Interstate 265 Tennessee

Interstate 265 was a short connector between Interstate 40 and the overlap of Interstates 24 and 65 around the north side of Downtown Nashville.

Former Routing

Interstate 265 in Tennessee was decommissioned on April 7, 2000, per an action by the Route Numbering subcommittee of AASHTO. The route was renumbered as part of I-65 in an effort to better disperse through traffic through central Nashville. I-65 formerly overlapped with I-24 to the east of Downtown and with I-40 to the southeast. The reroute overtook I-265 to the north, and formed a new overlap with I-40 around the west side of Downtown.

Southern Terminus - Interstate 40 - Nashville, Tennessee
Perspective from Interstate 40 east
Interstate 265 where Interstate 265 used to split from Interstate 40 eastbound. Vidcap taken 05/95.
Directional overhead on Interstate 40 eastbound approaching Interstate 265. This sign now shows Interstate 65 rather than Interstate 265. Photo taken (05/95).
Another directional overhead at the former Interstate 40/265 split. Vidcap taken 05/95.
Northern Terminus - Interstate 65 - Nashville, Tennessee
Perspective from Interstate 65 south
Southbound on Interstate 65/Eastbound on Interstate 24 at the former northern terminus of Interstate 265. Photo taken by Kelly G. Kawamoto (07/93).
Perspective from Interstate 265 north
Northbound Interstate 65 (Former Interstate 265) approaches the junction with Interstate 24. To the northwest, Interstate 24 and Interstate 65 briefly merge together, while to the southeast, Interstate 24 follows former Interstate 65 toward the eastern junction with Interstate 40. Photo taken by Jeff Morrison (08/12/05).

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State Tennessee
Mileage 2.25
Cities Nashville
Junctions I-40, I-65
Source: January 1991 Interstate Route Log and Finders List
Contributor Jeff Morrison purchased this magnet in Tennessee in 1994, on a family vacation to Florida. The magnet depicted the overhead signage found on Interstate 24 east and Interstate 65 south as they approached the split with Interstate 265.