Continuing the slow process of converting the remaining pages still using html tables into the WordPress format, finished the last of the Georgia Interstates with I-985, and then I-96 and I-496 in Michigan

Peter Johnson sent updates for the following routes:

North end of Interstate 65 from 05/30/20

Westbound I-395 in Maine from 09/29/19

Interstate 189 eastbound in Vermont from 09/24/19. Also updated the remainder of the coverage in South Burlington with photos shot in October 2014.

South end of Interstate 293 from 09/28/19; also added photos from H.B. Elkins (05/31 and 06/01/13).

Updated Interstate 73 with photos covering the north end from 01/17/19 and Interstate 74 in North Carolina with three photos near Mt. Airy.

Converted Interstate 705 in Washington and added three photos from 06/24/15.

November 3 updates

Interstate 180 Illinois – updated both ends with photos taken by Peter Johnson (05/31/20).

Interstate 180 Nebraska – replaced photos in Lincoln with ones from 02/22/20 and by Peter Johnson (06/21/20).

Interstate 380 Iowa – updated the north end at Waterloo with photos taken by Peter Johnson (05/02/20).

Interstate 294 Illinois – replaced photos at both ends with photos shot by Peter Johnson (05/30/20).