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I-165 Alabama Map
Interstate 165 travels near Downtown Prichard into the northern reaches of Downtown Mobile.

Opened to traffic on October 28, 19941, Interstate 165 provides access from Downtown Mobile to Prichard and I-65 near Chickasaw. Costing $240 million to build,2 the freeway serves the Alabama State Docks along the Mobile River at its south end while also linking with the Henry Aaron Loop in Mobile. Overall carrying six lanes, the highway is elevated for approximately four miles. Overhead lighting assemblies line the 4.90-mile freeway for its entire length.


Ii165 was created in place of the canceled Interstate 210 proposal. With origins dating back to 1958, I-210 was the missing link in the Mobile Urban Interstate system between I-65 and I-10. Due to the impact on the Downtown Mobile area and access to the Mobile River waterfront, plans for the southernmost reaches of I-210 were dropped and the freeway was revised as a spur from I-65 to Beauregard Street. Since I-210 no longer connected two Interstates, the planned freeway was renumbered as I-165. AASHTO approved the elimination of I-210 and the designation of Interstate 165 from an application by the state of Alabama on June 7, 1989.

Interstate 165 between the south end and Exit 2 (Bay Bridge Road) overlaps with U.S. 90 and Truck U.S. 98. U.S. 90 used to travel through Downtown Mobile in conjunction with U.S. 98, but was rerouted onto Truck U.S. 90-98 over the Cochrane-Africatown Bridge and Bay Bridge Road in 1999. Interstate 165 and Truck U.S. 98 provide a mandatory bypass of the Bankhead Tunnel (U.S. 98) and Wallace Tunnel (I-10) under the Mobile River for hazardous material based cargo. The Cochrane Bridge also provides an alternate route for traffic between I-10 and I-65 away from Downtown Mobile.

Route Information

  • North End – Prichard, AL

  • South End – Mobile, AL

  • Mileage – 4.90

  • Cities – Mobile, Prichard

  • JunctionsI-65

Source: December 31, 2018 Interstate Route Log and Finders List

I-165 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

Source: 2018 AADT – Alabama Traffic Data
ALDOT Transportation Planning Bureau

Mobile, AL - 1993
Interstate 165 just prior to opening. U.S. 43 was later dropped from south of Bay Bridge Road – 1993-94 Alabama Official Highway Map

The interchange box displayed at the south end of I-165 on the Alabama state map is erroneous. As such the Rand McNally North American Road Atlas also displays an ICBox at the south end of I-165.

US 98 / Government St east - Mobile, AL
Trailblazers for Interstate 165 are posted throughout the Mobile central business district directing traffic onto Water Street northbound. Photo taken 04/11/12.

Highway Guides

North End I-65 – Prichard, Alabama

Perspective from Interstate 165 north
Nearing the Wilson Avenue on-ramp, a diagrammatic sign outlines the forthcoming partition for Interstate 65. Photo taken 11/23/14.
Leaving the central Prichard area and the Whistler Street on-ramp, Interstate 165 expands to four lanes ahead of the ramp split (Exits 1A/B) to Interstate 65. Three lanes carry motorists onto I-65 south ahead of U.S. 45 (St. Stephens Road). Photo taken 11/23/14.
Interstate 165 concludes at I-65 just south of the Chickasaw city line. Motorists continuing northward along I-65 travel to Saraland and Satsuma on the 160-mile drive to Montgomery. Photo taken 11/23/14.
Perspective from Interstate 65 north
The first guide sign for Interstate 165 (Exit 9) precedes the six-ramp parclo interchange (Exit 8) with U.S. 45 (St. Stephens Road). Photo taken 11/22/08.
An auxiliary lane opens along Interstate 65 north for I-165 south at Exit 9. I-165 provides part of a commuter route to Downtown Mobile from west Mobile. Photo taken 11/21/08.
Interstate 65 northbound enters the directional T interchange (Exit 9) with I-165 south into Prichard. Photo taken 10/10/11.
Perspective from Interstate 65 south
The first sign posted for Interstate 165 appears just south of the exchange with Alabama 158/213. Interstate 65 widens to six lanes southward through Chickasabogue Park, Chickasaw and the split with I-165. Photo taken 11/20/15.
A diamond interchange (Exit 10) joins I-65 with West Lee Street in Chickasaw three quarters of a mile north of the separation with Interstate 165. Photo taken 11/20/15.
The entrance ramp from West Lee Street adds a fourth southbound lane along I-65 to Exit 9 for Interstate 165. Photo taken 11/20/15.
Interstate 165 branches southeast from I-65 through Prichard to Downtown Mobile. Trailblazers and guide signs posted along the freeway are part of the ALDOT preferred for U.S. 98 between Semmes and the Baldwin County beaches via I-165 and Bay Bridge Road (U.S. 90). Photo taken 11/20/15.

South End US 90 at Beauregard and Water Streets – Mobile, Alabama

Perspective from Interstate 165 south
An end sign precedes the conclusion of Interstate 165 south by one mile as the freeway viaduct elevates over the State Docks Railroad line. Photo taken 11/25/14.
Interstate 165 ends at the intersection of Beauregard and Waters Street next to the GM&O Transportation Center. The left-hand lane connects with Beauregard Street east to Delchamps Drive and the Alabama State Docks. Photo taken 11/25/14.
The viaduct separates and the speed limit reduces as Interstate 165 lowers toward Water Street. An on-ramp enters from the left that once carried U.S. 43 from Telegraph Road onto Beauregard Street west. Photo taken 11/25/14.
Conception Street Road ties in from the right, bringing the south end of Interstate 165 to six lanes. Water Street begins ahead and comprises a six-lane boulevard to the central business district and Interstate 10. U.S. 90 west follows Beauregard Street to Broad Street south, where it meets U.S. 98 at Spring Hill Avenue. Photo taken 11/25/14.
Perspective from Water Street north
Water Street northbound approaches the signalized intersection with Beauregard Street and northbound beginning of Interstate 165. U.S. 90 follows Beauregard Street west onto Broad Street south as part of the Henry Aaron Loop encircling Downtown Mobile. Photo taken 11/23/14.
Three lanes advance northward beyond Beauregard Street onto both Interstate 165 north & U.S. 90 east. Beauregard Street west carries the Truck route for U.S. 98 west toward Spring Hill Avenue while tieing into the Alabama State Docks just to the east. Photo taken 11/23/14.
An off-ramp quickly departs from the beginning of Interstate 165 for a Conception Street Road. This ramp was formerly a part of the U.S. 43 mainline, before the bridge over the adjacent state docks railroad tracks was demolished. U.S. 43 ends just east of I-165 along U.S. 90 (Bay Bridge Road). Photo taken 11/23/14.
Perspective from U.S. 90/98 Truck (Beauregard Streett) east
U.S. 90 (Beauregard Street) eastbound at Water Street south and Interstate 165 north. U.S. 90 joins the northbound freeway to Bay Bridge Road (Exit 2) as it continues east into Baldwin County. Photo taken 11/25/14.
Perspective from Beauregard Street west
Beauregard Street west leaves the Alabama State Docks and Dekle Street to meet Interstate 165 north & U.S. 90 east at Water Street and the GM&O Transportation Center. U.S. 90 west follows Beauregard Street onto Broad Street south to Government Street. with Photo taken 07/17/07.


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  2. “I-165 now open Route connecting downtown with I-65 in Prichard saves motorists 9 minutes in travel time.” Mobile Register, October 29, 1994.

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