I-229 south on the Double Decker Bridge - St. Joseph, MO

I-229 south at the Felix Street off-ramp to Downtown St. Joseph on the Double Decker Bridge. 11/03/16

The fate of the Double Decker Bridge along Interstate 229 in Downtown St. Joseph, Missouri is under study by the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT). Of the six Reasonable Alternatives considered, four remove the elevated structure and sever the freeway within the area of Downtown. These link the separate sections of remaining I-229 with options including ramps tying into the Downtown street grid, an upgrade of arterial streets, or a parkway extension of McArthur Drive.

A Rehabilitate Alternative retains the Double Decker Bridge with continued maintenance. A No Build Alternative is also considered for comparison purposes. Under this scenario, the bridge system would likely close within ten years due to continued deterioration. MoDOT posted survey results from the first public meeting on the I-229 Moving Forward web site. Additional surveys are being conducted.

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