Finished going through photos shot during a roadtrip to the Upper Midwest back in February and updated the Omaha area Interstate coverage including the recently designated Interstate 880. This includes photos from June 21st taken by Peter Johnson for I-480 and I-680 and also swapped out one photo for former Interstate 580 in Omaha, Nebraska.

Following the Interstate 29 corridor from Kansas City to Sioux Falls, South Dakota:

Replaced nine photos for Interstate 229 in Missouri from 02/20/20.

Added photos covering the east end of Interstate 129 from I-29 north in Sioux City, Iowa and updated coverage from I-29 south.

Updated coverage of the south end of Interstate 229 in South Dakota and replaced photos showing I-229 north at I-90.

Updated photos at both ends of Interstate 235 in Iowa.

November 5

Replaced six photos covering the east end of Interstate 82 and four along Interstate 182 from Peter Johnson (09/15/20).

Posted two photos at the south end of Interstate 880 and four at the end of Interstate 280 in San Jose, California from Peter Johnson (09/18/20).

Converted coverage of Interstate 280 at the Quad Cities into the new layout and added photos from 12/25/19.

November 6

Updated Interstate 105 in Oregon and Interstate 405 in Washington.

I-880 west at Iowa 191 - Neola