Interstate 105 Oregon

Interstate 105 Oregon


Interstate 105 connects Oregon Route 99 outside Downtown Eugene with I-5 and Oregon Route 126 (Eugene-Springfield Highway) at the Springfield city line. Following an L-shaped course, I-105 leads north from ramps with the couplets of 6th/7th Avenues and Jefferson/Washington Streets, where OR 99, OR 126 and OR 126 Business converge. The Washington-Jefferson Bridge spans the Willamette River into the trumpet interchange (Exit 1) with Delta Highway. I-105/OR 126 (Pacific-Willamette Highway) turn east from there to Coburg Road and I-5.


Construction for Interstate 105 in Eugene, including the Washington-Jefferson Bridge started in the early 1960s. The freeway fully opened to traffic in 1970 without controversy, unlike the other proposed Interstate spurs in Oregon that were never built (I-305 and I-505).1

Costing $15 million, road construction (project #10349) in 2005 expanded Interstate 105 with auxiliary lanes in both directions between mileposts 0.89 and 3.95.2

Route Information

  • East End – Springfield, OR

  • West End – Eugene, OR

  • Mileage – 3.49

  • Cities – Eugene, Springfield

  • JunctionsI-5

Source: December 31, 2021 Interstate Route Log and Finders List

I-105 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

 Photo Guides

East End I-5 Oregon 126 – Springfield, Oregon

I-105 OR 126 East at I-5

I-105/OR 126 east one mile from I-5 in Eugene, Oregon

I-105/OR 126 advance one mile east from the exchange with Coburg Road to Exits 4 A/B for Interstate 5. 07/16/23

I-105/OR 126 continue a half mile east to I-5 south at Exit 4 A

Interstate 105 passes north of Autzen Stadium and the Harlow neighborhood in Eugene ahead of I-5. 07/16/23

Exit 4 A departs I-105/OR 126 east for I-5 south to Roseburg and Medford

Eastbound Interstate 105 and OR 126 reach Exit 4 A for I-5 south to Roseburg. 07/16/23

I-105 east ends while OR 126 continues into Springfield

OR 126 continues east from the end of Interstate 105 with two lanes into the city of Springfield. 07/16/23

I-105/OR 126 east at Exit 4 B to I-5 north for Salem and Portland

Left Exit 4 B connects with I-5 north to Salem, Portland and Seattle, Washington. 07/16/23

OR 126 West at I-5 I-105

OR 126 west ahead of I-5/105 in Springfield, Oregon

Westbound OR 126 (Eugene-Springfield Highway) navigates through an S-curve at the exchange with Pioneer Parkway ahead of Exit 4 to I-5 and I-105. 07/16/23

OR 126 west a half mile ahead of Left Exit 4 A for I-5 south

I-5 heads north from I-105/OR 126 to OR 569 (Randy Pepé Beltline), an expressway encircling Eugene to the northwest. 07/16/23

Exit 4 B departs OR 126 west for I-5 north to Salem

Exit 4 B departs OR 126 north to Albany and Portland as Interstate 105 westbound begins. 07/16/23

I-105 begins west alongside OR 126 ahead of Exit 4 A
Exit 4 A leaves I-105/OR 126 for I-5 south to Roseburg

Left Exit 4 A follows from Interstate 105 and OR 126 (Eugene-Springfield Highway) west to I-5 south for Roseburg, Medford and Grants Pass. 07/16/23

I-5 North at I-105 OR 126

I-5 north at OR 99/126 Business west into Eugene.

A wye interchange (Exit 192) connects Interstate 5 north with OR 99/126 Business to the University of Oregon 1.25 miles south of I-105 west and OR 126. 07/16/23

One half mile south of I-105/OR 126 on I-5 northbound

Interstate 5 crosses the Willamette River north a half mile from the exchange (Exit 194) with I-105 west and OR 126. 07/16/23

I-5 north at Exit 194 A to OR 126 east into Springfield

Exit 194 A departs Interstate 5 north for OR 126 east to Springfield. OR 126 extends extends 5.5 miles east along a freeway from I-5/105 to 52nd Street. 07/16/23

I-5 north at Exit 194 B for I-105/OR 126 west into Eugene

OR 126 overlaps with Interstate 105 west to OR 99 in Downtown. The state route continues west from Eugene to Florence and U.S. 101 near the Pacific coastline. 07/16/23

I-5 South at I-105 OR 126

I-5 south at I-105/OR 126 - Eugene, OR

Construction underway in 2014-15 reconfigured the exchange with OR 569 (Randy Papé Beltline) west and Beltline Road east. I-5 proceeds one mile south to Exit 195 with I-105 and OR 126. Photo by Doug Kerr (07/31/11).

