Was on the road from June 16 to June 26, covering a variety of roads from Florida and the Southeastern U.S. to Iowa and the Great Lakes. Checked out progress on the I-69 Finish Line project between Indianapolis and Martinsville, walked the new Mississippi River Bridge along I-74 in the Quad Cities and finally photographed all of Interstate 88 eastbound across northern Illinois.

I-465 east at I-69 construction

Initial construction underway along I-465 at the future directional T interchange with Interstate 69. 06/25/22

I-465 east at I-69 construction

Looking south from I-465 at grading work for the eventual ramps linking the Indianapolis Beltway with I-69 south toward Martinsville. 06/25/22

SR 37/Future I-69 south at Southport Rd

Construction converting SR 37 to I-69 adds a new overpass for Southport Road at the eventual diamond interchange joining the two roads. 06/25/22

SR 37/Future I-69 south at Stop 11 Rd

Construction upgrading SR 37 into Interstate 69 southward ahead of Stop 11 Road and Orme Ditch. 06/25/22

Covered several ends of Interstate highways as well:

Interstate 22 – adding to what was posted last month, replaced six more photos covering the east end at Birmingham, Alabama.

Interstate 41 – updated photos of the south end from U.S. 41 north and I-41/94 south.

Interstate 55 – added three photos covering the north end from U.S. 41/Lake Shore Drive southbound.

Interstate 57 – replaced four photos at the north end in Chicago from 05/09/10.

Interstate 74 – updated coverage of the west end in the Quad Cities.

Interstate 85 – replaced photos covering the south end from I-65 south, I-85 south and the Day Street Connector.

Interstate 88 Illinois – replaced all photos at the west end and updated east end coverage from I-88 eastbound and I-290 westbound. The I-80 Mississippi River Bridge Study underway through the end of 2023 includes planned improvements at the west end of I-88. Alternatives include upgrading the cloverleaf into a cloverstack or four level interchange.

Interstate 155 Illinois – added four photos of the south end showing sign replacements made on I-55 north at I-155 by 2019.

Interstate 280 Iowa / Illinois – updated coverage of both ends.

Interstate 294 Illinois – replaced six photos at the north end and updated the south end with new photos from I-94 outbound and IL 394 northbound.

Interstate 490 Illinois – created page on the I-490 Tollway currently being constructed to the west of Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD).

Interstate 465 Indiana – added one photo covering I-465 south at I-65 on the west side of Indianapolis. With the complete closure of the I-65/70 overlap east of Downtown Indianapolis due to the ongoing North Split Reconstruction Project, guide signs for I-65 south and I-70 east from I-465 were amended to display Downtown. Work on I-65/70 started in Winter 2020 and will be completed in Winter 2023.

Interstate 474 Illinois – replaced one photo at the east end and four at the west end.

Interstate 865 Indiana – replaced photos of the east end from I-465 westbound.

Future Interstate 169 Kentucky – replaced four photos at the north end and added four photos at the south end.

Future Interstate 369 Kentucky – replaced one photo and added another at the west end.