Interstate 115 Montana

The city of Butte and Interstate 115. The freeway spur transitions to Iron Street and continues as Business Loop 15/90 into downtown.


Interstate 115 in Montana is one of two short Interstate spurs from Interstate 15 in Montana. Interstate 115 is the western end of Business Loop Interstate 15/90 in Butte. The Business Loop is cosigned eastbound with Interstate 115, while the business loop is signed as "WEST Interstate 115 TO Interstate 15/90" westbound. Although most maps omit Interstate 115 and show it as Business Loop 15/90, the highway is actually signed as Interstate 115. Interstate 315, the other spur of Interstate 15 that serves Great Falls, is not signed, but it is shown on the 2002 Mapquest map.

Western Terminus - Interstate 15/90 - Butte, Montana
Perspective from Interstate 15 north/90 east
Traveling on Interstate 15 north and Interstate 90 east, this diagrammatic sign advises of the left exit for Interstate 115, Business Loop I-15, and Business Loop I-90 east to downtown Butte via Exit 124. Access to Interstate 115 is only available to Interstate 15 north/90 eastbound travelers. Interstate 115 westbound merges onto Interstate 15 south and 90 west with no access to the southeast. Photo taken by Steve Hanudel (05/21/06).
Continuing west, a second diagrammatic sign is posted on eastbound Interstate 90 and northbound Interstate 15. At this point, Interstate 15-90 are given local access points of Montana Street (Exit 126) and Harrison Street (Junction Montana 2 at Exit 127). These are the only three interchanges of the tandem before they split at Exit 129, five miles to the east. Photos taken by Steve Hanudel (05/21/06) and Jeff Royston (05/17/03).
Northbound Interstate 15 and eastbound Interstate 90 meet Interstate 115, Business Loop I-15, and Business Loop I-90 at Exit 124. Interstate 115 starts as a freeway, then quickly downgrades to a city street (signed as a business route). Photo taken by Steve Hanudel (05/21/06).
The gore sign features an Interstate 115 shield. In the distance, a reassurance shield assembly for Interstate 115, Business Loop I-15, and Business Loop I-90 can be seen (see next photo). Photo taken by Steve Hanudel (05/21/06).
Perspective from Interstate 115 east
This is the first eastbound Interstate 115 reassurance shield. The Interstate spur is dutifully cosigned with its Business Loop companions into the Butte City Center via Iron Street. Photo taken by Jeff Royston (05/17/03).
Eastern Terminus - Business Loop I-15/90 - Butte, Montana
Perspective from Interstate 115 west
The west beginning of Interstate 115. This photo shows the first reassurance shield for Interstate 115, which is westbound between Montana Street and the Excelsior Avenue interchange (Exit 1). Note that the shields indicate To Interstate 15/90, which is in place of business loop shields. A few blocks to the east of Montana Street, Business Loops 15/90 travel along an uncontrolled-access arterial (Business Loop Interstate 15/90), Iron Street. Photo taken by Dale Sanderson.
Perspective from the Excelsior Avenue interchange
Excelsior Avenue northbound at the access ramp to Interstate 115 east/Business Loop 15-90. The map above shows the short connector ramps between the surface street and Interstate mainline. Otherwise Excelsior Avenue will cross the Interstate 115 path between these ramps and the Montana Street terminus. Photo taken by Jeff Royston (05/17/03).

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State Montana
Mileage 1.19
Cities Butte
Junctions Interstate 15/90
Source: December 31, 2015 Interstate Route Log and Finders List