Interstate 182 Washington

Interstate 182 Washington
Tri-Cities Washington Map

Route Information

  • West End – west of Richland, WA

  • East End – Pasco, WA

  • Mileage – 15.19

  • Cities – Richland, Pasco, Kennewick

  • Junctions

Source: December 31, 2021 Interstate Route Log and Finders List

I-182 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

Source: 2019 AADT – WSDOT Traffic GeoPortal


Interstate 182 connects the Tri-Cities in southern Washington with I-82 west to Yakima and south across the Columbia River into Oregon. Carrying U.S. 12 throughout its length, the freeway provides part of the route east to Walla Walla and a truck route to U.S. 395 northeast toward Spokane. I-182 serves commuter traffic through Richland, West Pasco, Pasco. I-182 also briefly combines with SR 240, which heads north to the US Department of Energy’s Hanford site and southeast to the Columbia Center commercial areas in Kennewick.

A $3.9 million project between WSDOT and the city of Richland replaced the signalized intersection at Queensgate Drive and the eastbound ramps with Interstate 182 at Exit 3 with a roundabout. Built in conjunction with a second roundabout nearby at Queensgate Drive and Columbia Park Trail, the new traffic pattern was expected to improve traffic flow. Planned for five years, bidding for the work took place in February 2018, with subsequent construction underway through July 2018.1


I-182 was designated by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) between I-82 and Pasco on June 23, 1969. The freeway was completed in 1986.

 Highway Guides

West End I-82 – west of Richland, Washington

US 12 West at

I-182/US 12 west at I-82 - Richland, WA

I-182/U.S. 12 climb through Goose Gap between Candy and Badger Mountains to Interstate 82. U.S. 12 joins I-82 west from the upcoming exchange to Yakima. Photo by Peter Johnson (09/15/20).

I-182/US 12 west at I-82 - Richland, WA

Leaving the Richland city limits, I-182/U.S. 12 span Dallas Road just ahead of the ramp separation for I-82 south to Umatilla, Oregon and I-82/U.S. 12 west to Prosser and Sunnyside. Photo by Peter Johnson (09/15/20).

I-182/US 12 west at I-82 - Richland, WA

I-182 concludes at a trumpet interchange by agricultural areas southwest of West Richland and Candy Mountain. I-82 generally bypasses the Tri-Cities, though suburban areas spread southward to the freeway at Badger Road. Photo by Peter Johnson (09/15/20).

West at US 12

I-82 west at I-182/US 12 - Richland, WA

I-82 arcs northwest from suburban areas south of Richmond to meet Interstate 182 and U.S. 12 west of Badger Mountain in one mile. 08/28/06

I-82 west at I-182/US 12 - Richland, WA

Exit 102 departs I-82 west for I-182/U.S. 12 east to Richland and Pasco in the Tri-Cities. Connections with U.S. 395 north lead travelers to I-90 at Ritzville and Spokane. 08/28/06

US 12 East at

I-82/US 12 east at I-182 - Richland, WA

I-82/U.S. 12 make a gradual southward turn ahead of Candy Mountain and the Tri-Cities area to their split at Interstate 182. 08/28/06

I-82/US 12 east at I-182 - Richland, WA

U.S. 12 combines with Interstate 182 east through Richland and Pasco en route to Walla Walla and Lewiston. 08/28/06

I-82/US 12 east at I-182 - Richland, WA

Interstate 182 represents one of three bridges crossing the Columbia River in the Tri-Cities. Running along the north side of West Pasco, I-182 connects with U.S. 395 south to Kennewick by Tri-Cities Airport (PSC). 08/28/06

East End US 12 – Lewis Street – Pasco, Washington

I-182 US 12 East

I-182/US 12 east at Lewis St - Pasco, WA

Interstate 182 extends a half mile southeast from the cloverleaf interchange with U.S. 395 north and SR 397 south to conclude just ahead of Lewis Street. 08/28/06

I-182/US 12 east at Lewis St - Pasco, WA

An end shield stands just ahead of the parclo interchange joining U.S. 12 with Lewis Street in Pasco. U.S. 12 continues southeast to the Vaughn Hubbard Bridge across the Snake River to Burbank. 08/28/06

I-182/US 12 east at Lewis St - Pasco, WA

Lewis Street connects Interstate 182 and U.S. 12 with residential areas in east Pasco. 08/28/06

I-182/US 12 east at Lewis St - Pasco, WA

Pasco Kahlotus Road extends northeast 41 miles from Lewis Street and I-182 to the city of Kahlotus. 08/28/06

U.S. 12 West at I-182

US 12 west at I-182 - Pasco, WA

U.S. 12 upgrades to a limited access highway beyond the intersection with East A Street. The ensuing exchange joins the route with Lewis Street south and Pasco Kahlotus Road. 08/28/06

US 12 west at I-182 - Pasco, WA

Entering the six-ramp parclo interchange with Lewis Street on U.S. 12 westbound. Interstate 182 begins just beyond this exchange. 08/28/06

US 12 west at I-182 - Pasco, WA

Lewis Street curves southwest from Pasco Kahlotus Road to Heritage Boulevard, where it turns west en route to the Pasco city center. Lewis Street and Lewis Place west represent the historic alignment of U.S. 395 and U.S. 410. 08/28/06

US 12 west at I-182 - Pasco, WA

U.S. 12 advances west one mile to combine with U.S. 395 at Exit 14. U.S. 395 is an expressway corridor joining the Tri-Cities with Interstate 90 east to Spokane. 08/28/06

I-182/US 12 west - Pasco, WA

I-182 begins along U.S. 12 west just beyond the entrance ramp from Lewis Street. A collector roadway system separates from the freeway next for U.S. 395 north to Ritzville and SR 397 (Oregon Avenue) south into Pasco. Photo by Peter Johnson (09/15/20).


  1. “Richland roundabouts expected to alleviate Queensgate jams.” Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business (WA), February 2018.

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