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Butte, Montana Map
Situated at 5,538 feet above sea level, Butte is home to nearly 35,000 residents. The city and Silver Bow County form a consolidated government. I-115 provides a gateway toward the city center from the west.

Interstate 115, similar to unsigned I-315 at Great Falls to the north, comprises a short freeway spur with a lone interchange. Totaling just 1.194 miles per the MDT 2013 Route Log, I-115 doubles as the westernmost section of the Butte Business Loop for I-15/90. The business routes extend east along Iron Street to Montana Street north beyond Exit 1.

Route Information

  • East End – Butte, MT

  • West End – Butte, MT

  • Mileage – 1.19

  • Cities – Butte

  • JunctionsI-15 I-90

Source: December 31, 2018 Interstate Route Log and Finders List

I-115 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

Location Vehicles per day
I-15/90 to Excelsior Av 4,145
Excelsior Av to Washington St 3,190
Washington St to Montana St 1,898

Source: 2018 AADT – MDT’s Interactive Traffic web map


Construction contracts to build Interstate 115 were run concurrent with the those for the I-15/90 overlap through Butte. Contracts to build a 2.6-mile section of roadway, including all of I-115, and five bridge structures were run simultaneously with completion by September 30, 1964. Contracts to construct the western 2.7 miles of I-15/90 were scheduled to December 31, 1963, and the 5.5 mile section to the east through October 15, 1964.1

The eight-mile stretch of Interstates 15/90 was dedicated on September 24, 1964. Work on the four-lane concrete freeway started in 1960 and cost $8 million.2

Highway Guides

East End Business I-15 Business I-90 – Butte, Montana

I-115 Business I-90 East Business I-15 North at Iron Street

I-115 east at Excelsior Ave - Butte, MT

A concrete median more in line with a surface arterial separates the roadways of I-115 at Exit 1 for Excelsior Avenue. Photo taken 07/05/16.

I-115 east at Iron St - Butte, MT

The second and final reassurance marker for Interstate 115 stands east of the Excelsior Avenue underpass. Photo taken 07/05/16.

I-115 east at Iron St - Butte, MT

The speed limit drops to 35 miles per hour as the freeway portion of eastbound Business Loop I-15-90 transitions to Iron Street. Sidewalks and homes line the 0.3 mile stretch to Montana Street. Photo taken 07/05/16.

Business I-15 South Business I-90 West at I-115

Business Loop I-15/90 west at I-115 - Butte, MT

Iron Street expands into a four-lane boulevard west from Montana Street. Westbound Business Loop I-15/90 transitions into I-115 beyond the end of on-street parking at Clark Street. The first shield for Interstate 115 follows. Photo taken 07/07/16.

Excelsior Av north at I-115 - 2003

Shields for I-115 and Business Loops I-15/90 posted at the eastbound entrance ramp from Excelsior Avenue north. A folded diamond interchange joins the two roads. These Business Loop shields were replaced by 2012. Photo taken by Jeff Royston (05/17/03).

West End I-15 I-90 – Butte, Montana

I-15 North I-90 East at I-115 Business I-15 Business I-90

I-15/90 east at I-115 - Butte, MT

Traveling east from Rocker, I-15 north & I-90 east run along a ridge above parallel Silver Bow Creek to the left side ramp (Exit 124) for Interstate 115 east. Photo taken 07/05/16.

I-15/90 east at I-115 - Butte, MT

A second diagrammatic sign precedes the wye interchange (Exit 124) with I-115 east. The local exits of Montana Street and Harrison Avenue (MT 2) appear in place of Billings and Bozeman for the continuation of I-15/90 east. Photo taken 07/05/16.

I-15/90 east at I-115 - Butte, MT

Interstate 115-Business Loop I-90 east & I-15 north branch east to Iron Street in Butte as I-15/90 shifts southeast to cross Silver Bow Creek ahead of Williamsburg. The business loops return to the freeway via Harrison Avenue south at Exit 127. Photo taken 07/05/16.

I-15/90 east at I-115 - Butte, MT

Exit 124 departs for I-115 north as the roadways of I-15/90 separate. Photo taken by Steve Hanudel (05/21/06).

I-115 east at I-15/90 - Butte, MT

Confirming markers for I-115 and Business Loops I-15/90 appear just ahead of the underpass carrying motorists westward along I-15/90. The roadways of the Butte freeway spur stay separate due to the terrain on the initial stretch. Photo taken by Jeff Royston (05/17/03).

I-115 Business I-90 West Business I-15 South at I-15 I-90

I-115 west at I-15/90 - Butte, MT

I-15/90 trailblazers appearing beyond the Excelsior Avenue entrance ramp take the place of confirming markers for Business Loop I-15 south & I-90 west along I-115. Photo taken 07/05/16.

I-115 west at I-15/90 - Butte, MT

A lane drop precedes the Interstate 115 westbound merge with I-15 south & I-90 west. Photo taken 07/05/16.

I-115 west at I-15/90 - Butte, MT

Traffic from i-115 west lowers onto I-15/90, 1.5 miles ahead of the Rocker interchange. The forthcoming exit is home to a pair of truck stops. Photo taken 07/05/16.

I-115 West End Throwback

I-15/90 east at I-115 - 2006

Expansion of I-15 north & I-90 east from the Rocker interchange included the replacement of the initial sign bridge for I-115. The added eastbound lane ends a short distance ahead. Photo taken by Steve Hanudel (05/21/06).

I-15/90 east at I-115 - 2003

The subsequent diagrammatic sign for Exit 124 and I-115 was carbon copied by 2015. Photo taken by Jeff Royston (05/17/03).


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  2. Montana Highway Department. (September, 1964). The Center line: Montana Highway Commission. Helena, MT.

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