Interstate 65 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

Tennessee | Indiana

Interstate 65 Tennessee Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

County From: To: AADT Composite
Giles AL state line Exit 1/SSR 7/Ardmore 17,050
Giles Exit 1/SSR 7/Ardmore Exit 6/SSR 273/Fayetteville 18,790
Giles Exit 6/SSR 273/Fayetteville Exit 14/U.S. 64/Pulaski 17,150
Giles Exit 14/U.S. 64/Pulaski Exit 22/U.S. 31A 17,180
Giles/Marshall Exit 22/U.S. 31A Exit 27/SSR 129/Cornersville 22,670
Marshall Exit 27/SSR 129/Cornersville Exit 32/SSR 373/Lewisburg 21,020
Marshall/Maury Exit 32/SSR 373/Lewisburg Exit 37/Tennessee 50 21,550
Maury Exit 37/Tennessee 50 Exit 46/U.S. 412/TN 99 23,350
Maury/Williamson Exit 46/U.S. 412/TN 99 Exit 53/Tennessee 396 28,300
Williamson Exit 53/Tennessee 396 Exit 59/Tennessee 840 44,750
Williamson Exit 59/Tennessee 840 Exit 61/SSR 248 44,270
Williamson Exit 61/SSR 248 Exit 65/N 96/Franklin 59,080
Williamson Exit 65/TN 96/Franklin Exit 68/Cool Springs Blvd 77,520
Williamson Exit 68/Cool Springs Blvd Exit 69/SSR 441/Moores Ln. 86,320
Williamson Exit 69/SSR 441/Moores Ln. Exit 71/SSR 253/Concord Road 101,460
Williamson/Davidson Exit 71/SSR 253/Concord Road Exit 74/TN 254/Brentwood 102,090
Davidson Exit 74/TN 254/Brentwood Exit 78/SSR 255/Harding Place 112,550
Davidson Exit 78/SSR 255/Harding Place Exit 79/Powell Avenue n/a
Davidson Exit 79/Powell Avenue Exit 80/Interstate 440 130,640
Davidson Exit 80/Interstate 440 Exit 81/Wedgewood Avenue 100,260
Davidson Exit 81/Wedgewood Avenue Exit 82/Interstate 40 east 103,640
Davidson Exit 82/Interstate 40 east Exit 209C/Demonbruen St. 121,710
Davidson Exit 209C/Demonbruen St. Exit 209A/Church Street 75,970
Davidson Exit 209A/Church Street Exit 84/208/Interstate 40 west 100,300
Davidson Exit 84/208/Interstate 40 west Exit 85/U.S. 41A/TN 12/8th Ave. N 91,340
Davidson Exit 85/U.S. 41A/TN 12/8th Ave. N Exit 86/Interstate 24 east 88,950
Davidson Exit 86/Interstate 24 east Exit 87/U.S. 431/Trinity Lane 158,110
Davidson Exit 87/U.S. 431/Trinity Lane Exit 88/Interstate 24 west 136,760
Davidson Exit 88/Interstate 24 west Exit 89/U.S. 41/31W/Dickerson Pk. 95,730
Davidson Exit 89/U.S. 41/31W/Dickerson Pk. Exit 90/Tennessee 155/Briley Pkwy. 91,170
Davidson Exit 90/Tennessee 155/Briley Pkwy. Exit 92/SSR 45/Old Hickory Blvd. 120,780
Davidson Exit 92/SSR 45/Old Hickory Blvd. Exit 95/Vietnam Veterans Blvd. 121,000
Davidson Exit 95/Vietnam Veterans Blvd. Exit 96/Rivergate Parkway 77,830
Davidson Exit 96/Rivergate Parkway Exit 97/SSR 174/Goodlettsville 82,250
Davidson/Sumner Exit 97/SSR 174/Goodlettsville Exit 98/U.S. 31W/Millersville 76,440
Sumner/Robertson Exit 98/U.S. 31W/Millersville Exit 104/SSR 257/Ridgetop 60,640
Robertson Exit 104/SSR 257/Ridgetop Exit 108/SSR 76/White House 55,460
Robertson Exit 108/SSR 76/White House Exit 112/TN 25/Cross Plains 48,160
Robertson Exit 112/TN 25/Cross Plains Exit 117/SSR 52/Orlinda 43,800
Robertson Exit 117/SSR 52/Orlinda KY state line 39,700
Source: Traffic Flow Maps - Tennessee Roads and Streets 2002

