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South End

Looking north from the Roscoe Hazard Bridge, which carries Adams Avenue over I-805, at Mission Valley and the symmetrical stack interchange with Interstate 8. Photo taken 04/14/05.


Interstate 805, the Jacob Dekema Freeway, is a well-traveled route serving the inland communities within the cities of San Diego, National City, and Chula Vista in San Diego County. The commuter freeway connects the border zone with the homes of Eastlake and the light industry of Sorrento Valley.

Much of the Inland Freeway is eight lanes wide, and eight miles of new high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes opened to traffic in March 2014 between East Naples Street in Chula Vista and California 94 in San Diego. The I-805 South Express Lanes Project will convert the HOV lanes to tolled lanes, allowing single occupant vehicles to use the carpool lane for a variable toll rate. The Interstate 805 Corridor plan calls for extending the carpool lanes northward to I-5 and south to California 905.

Route Information

  • North End – San Diego, CA
  • South End – San Diego, CA

  • Mileage – 28.02

  • Cities – San Diego, National City, Chula Vista

  • JunctionsI-5

Source: December 31, 2018 Interstate Route Log and Finders List

I-805 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

Location Vehicles per day
San Ysidro 61,000
Chula Vista 231,000
National City 221,000
San Diego 249,000

Source: Caltrans, Traffic Operations Program – Traffic and Vehicle Data Systems [2002]


Much of Interstate 805 was constructed from the late 1960s to 1975 along what was a largely rural route at that time. There was no original U.S. or state route along its route. However, with the explosion of development in Chula Vista and San Diego, the freeway now provides access to thousands of homeowners. The only portion of Interstate 805 to pass through land that was already extensively developed at the time of construction was through Mission Valley and Mid-City. A towering bridge leads the freeway across Mission Valley, while it follows the historic boundary between San Diego and East San Diego, which today are both part of San Diego. Boundary Street, the former dividing line, now acts as a frontage road for portions of I-805 between California 94 and I-8.

Construction at the north end of I-805 improved the interchange where the Inland Freeway merges with Interstate 5. Underway from March 2002 through fall 2007, this $176 million project expanded the exchange to a dual freeway configuration with truck bypass lanes, high occupancy vehicle lanes, and connections to California 56.1 The northbound local bypass lanes were finished in early 2006, followed by opening of the southbound local bypass in spring 2007.

Highway Guides

North End I-5 – Sorrento Valley, San Diego, California

Perspective from Interstate 805 north
The last mainline off-ramp from I-805 north is Exit 27B to Sorrento Valley Road. Due to environmental concerns associated with the Los Peñasquitos Lagoon, there is no connection to Carmel Valley Road via Sorrento Valley Road. Instead Vista Sorrento Parkway or Interstate 5 links with Carmel Valley Road. Photo taken 03/24/06.
Interstate 805 splits into its through lanes and local bypass ahead of California 56. The through lanes merge onto northbound Interstate 5, while the local bypass lanes connect to Exit 32, Carmel Mountain Road, and Exit 33A, California 56 East. Use the main lanes to Carmel Valley Road and destinations from that point northward. Trucks are encouraged, but not required, to use the local bypass. Photo taken 03/24/06.
Northbound Interstate 805 splits, with the four left lanes connecting onto mainline Interstate 5 and the right two lanes transitioning onto the local bypass. The overpass in the distance is Interstate 5, which will merge onto Interstate 805 from the right. Photo taken 03/24/06.
Prior to 1999, there was an end Interstate 805 shield assembly at this point, but was removed at the beginning of the construction for the carpool/HOV lanes. Interstate 805 carries four lanes under the Interstate 5 flyover ramp. These four lanes will become the main lanes for northbound Interstate 5. Photo taken 03/24/06.
Perspective from Interstate 5 south
Traffic opting for southbound Interstate 805 should use the left lanes, while traffic for southbound Interstate 5 should use the right lanes. Interstate 805 provides a bypass of Downtown San Diego, however, Interstate 805 can be as busy if not busier than southbound Interstate 5 during commuting hours. Busy sections of Interstate 805 in the afternoon include the segments from Sorrento Valley Road/Mira Mesa Boulevard south to Mission Valley and again from California 94 south to Chula Vista. Much of this traffic increase is a function of the huge job base in Sorrento Valley (Interstate 5/805) and the housing developments in Chula Vista. Photo taken 07/22/07.
Between California 56 and Interstate 805, a major widening project expanded the freeway into a dual freeway (with a Local Bypass configuration) by 2007. For expansion of the southbound lanes of Interstate 5, a massive fill on the west side was required. Photo taken by 07/22/07.
Southbound Interstate 5 approaching the wye interchange with Interstate 805. Photo taken 07/22/07.
Exit 31 separates from Interstate 5 (San Diego Freeway) south for Interstate 805 (Dekema Freeway) south to Mission Valley and Chula Vista. Photos taken 07/22/07.
Historic Perspective from Interstate 805 north
Interstate 5 south approaching the split with I-805 during early stages of the widening project. Photo taken 08/15/03.
Replaced button copy sign for Interstate 5 preceding the split with I-805 (Inland Freeway) south. Photo taken 08/15/03.
Signs for Interstate 805 south at the split from I-5 were replaced in 1999. These were some of the first reflective signs erected in San Diego County. Both signs were replaced as part of the Local Bypass project in 2007, and a new bridge was built over the split to allow for a Local Bypass connection to southbound I-805. Photo taken 2000.
The left four lanes connect to Interstate 805 south, while the right four lanes connect to Interstate 5 south to La Jolla and Downtown San Diego. The two routes will rejoin just north of the international border with Mexico. Interstate 805 is the shorter route to Mexico from this point. Photo taken 07/22/07.

