Finished up the last of the page revisions for Pennsylvania Interstate highways, including the eastern I-86, I-180, I-283 and I-380. Added three photos of the south end of I-380 from December 19, 2016.

A systems interchange will be built where Interstate 99/U.S. 220 meet I-80 near Bellefonte thanks to a Infrastructure for Rebuilding America Grant (INFRA) awarded in June 2018. Work is anticipated to run from 2022-25. Added some new coverage of US 220 north at I-99 in Bedford from June 8, 2012 and reedited some of the previous photos from 2001 and 2005.

Updated the Western Interstate 86 with photos from July and August 2016. Construction upgrading the trumpet interchange at the west end wraps up this year. Work scheduled for 2022 at the east end will reconfigure the exchange to eliminate left side ramps and improve capacity. Just north of I-86 on I-15, the new Northgate Parkway interchange opened to traffic in Chubbuck last month.

Replaced photos at the west end of Interstate 82 with pictures shot June 28, 2015. Reediting the remainder of the 2006 photos as well.

Revised the guides for Interstate 12 and I-59 into the new photo format and added pictures from October 12, 2016 at their shared interchange in Slidell, Louisiana. Following a lengthy closure, the I-59/20 viaduct at Downtown Birmingham reopened to traffic on January 17. The previous bridge system was demolished and replaced during construction over the last 4 years.

Next worked on revising the guide for Interstate 15. While updating the traffic count data, noted a remarkable increase in the daily counts in Las Vegas, which topped out at 244,000 vpd in 2002 and were recorded at 325,000 vpd by NDOT in 2018!

January 22 Update:
Completed updating the south end of Interstate 15 with photos from July 2018. Also updated the guide for Interstate 8 with 2018 photos of the west end and 2017 photos of the east end.