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Interstate 496 comprises an urban loop through the city of Lansing between I-69/96 in Delta Township and the U.S. 127 freeway in East Lansing. I-496 provides a high speed route to Downtown Lansing, crossing the Grand River southeast of the Michigan State Capitol. The eastern leg overlaps with U.S. 127 by Michigan State University (MSU) to I-96 just southeast of the Lansing city limits.


The last section of Interstate 496 opened to traffic in 1970.1

Route Information

  • East End – Delhi Township, MI

  • West End – Delta Center, MI

  • Mileage – 12.10

  • Cities – Lansing, East Lansing

  • JunctionsI-69 I-96

Source: December 31, 2018 Interstate Route Log and Finders List

I-496 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

East End I-96 – Delhi Township, Michigan

Perspective from Interstate 496 east
Interstate 496 & U.S. 127 combine for three miles south from East Lansing to Interstate 96 in Delhi Township. The final exchange for I-496 joins the freeway with Dunckel Road in southeast Lansing. fPhoto taken 11/05/11.
Crossing over Jolly Road, a third southbound lane opens for the return of Interstate 496 east to I-96 at Exit 73A. Photo taken 11/05/11.
Two lanes depart for I-96 east to Howell and Detroit ahead of the cloverleaf interchange with the Interstate 96 mainline. The U.S. 127 freeway continues 29.6 miles southward to I-94 at Jackson. Photo taken 11/05/11.
Historic perspective from Interstate 496 east
Sign replacements made at the east end of Interstate 496 added exit tabs for the ramps with I-96. Photo taken by Don Hargraves (11/02).
Perspective from Interstate 96 west
The first Lansing area exit along Interstate 96 westbound connects with I-496 west & U.S. 127 north at Exit 106B. Photo by John Harmon (2001).
I-496 overlaps with U.S. 127 north to East Lansing. Interstate 96 stays south of the capital city by the community of Holt. Prior to 2001-02, U.S. 127 ended at I-69 to the north of Lansing at DeWitt Township. This changed with legislation signed extending U.S. 127 northward over what was U.S. 27 between Lansing and Interstate 75 near Grayling. Photo by John Harmon (2001).
Perspective from Interstate 96 east
Interstate 96 east at the Aureluis Road overpass, 1.50 miles west of the three quarter cloverleaf interchange (Exit 106) with I-496 west and U.S. 127. Photo taken by Don Hargraves (03/03).
U.S. 127 travels 6.5 miles north from the Ingham County seat of Mason to Interstates 96/496 at Exit 106. A loop ramp joins I-96 east with I-496 west & U.S. 127 north to East Lansing. Photo taken by Don Hargraves (03/03).

West End I-69 I-96 – Delta Township, Michigan

Perspective from Interstate 496 west
Interstate 496 proceeds west from a six-ramp parclo interchange (Exit 1) with Creyts Road to I-69/96 by Delta Center. U.S. 27 overlapped with I-69/96 until 2001/02, when it was truncated north of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Photo taken by Don Hargraves (11/02).
Two lanes join I-69 south and I-96 east ahead of their split for Fort Wayne, Indiana and Detroit. A single lane ramp joins I-69/96 north 3.8 miles to their separation at Watertown Township. Photo taken by Don Hargraves (11/02).
Perspective from Interstates 69 south & 96 east
Business Loop I-69 (Saginaw Highway) combines with M-43 west from Lansing to I-69/96 (Exit 93) in Delta Township. Interstate 496 parallels the commercial arterial to the south, with both leading to Downtown Lansing. Photo taken by Don Hargraves (11/02).
An auxiliary lane opens south from M-43 and Business Loop I-69 to the directional T interchange (Exit 95) with Interstate 496 east. Photo taken by Don Hargraves (11/02).
Interstate 496 stems east from I-69/96 six miles to Walnut Street south of the Michigan State Capitol. Photo taken by Don Hargraves (11/02).
Perspective from Interstates 69 north & 96 west
Interstate 96 bypasses Lansing to the south and combines with I-69 to the west at a trumpet interchange (Exit 97) 1.25 miles from I-496. Photo taken 11/05/11.
Interstate 69 arrives in the Lansing area northeast from Potterville. The northbound mainline combines with I-96 west just beyond the Millett Highway overpass. Photo taken 11/05/11.
I-69 north/96 west expand to four lanes to Interstate 496 east at Exit 95. The directional T interchange between the two freeways was originally a trumpet. Photo taken 11/05/11.
Exit 95 leaves I-69 north/96 east for Interstate 496 to Downtown Lansing and East Lansing. Photo taken 11/05/11.
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