The Fall 2020 AASHTO Meeting included changes proposed by the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) for Interstate 395 and I-695. As approved, I-395 will be removed from the Center Leg Freeway spurring north from I-695 and the Southwest Freeway. The Center Leg Freeway will become new Interstate 195. I-695 along the Southeast Freeway will be eliminated and replaced with a realignment of I-395 east to I-295/D.C. 295 (Anacostia Freeway). This plan was previously proposed by D.C. in 1984, but never enacted upon.

As of July 2021 no sign changes have been made along either I-395 or I-695. When I-195 is established, it will represent the second closest 3-digit route designated near another of the same number. I-195 to Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport is less than 29 miles to the northeast in Maryland. The closest pair is I-291 in Hartford, Connecticut, located 21 miles to the south of I-291 in Springfield, Massachusetts.

I-195 in Washington will represent the 7th entry for I-195 nationally. The removal of I-695 in D.C. reduces the number of I-695’s from three to two. Interstate 995 could have been the choice for the Center Leg Freeway, as there are none nationally and it would not conflict with the I-195 near Baltimore.

July Site Updates:

Converted the pages for I-275 Tennessee, I-640 Tennessee and Former I-181 Tennessee that still used the old html table format and added photos from January 2019 for I-275 and I-640 at Knoxville.

I-581/US 220 north at SR 117 - Roanoke, VA

I-581/U.S. 220 north at SR 117 (Peters Creek Road), one mile south of Interstate 81 at the Roanoke City and County line. 05/27/21

I-81/US 220 south at I-581 - Roanoke, VA

I-81/U.S. 220 south at I-581 in Roanoke County, Virginia. 05/27/21

Overhauled the pages for I-381 and I-581 in Virginia and added photos from May 2021 covering all end points.

Replaced four photos covering I-95 north at I-395/495 in Northern Virginia and four along I-95/495 north at I-295 in Maryland with ones shot on 12/27/20.

Updated I-595 in Maryland with six photos covering the west end (12/16/16 and 01/04/19).

Added two photos on I-95 south leading to Interstate 295 in Delaware (12/20/20), replaced one on I-95 north at I-295 from 12/24/18 and updated I-295 south at I-95/495 with six photos (12/23/18 and 12/22/20).

Replaced four photos on I-95 north for Interstate 495 in Delaware (12/22/20).

Updated photos covering both ends of Interstate 176 in Pennsylvania (12/21/20).

Construction continues at the west end of Interstate 16, where a systems exchange is being built in place of the three-wye interchange with left exit ramps. Added eight photos from 05/25/21.