North End – Attleboro, MA

  • South End – Warwick, RI

  • Mileage – 26.58


Rhode Island – 22.35

  • Cities – Providence, Cranston

  • JunctionsI-95

Massachusetts – 4.23

  • Cities – Attleboro

  • JunctionsI-95

Source: December 31, 2018 Interstate Route Log and Finders List

I-295 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

Providence, RI - 1969
Providence – 1969 Rhode Island Official Highway Map

Completed sections of Interstate 295 in 1969 extended north from I-95 to Route 37 at Cranston and west from Attleboro, Massachusetts to Route 146 at Lincoln.

Highway Guides

North End I-95 – Attleboro, Massachusetts

I-295 North at I-95

I-295 north at I-95 - Attleboro, MA

Interstate 295 ends with single lane ramps partitioning traffic for I-95 south six miles to Pawtucket and I-95 north six miles to I-495 at Mansfield. 07/28/07

I-295 north at I-95 - Attleboro, MA

Approaching the cloverleaf ramp at Exit 2B, large chevrons cover a swath of unused pavement built for the unconstructed route of Interstate 895 leading east from I-295 through Attleboro and south to I-195 between Seekonk and Fall River. 07/28/07

I-295 north at I-95 - Attleboro, MA

Leftover from unbuilt I-895, the northbound roadway of I-295 extends a short distance beyond this set of barriers at Exit 2B. 07/28/07

I-95 South at I-295

I-95 south at I-295 - Attleboro, MA

Curving southwest from I-495 and the Norfolk County line, I-95 enters North Attleborough on the two mile approach to Interstate 295 at Exit 4. 10/06/14

I-95 south at I-295 - Attleboro, MA

Exit 5 departs I-95 south for Robert Toner Boulevard one mile north of Interstate 295. Robert Toner Boulevard stems west from nearby Route 152 (Main Street) to Attleborough Falls. Photo by H.B. Elkins (05/31/13).

I-95 south at I-295 - Attleboro, MA

Interstate 295 constitutes a western bypass of Providence, Rhode Island for travelers bound for Warwick and points south. The freeway also provides a direct route to Woonsocket in conjunction with Route 99 and Route 146. 10/06/14

I-95 south at I-295 - 2013

Exit 4 leaves Interstate 95 south for I-295 west to the Rhode Island state line at Abbott Run Valley. The Providence bypass meets U.S. 6 at Johnston in 19 miles.
Exit 4 was realigned to improve the ramp geometry during a two-year project completed in 2017. Photo by H.B. Elkins (05/31/13).

I-95 North at I-295

I-95 north at I-295 - Attleboro, MA

Advancing north from Route 123 (South Avenue), I-95 travels along side Manchester Pond to Interstate 295 south at Exit 4. 06/26/05

I-95 north at I-295 - Attleboro, MA

One half mile ahead of the loop ramp (Exit 4) for I-295 south to Woonsocket and Warwick, Rhode Island on I-95 north near the Clifton Street overpass at Attleboro. 06/26/05

I-95 north at I-295 - Attleboro, MA

Interstate 95 crosses Tenmile River at the half cloverleaf interchange (Exit 4) with Interstate 295. Grading remains from unbuilt ramps for the cancelled route of Interstate 895 to the east. 06/26/05

I-95 north at I-295 - Attleboro, MA

Interstate 295 travels west from Attleboro nine miles to the Route 146 freeway (Eddie Dowling Highway) by Lincoln Mall. Route 146 extends north to Worcester, Massachusetts. 06/26/05

I-295 South

I-295 south - Attleboro, MA

Begin shield posted for Interstate 295 after the Clifton Street underpass. The freeway is six lanes wide southwest to the merge with U.S. 6 at Johnston, Rhode Island. 06/26/05

South End I-95 – Warwick, Rhode Island

I-295 South at I-95

I-295 south at RI 2/113 - Warwick

Exit 2 leaves Interstate 295 south for Route 2 (Bald Hill Road) by Warwick Mall. Bald Hill Road intersects Route 113 (East Avenue) to the southwest, with East Avenue extending east across I-295 ahead of the wye interchange with Interstate 95. 06/26/05

I-295 south at I-95 - Warwick, RI

An end shield for Interstate 295 precedes the off-ramp (Exit 1) for Route 113 (East Avenue) west. Traffic merges onto I-95 south ahead of West Warwick. 06/26/05

I-95 North at I-295

I-95 north at I-295 - Warwick, RI

Two miles south of the split with I-295 (Exit 11) on Interstate 95 north in Warwick. 06/26/05

I-95 north at I-295 - Warwick, RI

A second diagrammatic sign for the upcoming partition with Interstate 295 precedes the six-ramp parclo interchange (Exit 10) with Route 117 (Centerville Road). 06/26/05

I-95 north at I-295 - Warwick, RI

Interstate 95 passes over Route 115 (Toll Gate Road) one half mile ahead of the wye interchange (Exit 11) for I-295 north. I-295 travels 23 miles north to Woonsocket while I-95 continues seven miles to Downtown Providence. 06/26/05

I-95 north at I-295 - Warwick, RI

Interstate 95 maintains four through lanes at the separation with I-295 north. The freeway turns northeast toward T.F. Green Airport (PVD) while I-295 branches northwest to Cranston. 06/26/05

I-95 South at I-295

I-95 south at RI 113/I-295 - Warwick

Paralleling the Pawtuxet River, Interstate 95 heads southwest from the T.F. Green Airport Connector one mile to Exits 12B/A for Route 113 and I-295 north. Photo by H.B. Elkins (05/31/13).

I-95 south at RI 113/I-295 - Warwick

Route 113 (East Avenue) constitutes a four lane arterial linking Interstate 95 with Route 2 (Bald Hill Hill Road) to the west and Route 5 (Greenwich Avenue) to the east. The ramp for Route 113 west includes a direct connection to adjacent I-295 north. Photo by H.B. Elkins (05/31/13).

I-95 south at RI 113/I-295 - Warwick

Exit 12B separates from I-95 south for I-295 north ahead of Route 2 by Warwick Mall and Route 113 (East Avenue) west to retail areas south of the Pawtuxet River. Photo by H.B. Elkins (05/31/13).

I-295 South End Throwback

I-95 north at I-295 - 2001

The two mile guide sign for Interstate 295 north was replaced with a full sign bridge by 2005. Photo by Dan Moraseski (Winter 2001).

I-95 north at I-295 - 2001

The diagrammatic overhead for Interstate 295 (Exit 11) on I-95 northbound at the Route 3 (Cowesett Road) overpass was replaced by a new sign bridge located further north. Photo by Douglas Kerr (09/28/01).

I-95 north at I-295 - 2001

Former sign bridge along northbound Interstate 95 at the split with I-295 (Exit 11). Photo by Douglas Kerr (09/28/01).


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