Making progress in converting the remaining 80 pages in the old format. Finished working on the last of the routes in the Western states with Interstate 210 California, where construction upgrading the last substandard section of SR 210 at San Bernardino is underway through Summer 2023. Moving eastward, converted pages for I-240, I-244 and I-444 in Oklahoma. This takes care of all states west from the Dakotas south to Texas.

Finished the last three routes in Louisiana, converting I-610 in New Orleans and updating I-510 and unsigned I-910 with photos from 2015. Followed up with conversion of Interstate 110 in Mississippi and an update for Interstate 165 in Alabama with photos shot in 2017.

Updated Interstate 540 in Arkansas with photos from 11/02/16 and by Eric Stuve on 12/23/18 and Interstate 69 in Mississippi with photos from 01/14/19.