Interstate 65 Indiana Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

County From: To: AADT Composite
Clark KY state line Exit 0/Court Avenue 101,940
Clark Exit 0/Court Avenue Exit 1/10th Street 81,950
Clark Exit 1/10th Street Exit 2/Eastern Boulevard 72,600
Clark Exit 2/Eastern Boulevard Exit 4/U.S. 31 N/IN 131/Mc Cullough Pk. 72,750
Clark Exit 4/U.S. 31 N/IN 131/Mc Cullough Pk. Exit 6/I-265 west/IN 62/265 east 69,790
Clark Exit 6/I-265 west/IN 62/265 east Exit 7/Indiana 60/Hamburg 59,610
Clark Exit 7/Indiana 60/Hamburg Exit 9/Indiana 311/Sellersburg 44,390
Clark Exit 9/Indiana 311/Sellersburg Exit 16/Memphis 44,310
Clark Exit 16/Memphis Exit 19/Indiana 160/Henryville 42,560
Clark/Scott Exit 19/Indiana 160/Henryville Exit 29/Indiana 56/Scottsburg 36,960
Scott Exit 29/Indiana 56/Scottsburg Exit 33/Indiana 256/Austin 31,820
Scott/Jackson Exit 33/Indiana 256/Austin Exit 36/U.S. 31/Crothersville 35,750
Jackson Exit 36/U.S. 31/Crothersville Exit 41/Indiana 250/Uniontown 35,420
Jackson Exit 41/Indiana 250/Uniontown Exit 50/U.S. 50/Seymour 34,490
Jackson Exit 50/U.S. 50/Seymour Exit 55/Indiana 11/Jonesville 31,180
Jackson/Bartholomew Exit 55/Indiana 11/Jonesville Exit 64/Indiana 58/Walesboro 36,280
Bartholomew Exit 64/Indiana 58/Walesboro Exit 68/Indiana 46/Columbus 35,320
Bartholomew Exit 68/Indiana 46/Columbus Exit 76/U.S. 31/Columbus 32,350
Bartholomew/Shelby Exit 76/U.S. 31/Columbus Exit 80/Indiana 252/Edinburgh 43,230
Shelby/Johnson Exit 80/Indiana 252/Edinburgh Exit 90/Indiana 44/Franklin 46,580
Johnson Exit 90/Indiana 44/Franklin Exit 95/Whiteland 56,820
Johnson Exit 95/Whiteland Exit 99/Greenwood 67,240
Johnson Exit 99/Greenwood Exit 101/County Line Road 76,270
Marion Exit 101/County Line Road Exit 103/Southport Road 79,780
Marion Exit 103/Southport Road Exit 106/Interstate 465 105,970
Marion Exit 106/Interstate 465 Exit 107/Keystone Avenue 76,440
Marion Exit 107/Keystone Avenue Exit 109/Raymond Street 76,000
Marion Exit 109/Raymond Street Exit 110/Interstate 70 west 99,860
Marion Exit 110/Interstate 70 west Exit 111/Washington Street 125,770
Marion Exit 111/Washington Street Exit 111/Interstate 70 east 144,880
Marion Exit 111/Interstate 70 east Exit 113/114 10th St./West St. 119,710
Marion Exit 113/114 10th St./West St. Exit 115/Martin Luther King Jr. St. 114,240
Marion Exit 115/Martin Luther King Jr. St. Exit 116/30th Street 115,350
Marion Exit 116/30th Street Exit 117/Martin Luther King Jr. St. 97,620
Marion Exit 117/Martin Luther King Jr. St. Exit 119/38th Street 93,860
