Interstate 687 New York

I-687 New York


Known as the Northway-Northside Connection, Interstate 687 was proposed to join I-87 (Adirondack Northway) near Albany International Airport (ALB) and the Town of Colonie with Interstate 90 in the city of Albany. The route originated in the 1957 plan of Albany Freeways.1

I-90 west at Corporate Woods Bl - Albany, NY

Westbound Interstate 90 at Exit 5 A for Corporate Woods Boulevard. This trumpet interchange was built for the Northway-Northside Connection. The exchange serves local traffic interests to Corporate Woods between I-90 and Shaker Road. Photo by Douglas Kerr (01/20/02).

Route Information

  • East End – Albany. NY

  • West End – Colonie, NY

  • Mileage – 3.60

  • JunctionsI-87 I-90

Source: Jun 30, 1977 Interstate Route Log and Finders List

Albany inset from the 1967 Rand McNally North American Road Atlas.

The Northway-Northside Connection first appeared as an unnumbered proposed line in the 1965 Rand McNally North American Road Atlas. An I-687 shield was added to the proposed route in the Albany inset of the atlas in the 1967 edition. It remained on the map until the 1975 edition.


Sequential numbers along the Adirondack Northway omit Exit 3 between New York Route 5 (Exit 2) and New York Route 155 (Exit 4). The southernmost portion of the Northway opened in 1960 and Exit 3 was reserved for the planned interchange with the Northway-Northside Connection.2,3

The proposed Northway-Northside Connection was numbered as Interstate 687 by 1967 and construction began at the south end (Exit 5A on I-90) by 1971. Changes in the State and Federal funding programs2 and increasing community opposition1,3 however led to the removal of the planned freeway from the Capital District’s long range highway plan in 1973. I-687 was subsequently dropped from the national interstate system plan in 1977.2,3

The Corporate Woods interchange remains as the lone piece of infrastructure built for I-687.1 It provides a high speed entrance to a 30 mile per hour arterial through Corporate Woods business park.


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