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A somewhat unique route within the Interstate system, Interstate 587 forms a short spur connecting I-87 (New York Thruway) with the city of Kingston in Upstate New York. The interstate constitutes a controlled access arterial (Colonel Chandler Drive) leading east from the Kingston Traffic Circle joining the New York Thruway access road with the continuation of New York State Route 28 west to Onteora Trail and Washington Avenue south into Kingston.

NY 28 overlaps with I-587 as it crosses Esopus Creek east from I-87 to NY 32 (Albany Avenue / Broadway) in Downtown Kingston. There are no exit ramps along the route in either direction. Signs on the Thruway mainline for Exit 19 and Kingston, a former capital city for New York, omit the Interstate 587 designation.

Road work reconfigures the east end of Interstate 587 and NY 28 from a five-way intersection into a roundabout. The roundabout was first suggested in February 2011 to improve traffic flow by a consultant group. A study recommending the $4.5 million reconfiguration was endorsed by City of Kingston lawmakers in May 2012.1 Construction was slated for 2016, but pushed back with bids expected in 2018 and work taking place in 2019.2

An $11.59 million contract was awarded for the I-587 Intersection Improvement at Albany Avenue project on November 15, 2019. The estimated completion date for the contract is October 24, 2021. Construction stages will first remove roadways and consolidate traffic into a single intersection. The final stage will replace the intersection with a roundabout.

Route Information

  • East End – Kingston, NY

  • West End – Ulster, NY

  • Mileage – 1.21

  • Cities – Kingston

  • JunctionsI-87 NY Thruway

Source: December 31, 2018 Interstate Route Log and Finders List

I-587 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

Location Vehicles per day
NY 28 to Washington Ave 13,032
Washington Ave to NY 32 14,675


Interstate 587 was included in Kingston’s arterial route plan in 1957. Engineers made adjustments to the design of the highway so that it would meet New York State Department of Public Roads standards for “interstate connections,” allowing for federal aid. The major phase of the route was the spur leading northwest from Albany Avenue and Broadway (NY 32) to the New York Thruway interchange with NY 28. A traffic circle or interchange system was also proposed joining the expressway spur with NY 32 at East James Street.3 With the arterial plan approved, Interstate 587 was subsequently included in a state wide numbering plan announced by the State Public Works Department on October 21, 1958.7

Ground clearing for the the Kingston arterial spur started in early January 1959 at a site east of Sawkill and Brabant Roads.4 Plans for the east end of the route at Broadway and St. James Street were changed following concerns from area businesses. A new proposal was submitted to the state engineer’s office by Mayor Edwin F. Radel on August 4, 1959.5

Pavement work at the traffic circle connecting I-587 and NY 28 with the NY Thruway (I-87) commenced on September 16, 1959. Adjacent construction was nearly finished on the grade separation taking Sawkill Road over the arterial route.6 The Kingston spur was dedicated on July 25, 1960. Opened five months ahead of schedule, the 1.50 mile roadway cost $2.5 million to build.8

The Ulster County Board of Supervisors approved a resolution urging the State Legislature to name I-587 George F. Chandler Drive on August 13, 1964. Chandler was from Kingston and the founder of the New York State Police.9