Marion Exit 119/38th Street Exit 119/Kessler Boulevard 59,430
Marion Exit 119/Kessler Boulevard Exit 121/Lafayette Road 65,210
Marion Exit 121/Lafayette Road Exit 123/Interstate 65 50,960
Marion Exit 123/Interstate 65 Exit 124/71st Street 41,090
Marion/Boone Exit 124/71st Street Exit 129/Interstate 865 east 46,030
Boone Exit 129/Interstate 865 east Exit 130/Indiana 334/Zionsville 67,520
Boone Exit 130/Indiana 334/Zionsville Exit 133/Indiana 267/Fayette 62,930
Boone Exit 133/Indiana 267/Fayette Exit 138/Lebanon 61,260
Boone Exit 138/Lebanon Exit 139/Indiana 39/Lebanon 52,010
Boone Exit 139/Indiana 39/Lebanon Exit 140/Indiana 32/Lebanon 48,160
Boone Exit 140/Indiana 32/Lebanon Exit 141/U.S. 52 north/Lebanon 41,910
Boone Exit 141/U.S. 52 north/Lebanon Exit 146/Indiana 47/Thorntown 44,610
Boone/Clinton Exit 146/Indiana 47/Thorntown Exit 158/Indiana 28/Frankfort 44,930
Clinton/Tippecanoe Exit 158/Indiana 28/Frankfort Exit 168/Indiana 38/Dayton 44,990
Tippecanoe Exit 168/Indiana 38/Dayton Exit 172/Indiana 26/Lafayette 46,480
Tippecanoe Exit 172/Indiana 26/Lafayette Exit 175/Indiana 25/Lafayette 41,190
Tippecanoe Exit 175/Indiana 25/Lafayette Exit 178/Indiana 43/W. Lafayette 39,920
Tippecanoe/White Exit 178/Indiana 43/W. Lafayette Exit 188/Indiana 18/Brookston 34,450
White Exit 188/Indiana 18/Brookston Exit 193/U.S. 231/Wolcott 32,310
White/Jasper Exit 193/U.S. 231/Wolcott Exit 201/U.S. 24/231/Remington 34,430
Jasper Exit 201/U.S. 24/231/Remington Exit 205/U.S. 231/Remington 33,140
Jasper Exit 205/U.S. 231/Remington Exit 215/Indiana 114/Rensselaer 28,850
Jasper Exit 215/Indiana 114/Rensselaer Exit 230/Indiana 10/Demontte 29,640
Jasper/Newton/Lake Exit 230/Indiana 10/Demontte Exit 240/Indiana 2/Lowell 32,220
Lake Exit 240/Indiana 2/Lowell Exit 247/U.S. 231/Crown Point 36,530
Lake Exit 247/U.S. 231/Crown Point Exit 253/U.S. 30/Merrillville 35,910
Lake Exit 253/U.S. 30/Merrillville Exit 255/61st Avenue 68,060
Lake Exit 255/61st Avenue Exit 258/Ridge Road 76,470
Lake Exit 258/Ridge Road Exit 259A/Interstate 80-94/U.S. 6 west 76,270
Lake Exit 259A/Interstate 80-94/U.S. 6 west Exit 259B/Interstate 80-94/U.S. 6 east 38,980
Lake Exit 259B/Interstate 80-94/U.S. 6 east Exit 261/15th Avenue 31,520
Lake Exit 261/15th Avenue Exit 262/I-90/Indiana E-W Toll Road 25,220
Lake Exit 262/I-90/Indiana E-W Toll Road U.S. 12-20 14,980
Source: Indiana Department of Transportation 2000 Annual Average Daily Traffic Volumes Map

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