Interstate 305 Oregon

I-305 Oregon


Interstate 305 was a proposed 3.3 mile long freeway spur leading southwest from I-5 into the capital city of Oregon. Salem Parkway, a controlled access, at-grade roadway, was constructed in place of I-305. The parkway follows a portion of the planned alignment for I-305 between Interstate 5 (Exit 258) southwest to the couplet of Commercial and Liberty Streets north of the Salem city center. Oregon Route 99E Business formerly followed Salem Parkway north to I-5 at Chemawa Road (Exit 260).


The Oregon Department of Transportation submitted I-305 for inclusion in the Interstate Highway System to the American Association of State Highway Officials (AASHO) in November 19681 Interstate 305 appeared on maps between 1970 and 1975 parallel to Oregon 99E (U.S. 99E/Pacific Highway) from I-5 southwest into Salem. Early proposals placed the freeway closer to Pacific Highway between Highland Avenue and I-5. Later renditions pushed Interstate 305 further north between the one way couplet of Commercial and Liberty Streets at Tryon Avenue northeast roughly along the Salem and Keizer city line to Interstate 5.

The official publication Interstate 50th Anniversary: The Story of Oregon’s Interstates only references one route for Interstate 305, along with one proposed extension. I-305 was outlined as beginning at Keizer on Interstate 5, following Chemawa Road and continuing southwest into Downtown Salem. The I-305 freeway project was modified with a proposed 2.34 mile extension. This additional mileage included a new bridge across the Willamette River and an interchange connecting Interstate 305 with Oregon 22 (Willamina-Salem Highway #30).1

The ultimate cancellation of Interstate 305 originated with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) deferring approval of Interstate 305 because of issues with the 2.34 mile long southern extension. This delay pushed back the project into the early 1970s, which subjected it to more stringent environmental review (Environmental Impact Statement). Community groups gave mixed reviews on the highway, with some protesting it while others supported it.

Local governments, including the city of Salem and Marion County, capitalized on the halted project. Seeing the opportunity to shift money allocated for I-305 to other needs, officials voted to transfer funds to other local transportation projects. These resolutions passed in December 1976 and by September 1977, Interstate 305 was formally removed from the Oregon Interstate Highway System.1

Route Information

  • North End – Salem, OR

  • South End – Salem, OR

  • Mileage – 3.4

  • Cities – Salem

  • JunctionsI-5

Oregon 99E Business (Salem Parkway) Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

Location Vehicles per day
I-5 to Hyacinth St 25,100
Hyacinth St to Mainline Dr 28,100
Mainline Dr and Cherry Av 33,400
Cherry Av and Broadway St 25,700
Broadway St to Liberty St 21,900

North End I-5 – Keizer, Oregon

Salem Parkway north at I-5

Salem Parkway north at I-5 - Keizer, OR

The north end of Salem Parkway partitions with ramps joining the Interstate 5 northbound mainline and the off-ramp (Exit 260) to Chemawa Road. 08/27/06

Salem Parkway north at I-5 - Keizer, OR

A BNSF Railroad line spans Salem Parkway north ahead of the wye interchange with Interstate 5. 08/27/06

Salem Parkway north at I-5 - Keizer, OR

OR 99E Business north formerly continued north from Salem Parkway to Chemawa Road east. The state highway converged with OR 99E (Portland Road), 0.9 miles east of I-5. 08/27/06

Salem Pkwy north at I-5 - Keizer, OR

Two lanes continue northward onto Interstate 5 to Portland. 08/27/06

I-5 South at Salem Parkway

I-5 south at Salem Parkway - Keizer, OR

Two miles north of the separation with Salem Parkway (Exit 260 A) on I-5 south at the Quinaby Road overpass in Keizer. Photo by Chris Elbert (11/28/04).

I-5 south at Salem Parkway - Keizer, OR

A diamond interchange (Exit 260 B) joins Interstate 5 with Chemawa Road west into Keizer and old OR 99E Business east to Portland Road (OR 99E). Photo by Chris Elbert (11/28/04).

I-5 south at Salem Parkway - Keizer, OR

Entering the wye interchange (Exit 260 A) with Salem Parkway south to the Salem city center. An adjacent entrance ramp connects with Salem Parkway from Chemewa Road. Photo by Chris Elbert (11/28/04).

South End – Commercial / Liberty Streets – Salem, Oregon

Salem Parkway – South at Liberty Street

Salem Pkwy south at Liberty St - Salem, OR

Salem Parkway transitions into Commercial Street (former OR 99E Business) southbound at Liberty Street. Commercial and Liberty Streets form a one way couplet to Downtown Salem. Photo by Chris Elbert (11/28/04).

Liberty Street – North at Salem Parkway

Liberty St north at Salem Pkwy - Salem, OR

Salem Parkway branches northeast from Liberty Street toward Interstate 5 from the ensuing intersection. 08/27/06

Liberty St north at Salem Pkwy - Salem, OR

Salem Parkway leads to Interstate 5 northbound along the Keizer city line. Liberty Street continues north toward Keizer, transitioning to River Road ahead of River Road City Park. 08/27/06

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