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Interstate 495 is the outer beltway serving Boston metropolitan area commuters. Cities directly served by I-495 include Lowell, Lawrence and Haverhill. The highway also provides part of a bypass route from the Mass Pike south to Cape Cod and north to the New Hampshire Seacoast.

Until 1996, Interstate 495 was the longest three-digit Interstate highway, when Interstate 476 in Pennsylvania was extended north from Plymouth Meeting to Clarks Summit.


Interstate 495 was built in segments between 1958 and 1982.1 The route ended at Interstate 95 in Foxborough from the north until June 17, 1975, when AASHTO approved the southeasterly extension to Interstate 195 at Wareham. The extension replaced Massachusetts 25 with mileage gained from the cancellations of both I-95 along the Southwest and Northeast Expressways through Boston and the Inner Belt Expressway for I-695.1 Interchanges were renumbered to start at Wareham instead of Foxborough.

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Southern Terminus - Interstate 195 and Massachusetts 25 - Wareham, Massachusetts
Perspective from Interstate 495 south
Advisory sign for the transition of Interstate 495 to Massachusetts 25. The state highway continues as a freeway for another ten miles around Buzzards Bay. A short three mile trek separates the Massachusetts 25 freeway from the U.S. 6 freeway out to Cape Cod. Photo taken by Jim Teresco.
Perspective from Massachusetts 25 west
Massachusetts 25 westbound at the Massachusetts 28 interchange in East Wareham. The trailblazers are in place for the next exit on Massachusetts 25 (the last exit) at Interstates 195/495 located within three miles. The first westbound Interstate 195 exit is also for Massachusetts 28. Photo taken by Douglas Kerr (04/20/02).
End Massachusetts 25 shield at the Interstate 195 interchange. The roadway northbound becomes Interstate 495 at this point. 33 miles to the northwest, Interstate 495 intersects its parent near Mansfield. Photo taken by Douglas Kerr (04/20/02).
Northern Terminus - Interstate 95 - near Newburyport, Massachusetts
Perspective from Interstate 495 north
Interstate 495 northbound at the final mainline interchange of Exit 55/Massachusetts 110. The northern terminus at Interstate 95 is a wye interchange, with access to Interstate 95 north from 495 north and Interstate 495 south from 95 south only. Therefore traffic interests to Interstate 95 southbound from this direction must utilize Massachusetts 110 east to the nearby Exit 58 of Interstate 95. Photo taken by Jim Teresco (11/01).
For motorists who may have joined Interstate 495 from Massachusetts 110, a reminder of the transition to Interstate 95 northbound is given in the form of this overhead. One lone interchange in Massachusetts remains (Exit 60) before traffic crosses the state line into New Hampshire. Photo taken by Jim Teresco (11/01).
An end shield for Interstate 495 is posted at the wye interchange. Traffic merges onto Interstate 95 northbound just ahead with two miles separating Interstate 495 from the southern end of the tolled New Hampshire Turnpike. Photo taken by Jim Teresco (11/01).
Perspective from Interstate 95 south
Interstate 95 southbound draws to within one mile of the Exit 59 wye interchange with Interstate 495's southbound beginning. The two part ways at the second Massachusetts interchange of Interstate 95. Photo taken 06/28/05.
Diagrammatic overheads for Interstate 495 reveal a two-lane off-ramp for Exit 59. Interstate 495 travels west from Interstate 95 six miles to Merrimac, and 12 miles to Haverhill. Interstate 95 continues south over the John Greenleaf Whittier Bridge across the Merrimack River beyond the split. Photo taken 06/28/05.
Interstate 495 southbound departs the Interstate 95 southbound mainline at Exit 59. Interstate 495 travels southwest to Lawrence, Lowell, and Marlborough before returning southeast toward Cape Cod. Connections with Interstate 290 provide a direct route to Worcester in 63 miles. Photo taken 06/28/05.
Perspective from Interstate 95 north
Access to Interstate 495 south from Interstate 95 north is provided from the Massachusetts 110 connection to the east. This northbound photograph shows Exit 58A for Massachusetts 110 eastbound to Salisbury and Salisbury Beach. About a mile spaces Exit 58B from Interstate 495 to the west. The town of Amesbury, the Massachusetts 110 west control point, is situated to the northwest of Exit 55 of Interstate 495. Photo taken by Gary S. Peterson (02/03).


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State Massachusetts
Mileage 121.56
Cities Boston, Lowell, Lawrence
Junctions I-195, I-95, I-90/ Massachusetts Turnpike, I-290, I-93, I-95
Source: December 31, 2016 Interstate Route Log and Finders List
Interstate 495 north at the trumpet interchange and access road to the Mass Pike at Westborough. Photo taken 10/06/14.
Plans for 2021 or beyond call for improving the I-90/495 interchange. With the Mass Pike switching to all electronic tolling (AET) on October 28, 2016, the toll plaza between the two trumpet interchanges linking the beltway and toll road is no longer needed. The removal of the toll barrier will allow the addition of flyovers or other high speed ramps to eliminate some of the weaving traffic patterns currently in place.
Interstate 495 Annual Average Daily Traffic

State Location AADT Composite Year
Massachusetts Wareham 33,200 1998
Massachusetts Raynham 64,229 2002
Massachusetts Medford 86,500 2001
Massachusetts Hudson 96,052 2002
Massachusetts Chelmsford 110,870 2002
Massachusetts Lowell 124,600 2002
Massachusetts Lawrence 107,600 1998
Massachusetts Haverhill 93,700 1999
Source: Mass Highway Traffic Volume Counts (2002)
Complete Interstate 495 AADT data.