Interstate 65 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

Tennessee | Indiana

Interstate 65 Tennessee Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

County From: To: AADT Composite
Giles AL state line Exit 1/SSR 7/Ardmore 17,050
Giles Exit 1/SSR 7/Ardmore Exit 6/SSR 273/Fayetteville 18,790
Giles Exit 6/SSR 273/Fayetteville Exit 14/U.S. 64/Pulaski 17,150
Giles Exit 14/U.S. 64/Pulaski Exit 22/U.S. 31A 17,180
Giles/Marshall Exit 22/U.S. 31A Exit 27/SSR 129/Cornersville 22,670
Marshall Exit 27/SSR 129/Cornersville Exit 32/SSR 373/Lewisburg 21,020
Marshall/Maury Exit 32/SSR 373/Lewisburg Exit 37/Tennessee 50 21,550
Maury Exit 37/Tennessee 50 Exit 46/U.S. 412/TN 99 23,350
Maury/Williamson Exit 46/U.S. 412/TN 99 Exit 53/Tennessee 396 28,300
Williamson Exit 53/Tennessee 396 Exit 59/Tennessee 840 44,750
Williamson Exit 59/Tennessee 840 Exit 61/SSR 248 44,270
Williamson Exit 61/SSR 248 Exit 65/N 96/Franklin 59,080
Williamson Exit 65/TN 96/Franklin Exit 68/Cool Springs Blvd 77,520
Williamson Exit 68/Cool Springs Blvd Exit 69/SSR 441/Moores Ln. 86,320
Williamson Exit 69/SSR 441/Moores Ln. Exit 71/SSR 253/Concord Road 101,460
Williamson/Davidson Exit 71/SSR 253/Concord Road Exit 74/TN 254/Brentwood 102,090
Davidson Exit 74/TN 254/Brentwood Exit 78/SSR 255/Harding Place 112,550
Davidson Exit 78/SSR 255/Harding Place Exit 79/Powell Avenue n/a
Davidson Exit 79/Powell Avenue Exit 80/Interstate 440 130,640
Davidson Exit 80/Interstate 440 Exit 81/Wedgewood Avenue 100,260
Davidson Exit 81/Wedgewood Avenue Exit 82/Interstate 40 east 103,640
Davidson Exit 82/Interstate 40 east Exit 209C/Demonbruen St. 121,710
Davidson Exit 209C/Demonbruen St. Exit 209A/Church Street 75,970
Davidson Exit 209A/Church Street Exit 84/208/Interstate 40 west 100,300
Davidson Exit 84/208/Interstate 40 west Exit 85/U.S. 41A/TN 12/8th Ave. N 91,340
Davidson Exit 85/U.S. 41A/TN 12/8th Ave. N Exit 86/Interstate 24 east 88,950
Davidson Exit 86/Interstate 24 east Exit 87/U.S. 431/Trinity Lane 158,110
Davidson Exit 87/U.S. 431/Trinity Lane Exit 88/Interstate 24 west 136,760
Davidson Exit 88/Interstate 24 west Exit 89/U.S. 41/31W/Dickerson Pk. 95,730
Davidson Exit 89/U.S. 41/31W/Dickerson Pk. Exit 90/Tennessee 155/Briley Pkwy. 91,170
Davidson Exit 90/Tennessee 155/Briley Pkwy. Exit 92/SSR 45/Old Hickory Blvd. 120,780
Davidson Exit 92/SSR 45/Old Hickory Blvd. Exit 95/Vietnam Veterans Blvd. 121,000
Davidson Exit 95/Vietnam Veterans Blvd. Exit 96/Rivergate Parkway 77,830
Davidson Exit 96/Rivergate Parkway Exit 97/SSR 174/Goodlettsville 82,250
Davidson/Sumner Exit 97/SSR 174/Goodlettsville Exit 98/U.S. 31W/Millersville 76,440
Sumner/Robertson Exit 98/U.S. 31W/Millersville Exit 104/SSR 257/Ridgetop 60,640
Robertson Exit 104/SSR 257/Ridgetop Exit 108/SSR 76/White House 55,460
Robertson Exit 108/SSR 76/White House Exit 112/TN 25/Cross Plains 48,160
Robertson Exit 112/TN 25/Cross Plains Exit 117/SSR 52/Orlinda 43,800
Robertson Exit 117/SSR 52/Orlinda KY state line 39,700
Source: Traffic Flow Maps - Tennessee Roads and Streets 2002

