Continuing through photos from May 2021 and the AASHTO Route Numbering Archive, updated pages for I-185, I-385 and I-585 in the South Carolina Upstate. One discovery when researching Interstate 385, was that the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) previously approved the extension south along the Golden Strip Freeway from Greenville to Mauldin, and along the existing freeway for U.S. 276 southeast toward Clinton, as Interstate 226. However after study, it was determined that renumbering both as an extended I-385 was more suitable.

Replaced four photos covering I-95 south at the east end of Interstate 20 with ones taken 12/30/20.

Updated coverage of Interstate 240 North Carolina with photos taken 05/26/21 and Interstate 840 at Greensboro with photos from 01/17/19 and 05/31/21.

July 9 Updates:

Interstate 785 – added photos covering both end points at Greensboro, North Carolina from 01/17/19. Corrected the opening date for the Eastern Loop and expanded the history section.

Interstate 440 North Carolina – updated page with photos taken 05/31/21.

Interstate 540 North Carolina – converted coverage of the end points to use the new layout and added photos from 2016 to 2021.