I-75 north at I-24

Two miles ahead of I-24 west into Chattanooga, TN on I-75 north. Photo by Peter Johnson (02/29/20).

Updated Interstate 24 with photos of the east end from Peter Johnson (02/29/20), 06/12/17 and the west end from 04/05/13. Construction revamping the interchange with I-75 got underway this past Fall. Work through June 2021 removes some of the left exit ramps and adds capacity.

Added two photos showing ongoing construction of the I-295 Express Lanes southbound at the split with Florida State Road 9B / Future Interstate 795 in Jacksonville. Still no actions made in redesignating the route by FDOT or FHWA.

Updates guides with February 2020 photos from Peter Johnson covering:

Converted the end coverage of Interstate 459 in Alabama, I-195, I-295 and I-495 in Southern New England, and all of the branch routes of I-95 in Maine from the old thumbnail table format.

I-43 south at I-39/90 - Beloit, WI

Part of the long term I-39/90 Expansion Project, the south end of Interstate 43 at Beloit, Wisconsin was converted from a full cloverleaf into a signalized diamond interchange. This change is temporary as ongoing work constructs high speed flyovers that will eventually connect the two freeways.

Additionally a DDI will be built linking Wis 81 with I-43. I-43 presently transitions directly onto Wis 81 southbound and from Wis 81 northbound. Peter Johnson photographed the current configuration along I-43 last month. Work runs through 2021.

Replaced 2005 coverage of the north end of Interstate 95 with photos taken by Peter Johnson on 09/27/19. Also replaced three images at the south end with photos shot on 03/21/20.

Updated the south end of Interstate 229 at Sioux Falls, South Dakota with photos taken by Peter Johnson from this week (05/05).

Construction on Section 6 of Interstate 69 in Indiana, extending northeast from Martinsville to Indianapolis, began in March 2019. Contract 2 was awarded by the Indiana Department of Transportation (IDOT) on January 7, 2020. The nearly $165 million project upgrades State Road 37 into Interstate 69 through the city of Martinsville over the course of nearly two years. Anticipated work for contracts 3, 4 and 5 runs through the end of 2024.

I-69 Section 6 Timeline October 2019

Updated the guides for Interstate 69 and Interstate 94 with photos taken by Peter Johnson in March 2020 covering their shared end point at Port Huron.