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I-296 Michigan
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Interstate 296 is the hidden designation for a 3.4 mile section of U.S. 131 north from Interstate 196 to I-96 in central Grand Rapids. U.S. 131 extends south from I-296 as a freeway to Kalamazoo and Portage and north to Cadillac and Manton.

Grand Rapids, MI - 1978
Interstate 296 acknowledged on the 1978 Michigan Official State Map


Until 1979 Interstate 296 was co-signed along U.S. 131 in Grand Rapids with the exception of the long two-lane exit ramps to I-96 west and from I-96 east. Signs for I-296 were removed at the request of Michigan and as approved by AASHTO during the October 1979 meeting.

Route Information

  • North End – Grand Rapids, MI

  • South End – Grand Rapids, MI

  • Mileage – 3.50

  • Cities – Grand Rapids

  • JunctionsI-96 I-196

Source: December 31, 2018 Interstate Route Log and Finders List

I-296 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

Location Vehicles per day
Exits 86 to 87 129,801
Exits 87 to 88 118,047
Exits 88 to 89 110,519
Exits 89 to 89A 109,346

Source: 2017 AADT – MDOT Traffic Volumes Map

Overview of the interchanges joining Interstate 296 with I-196 and I-96. Graphic prepared by Eric W. Vander Yacht.

North End I-96 – Grand Rapids, Michigan

Perspective from U.S. 131 (Interstate 296) south
Ramps for Interstate 196 depart from U.S. 131 south simultaneously. The left exit for I-196 east joins the Gerald R. Ford Freeway across the Grand River to the north side of Downtown Grand Rapids. Photo taken by Eric W. Vander Yacht (06/01).
Perspective from Interstate 196 east
Similar to the configuration along U.S. 131, ramps separate from both sides of I-196 (Gerald R. Ford Freeway) for U.S. 131 south and I-296/U.S. 131 north. The ensuing ramp along I-196 leads to U.S. 131 Business and Downtown Grand Rapids. Photo taken by Eric W. Vander Yacht (04/01).
Perspective from U.S. 131 north
U.S. 131 north at Interstate 196 (Exits 86A-B) from the adjacent parking lot of the Gerald R. Ford Museum. Photo taken by Jeff Morrison (06/25/07).
Exit 86A leaves U.S. 131 north for I-196 east toward Lansing. I-296 begins and accompanies U.S. 131 through the succeeding two interchanges. Photo taken by Jeff Morrison (06/25/07).

South End I-196 – Grand Rapids, Michigan

Perspective from Interstate 96 west
A loop ramp (Exit 31A) joins I-96 west with U.S. 131 and I-296 south just beyond the Grand River. Photo taken by Eric W. Vander Yacht (04/01).


Thanks to Eric Vander Yacht and Chris Bessert for additional information on hidden Interstate 296.

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