Interstate 65 Indiana Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

County From: To: AADT Composite
Clark KY state line Exit 0/Court Avenue 101,940
Clark Exit 0/Court Avenue Exit 1/10th Street 81,950
Clark Exit 1/10th Street Exit 2/Eastern Boulevard 72,600
Clark Exit 2/Eastern Boulevard Exit 4/U.S. 31 N/IN 131/Mc Cullough Pk. 72,750
Clark Exit 4/U.S. 31 N/IN 131/Mc Cullough Pk. Exit 6/I-265 west/IN 62/265 east 69,790
Clark Exit 6/I-265 west/IN 62/265 east Exit 7/Indiana 60/Hamburg 59,610
Clark Exit 7/Indiana 60/Hamburg Exit 9/Indiana 311/Sellersburg 44,390
Clark Exit 9/Indiana 311/Sellersburg Exit 16/Memphis 44,310
Clark Exit 16/Memphis Exit 19/Indiana 160/Henryville 42,560
Clark/Scott Exit 19/Indiana 160/Henryville Exit 29/Indiana 56/Scottsburg 36,960
Scott Exit 29/Indiana 56/Scottsburg Exit 33/Indiana 256/Austin 31,820
Scott/Jackson Exit 33/Indiana 256/Austin Exit 36/U.S. 31/Crothersville 35,750
Jackson Exit 36/U.S. 31/Crothersville Exit 41/Indiana 250/Uniontown 35,420
Jackson Exit 41/Indiana 250/Uniontown Exit 50/U.S. 50/Seymour 34,490
Jackson Exit 50/U.S. 50/Seymour Exit 55/Indiana 11/Jonesville 31,180
Jackson/Bartholomew Exit 55/Indiana 11/Jonesville Exit 64/Indiana 58/Walesboro 36,280
Bartholomew Exit 64/Indiana 58/Walesboro Exit 68/Indiana 46/Columbus 35,320
Bartholomew Exit 68/Indiana 46/Columbus Exit 76/U.S. 31/Columbus 32,350
Bartholomew/Shelby Exit 76/U.S. 31/Columbus Exit 80/Indiana 252/Edinburgh 43,230
Shelby/Johnson Exit 80/Indiana 252/Edinburgh Exit 90/Indiana 44/Franklin 46,580
Johnson Exit 90/Indiana 44/Franklin Exit 95/Whiteland 56,820
Johnson Exit 95/Whiteland Exit 99/Greenwood 67,240
Johnson Exit 99/Greenwood Exit 101/County Line Road 76,270
Marion Exit 101/County Line Road Exit 103/Southport Road 79,780
Marion Exit 103/Southport Road Exit 106/Interstate 465 105,970
Marion Exit 106/Interstate 465 Exit 107/Keystone Avenue 76,440
Marion Exit 107/Keystone Avenue Exit 109/Raymond Street 76,000
Marion Exit 109/Raymond Street Exit 110/Interstate 70 west 99,860
Marion Exit 110/Interstate 70 west Exit 111/Washington Street 125,770
Marion Exit 111/Washington Street Exit 111/Interstate 70 east 144,880
Marion Exit 111/Interstate 70 east Exit 113/114 10th St./West St. 119,710
Marion Exit 113/114 10th St./West St. Exit 115/Martin Luther King Jr. St. 114,240
Marion Exit 115/Martin Luther King Jr. St. Exit 116/30th Street 115,350
Marion Exit 116/30th Street Exit 117/Martin Luther King Jr. St. 97,620
Marion Exit 117/Martin Luther King Jr. St. Exit 119/38th Street 93,860
Marion Exit 119/38th Street Exit 119/Kessler Boulevard 59,430
Marion Exit 119/Kessler Boulevard Exit 121/Lafayette Road 65,210
Marion Exit 121/Lafayette Road Exit 123/Interstate 65 50,960
Marion Exit 123/Interstate 65 Exit 124/71st Street 41,090
Marion/Boone Exit 124/71st Street Exit 129/Interstate 865 east 46,030
Boone Exit 129/Interstate 865 east Exit 130/Indiana 334/Zionsville 67,520
Boone Exit 130/Indiana 334/Zionsville Exit 133/Indiana 267/Fayette 62,930
