Starting to go through the site in an effort to convert the remaining pages that still use old html tables into the 100% WordPress format. Decided to review the numbered routes and associated branches, beginning with I-H1 and working through the system.

Mostly, this has been a matter of taking an existing page and moving photos directly into WordPress and tweaking some of the captions and background information for each route. However with contributions from Peter Johnson and others, have worked in updated content as well. These include new photos for:

Finished converting the last of the Interstate routes in California, but also updated pages with more recent photos shot by Andy Field as well:

  • Interstate 5 – photos covering the south end from yesterday (11/10/20).
  • Interstate 8 – 2020 photos of the west end; 2019 photos of the east end
  • Interstate 15 – photos covering the south end from yesterday (11/10/20).
  • Interstate 215 – 2018 photos of both ends
  • Interstate 805 – 2018 photos of the south end and also found two photos from 2001 of the north end.
  • Interstate 905 – 2018 photos of the east end. After going through the original application for I-905 sent into AASHTO, discovered that FHWA informally approved adding the route to the Interstate system, which may be why it has yet to be signed 35 years later.

Shifting eastward into the state of Nevada, updated pages for Interstate 215 and I-515 at Las Vegas with photos from March 2019. Updated Interstate 580 between Reno and Carson City with photos from July 2018.

Converted Interstate 180 in Wyoming and Interstate 215 for Utah, adding photos from July 2017

November 13 Updates

Interstate 225 Colorado – Updated the page with photos shot in April 2017 and research from the AASHTO Route Numbering Archive. I-225 was originally proposed along with I-270 as a single circumferential highway (using a portion of I-70) around Denver. The Colorado Department of Highways considered numbering the Interstate as Route A25, then I-25E. Eventually it was partitioned into today’s I-225 and I-425 along I-270. I-425 became I-270 in February 1959.

Interstate 270 Colorado – Converted page and expanded coverage of the west end with photos from April 2017.

Interstate 194 North Dakota – Converted page and added complete coverage of both end points with photos shot on August 6, 2016.