I-5 south at I-105 west and OR 126 along the Eugene/Springfield city line

Entering the directional cloverleaf interchange (Exit 194) with I-105/OR 126 west to Eugene and OR 126 east to Springfield on I-5 southbound. 07/26/23

I-105 East End Throwback

I-105/OR 126 east at Interstate 5 in 2010

The replacement for the pull through overhead for Springfield omits Oregon Route 126. Photo by Eric Stuve (07/28/10).

I-5 north a half mile from I-105/OR 126 between Eugene and Springfield

Replaced guide sign one half mile south of Exit 194 for I-105 west and OR 126. Photo by Eric Stuve (07/28/10).

OR 126 west at the beginning of I-105 in 2005

The overhead for Exit 4 B was relocated onto a separate assembly while button copy signs for I-5 south and I-105/OR 126 were replaced. 04/01/05

I-105/OR 126 west at I-5 south in 2005

The previous overhead for I-5 south on I-105/OR 126 omitted an exit tab. 04/01/05

West End Oregon 126 Oregon 126 Business – Eugene, Oregon

I-105 OR 126 West at OR 99 OR 126 Business

I-105/OR 126 west at Delta Hwy in Eugene

I-105/OR 126 run along the north side of the Willamette River to a trumpet interchange (Exit 1) with Delta Highway. Delta Highway is a freeway leading north to OR 569 (Randy Papé Beltline). 07/16/23

I-105/OR 126 south at the Washington-Jefferson Bridge in Eugene

I-105/OR 126 turn south from Delta Highway across the Washington-Jefferson Bridge over the Willamette River. The final exit departs in a half mile for the continuation of OR 126 west along 6th Avenue (OR 99 north). 07/16/23

I-105/OR 126 south ahead of OR 99 and Downtown Eugene

I-105/OR 126 elevate along a viaduct system to the northwest of Downtown Eugene ahead of the couplet of OR 99 along 6th and 7th Avenues. 07/16/23

OR 126 west separates from I-105 for OR 99 northbound in Eugene

OR 99/126 Business overlap along 7th Avenue east through Downtown Eugene, while OR 99/126 combine northwest toward Florence and Junction City. 07/16/23

I-105 west at OR 99 south in Downtown Eugene

I-105 lowers to a signalized intersection with OR 99 (7th Avenue) at Jefferson Street. 07/16/23

I-105 west at OR 99 and Jefferson St in Eugene, Oregon

Jefferson Street continues south from the end of I-105 and OR 99 (W 7th Avenue) toward the Lane County Fairgrounds. 07/16/23

OR 99 South OR 126 East / 7th Avenue at I-105

OR 99/126 east follow W 7th Ave east to I-105 in Eugene, Oregon

Advancing east from Tyler Street, OR 99-126 (7th Avenue) meet Interstate 105 at the couplet of Jefferson and Washington Streets in a half mile. 07/16/23

Two lanes take OR 126 east onto I-105 from OR 99 (W 7th Ave) southbound

OR 126 turns north alongside I-105 to cross the Willamette River en route to Springfield via Eugene-Springfield Highway. 07/16/23

OR 99/126 east at I-105 in Eugene, Oregon

Combining with OR 126 Business, OR 99 continues east from I-105/OR 126 along 7th Avenue into Downtown Eugene. 07/16/23

OR 99 North OR 126 Business West / 6th Avenue at I-105 OR 126

OR 99/126 Business north at I-105 - Eugene

OR 99/126 Business follow 6th Avenue west from Coburg Road through the Eugene city center. I-105 branches north from 6th Avenue three blocks beyond Olive Street here. 04/01/05

OR 99/126 Business north at Lincoln St, one block from I-105/OR 126

Forthcoming I-105 leads north to Delta Highway at Valley River Center mall. A direct ramp to the Washington-Jefferson Bridge along I-105/OR 126 departs from 6th Avenue west at Lawrence Street. 07/16/23

OR 99/126 Business north at I-105/OR 126 east in Eugene, Oregon

OR 126 Business ends just beyond I-105/OR 126 (Washington-Jefferson Bridge) at Madison Street. 07/16/23

Washington Street – North at I-105 OR 99 OR 126

Washington St north meets OR 99/126 Business ahead of I-105/OR 126

Washington Street intersects OR 99/126 Business (7th Avenue) eastbound at the ramp for I-105 and OR 126 a block and a half beyond this overhead assembly. 07/16/23

Washington St north at I-105 and OR 99 in Eugene

Washington Street partitions with the northbound beginning of Interstate 105 at 7th Avenue (OR 99 south / OR 126 Business east). 07/16/23

I-105 West End – Throwback

Removed overhead for the west end of I-105 on OR 99/126 east in Eugene

I-105/OR 126 east at Madison Street. 04/01/05

Replaced overhead for I-105 on OR 99/126 east in Eugene

OR 126 parts ways with OR 99 south to join I-105 east to Springfield. 04/01/05


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