South End I-5 – San Ysidro, San Diego, California

Perspective from Interstate 805 south
Interstate 805 concludes 0.6 miles south of the San Ysidro Boulevard under crossing at a wye interchange with I-5 south. Photo taken 07/10/16.
Four lanes span the I-5 mainline along I-805 south to Exit 1A for Camino de la Plaza and the freeway end. Photo taken 09/01/03.
Camino de la Plaza wraps around the San Ysidro community from a parclo interchange (Exit 1A) with Interstate 5. The boulevard connects with Las Americas Premium Outlets and other border shops, various parking areas, a transit center and the pedestrian walkway into Mexico. Photo taken 09/01/03.
Interstate 805 ends a quarter mile north of the San Ysidro port of entry along I-5 south to Tijuana, Mexico. A last U-turn for I-5 north departs from the left side of the ending freeway. Photo taken 09/01/03.
Exit 1A partitions from the ending I-805 for Camino de la Plaza and the San Ysidro retail area. Beyond the international border, the roadway extending from I-5 quickly disperses traffic onto a series of off-ramps to various surface roads in Tijuana. Photo taken 09/01/03.
Perspective from Interstate 5 north
Traffic from the northbound port of entry/customs station, the last U-turn from I-5 southbound, and the on-ramp from San Ysidro Boulevard combines below Camino de la Plaza. I-805 partitions from I-5 just 0.2 miles ahead. Photo taken 07/09/18.
Interstate 5 (Montgomery Freeway) commences with four northbound lanes as it angles northwest toward San Diego Bay and Downtown. I-805 initially begins with two lanes northbound, but quickly expands to four lanes to SR 905 (Otay Mesa Freeway). Photo taken 07/09/18.
The first confirming marker for Interstate 805 precedes Exit 1A to San Ysidro Boulevard (historic U.S. 101) just beyond the split with I-5. There are few stand alone shields posted along the Inland Freeway overall. Photo taken 07/09/18.
Historic Perspective from Interstate 5 north
These button copy guide signs at Camino de la Plaza were carbon copied with reflective overheads. Newer assemblies for I-805 reference Chula Vista as the control city for the Jacob Dekema Freeway. Photo taken 05/22/04.
Northbound at the wye interchange where I-5/805 split. Sign changes made here added San Diego in place of Downtown for I-5 and removed the unused part of the panel for I-805, reflecting the permanent closure of the outside lanes. The two routes will rejoin in the northern San Diego neighborhood of Sorrento Valley. Photo taken 05/22/04.


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