Traveled through South Florida over this past weekend, and thought it was time to give an overhaul to the pages for I-75, I-195, I-395 and I-595. Interstate 95 was updated earlier this year with the help of Peter Johnson, who drove to the south end in February.

I-75 New photos added for the south end of Interstate 75 from March 21 of this year and this past Saturday (October 17). Only missing updated coverage of I-75 from SR 826 (Palmetto Expressway) southbound at this point.

Also swapped out images for the west ends of I-195, I-395 and I-595 with photos taken on March 21, 2020. I-195 and I-595 remain vastly unchanged, with the exception of flyover connections between the I-595 Express Lanes and I-75 Express Lanes completed in April 2018. Major redesign is underway along the short section of I-395 linking SR 836 (Dolphin Expressway) with SR A1A (MacArthur Causeway) north of Downtown Miami. The project through 2024 rebuilds the entire elevated roadway and the ramp systems at Miami Avenue and the Midtown Interchange with I-95/SR 836.

The recently added Route Numbering Archive for AASHTO continues to provide a treasure trove of historical documents covering not only the U.S. Highway system, but also the Interstate system. Documents from 2009 for Interstate 295 in Florida revealed that FDOT applied for Future Interstate status along the East Beltway in Jacksonville in addition to what eventually became Florida State Road 9B back in 1986. I-295’s extension was ultimately approved by AASHTO in 2009 and by FHWA in 2010. It would be signed in 2012. The 1986 agreement between FDOT and FHWA however had a deadline of 1986. With SR 9B not completed until 2018, the nearly five mile spur has yet to be redesignated Interstate 795. This will happen eventually once FHWA grants approval.

I-175 The Route Numbering Archive includes the applications to AASHTO for the establishment of the two urban freeway spurs to St. Petersburg, Florida. AASHTO initially rejected these in 1981, citing that FDOT had not received approval from the FHWA for their inclusion into the Interstate System. However a document in 1972 suggested that the FHWA had, so FDOT signed I-175 and I-375 from the start of construction in 1977. The discrepancy was cleared up between the two agencies later in 1981, and in 1982, AASHTO approved a follow up request for both Interstates.

Replaced the end coverage for both I-175 and I-375 with photos shot on April 3, 2020.