Boone Exit 133/Indiana 267/Fayette Exit 138/Lebanon 61,260
Boone Exit 138/Lebanon Exit 139/Indiana 39/Lebanon 52,010
Boone Exit 139/Indiana 39/Lebanon Exit 140/Indiana 32/Lebanon 48,160
Boone Exit 140/Indiana 32/Lebanon Exit 141/U.S. 52 north/Lebanon 41,910
Boone Exit 141/U.S. 52 north/Lebanon Exit 146/Indiana 47/Thorntown 44,610
Boone/Clinton Exit 146/Indiana 47/Thorntown Exit 158/Indiana 28/Frankfort 44,930
Clinton/Tippecanoe Exit 158/Indiana 28/Frankfort Exit 168/Indiana 38/Dayton 44,990
Tippecanoe Exit 168/Indiana 38/Dayton Exit 172/Indiana 26/Lafayette 46,480
Tippecanoe Exit 172/Indiana 26/Lafayette Exit 175/Indiana 25/Lafayette 41,190
Tippecanoe Exit 175/Indiana 25/Lafayette Exit 178/Indiana 43/W. Lafayette 39,920
Tippecanoe/White Exit 178/Indiana 43/W. Lafayette Exit 188/Indiana 18/Brookston 34,450
White Exit 188/Indiana 18/Brookston Exit 193/U.S. 231/Wolcott 32,310
White/Jasper Exit 193/U.S. 231/Wolcott Exit 201/U.S. 24/231/Remington 34,430
Jasper Exit 201/U.S. 24/231/Remington Exit 205/U.S. 231/Remington 33,140
Jasper Exit 205/U.S. 231/Remington Exit 215/Indiana 114/Rensselaer 28,850
Jasper Exit 215/Indiana 114/Rensselaer Exit 230/Indiana 10/Demontte 29,640
Jasper/Newton/Lake Exit 230/Indiana 10/Demontte Exit 240/Indiana 2/Lowell 32,220
Lake Exit 240/Indiana 2/Lowell Exit 247/U.S. 231/Crown Point 36,530
Lake Exit 247/U.S. 231/Crown Point Exit 253/U.S. 30/Merrillville 35,910
Lake Exit 253/U.S. 30/Merrillville Exit 255/61st Avenue 68,060
Lake Exit 255/61st Avenue Exit 258/Ridge Road 76,470
Lake Exit 258/Ridge Road Exit 259A/Interstate 80-94/U.S. 6 west 76,270
Lake Exit 259A/Interstate 80-94/U.S. 6 west Exit 259B/Interstate 80-94/U.S. 6 east 38,980
Lake Exit 259B/Interstate 80-94/U.S. 6 east Exit 261/15th Avenue 31,520
Lake Exit 261/15th Avenue Exit 262/I-90/Indiana E-W Toll Road 25,220
Lake Exit 262/I-90/Indiana E-W Toll Road U.S. 12-20 14,980
Source: Indiana Department of Transportation 2000 Annual Average Daily Traffic Volumes Map

Page Updated July 13, 2003.

Additional Info

State Alabama
Mileage 367.00
Cities Mobile, Greenville, Montgomery, Clanton, Birmingham, Cullman, Decatur, Athens
Junctions Interstate 10, Interstate 165, Interstate 85, Interstate 459, Interstate 20/59, Future Interstate 22, Interstate 565
State Tennessee
Mileage 121.71*
Cities Nashville
Junctions Interstate 440, Interstate 40, Interstate 40, Interstate 24, Interstate 24
State Kentucky
Mileage 137.32
Cities Bowling Green, Elizabethtown, Louisville
Junctions Future Interstate 66, Interstate 265, Interstate 264, Interstate 64/Interstate 71
State Indiana
Mileage 261.27
Cities New Albany, Seymour, Columbus, Franklin, Indianapolis, Lebanon, Lafayette, Gary
Junctions Interstate 265, Interstate 465, Future Interstate 69, Interstate 70, Interstate 70, Interstate 465, Interstate 865, Interstate 80/94, Interstate 90
TOTAL 887.30
Source: October 31, 2002 Interstate Route Log and Finders List
* - 1.00 miles on I-40