Highway Guides

East End New York 28 New York 32 at Albany St – Kingston, New York

Perspective from Interstate 587 & New York 28 east
A pair of junction NY 32 shields precede the signalized intersection of I-587 & NY 28 (Col. Chandler Drive) east with Albany Avenue north and Broadway east. The freeway crosses a railroad spur just prior to its end. Photo taken 08/04/07.
Interstate 587 and New York 28 both end at the New York 32 turn from Broadway to Albany Avenue. New York 28 formerly continued east on Broadway to Chester Street (old U.S. 9W). Photo taken 08/04/07.
Albany Avenue extends south as a local street to Clinton Avenue, the former alignment of U.S. 209. New York 32 follows Albany Avenue north to Flatbush Avenue to combine with U.S. 9W while Broadway Avenue takes the route east to Henry Street. Photo taken 08/04/07.
Historic Perspective from Interstate 587 & New York 28 east
A set of button copy overheads guided motorists onto the respective directions of New York 32 and Albany Drive southbound to Uptown Kingston at the east end of I-587 and NY 28 previously. Photo taken 07/20/05.
Perspective from New York 32 north
Broadway west between Elmendorf Street and the intersection with I-587 & NY 28 (Colonel Chandler Drive) west and Albany Avenue east. Photo taken 08/04/07.
New York 32 turns east to join Albany Avenue north en route to East Kingston as Broadway leads directly into Interstate 587 & New York 28 west. Photo taken 08/04/07.
New York 28 overlaps with Interstate 587 west ahead of Stony Hollow, West Hurley and Ashokan Reservoir. Photo taken 08/04/07.
Perspective from Albany Street north
Albany Avenue splits into a tree lined boulevard through the intersection with both Broadway (NY 32 south) and Colonel Chandler Drive (I-587 & NY 28 west). NY 32 north overtakes the two-lane street to Flatbush Avenue. Photo taken 08/04/07.
A left-hand turn takes motorists onto the westbound beginning of both Interstate 587 and New York 28. NY 28 forms a long distance loop from Kingston northwest to Oneonta and east to Warrensburg. Photo taken 07/20/05.
Perspective from New York 32 south
Shields for I-587 and NY 28 advise motorists of the upcoming intersection with Colonel Chandler Drive at the NY 32 (Albany Avenue) bridge across a railroad spur. Photo taken 08/04/07.
Button copy signs direct motorists onto Interstate 587 & New York 28 west as New York 32 south turns east onto Broadway as part of its dog leg through Kingston. Photo taken 08/04/07.

West End I-87 NY Thruway New York 28 at Washington Ave – Ulster, New York

Perspective from Interstate 587 & New York 28 west
Sawkill Road passes over I-587 & NY 28 just east of the Kingston Traffic Circle with the New York Thruway access road and Washington Avenue south. Photo taken 08/04/07.
The first of three end shields for Interstate 587 stands ahead of the Sawkill Road overpass. Photo taken 08/04/07.
A diagrammatic sign directs motorists bound for the New York Thruway onto a bypass lane while all other movements require navigating through the Kingston Traffic Circle. NY 28 crosses paths with the U.S. 209 freeway just to the west. Photo taken 07/20/05.
The bypass lane for the NY Thruway leads to the access road and trumpet interchange joining I-587 with I-87 north to the Capital District and Northway and south to Newburgh and New York City. Photo taken 08/04/07.
Motorists pass through the Exit 19 toll plaza and separate into ramps for the New York Thruway. I-87 ventures north 51 miles to I-787 at Albany and south 61 miles to combine with I-287 at Suffern. Photo taken 08/04/07.
Historic Perspective from Interstate 587 & New York 28 west
The Kingston Traffic Circle was redesigned with a smaller radius during the early 2000s as bypass lanes were added for I-587 west to the Thruway, from the Thruway to NY 28 west and from NY 28 east to Washington Avenue south. This scene looks at the original end shield assemblies posted at the east entrance. Photo taken by Steve Anderson (05/00).
Perspective from Interstate 87 (New York Thruway)
This overhead outlines the bypass lane for New York 28 west to U.S. 209, the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge and Pine Hill and the Kingston Traffic Circle connections with Washington Avenue south and I-587 & NY 28 (Colonel Chandler Drive) east into Kingston. Photo taken 07/20/05.
Historic Perspective from Interstate 87 (New York Thruway)
These button copy overheads directed motorists beyond the Exit 19 toll plaza into the Kingston Traffic Circle. They were replaced when the circle was reconfigured in the early 2000s. Vidcap taken 10/93.
Traveling through the original Kingston Traffic Circle, a sign bridge directed traffic onto the beginning of I-587 (Colonel Chandler Drive) beyond the turnoff for Washington Avenue south. Vidcap taken 10/93.
Perspective from New York 28 east
New York 28 (Onteora Trail) links the U.S. 209 freeway with the New York Thruway and I-587. The connection is separated by a signalized intersection for a business park. Photo taken 08/04/07.
Drivers along NY 28 (Onteora Trail) span Interstate 87 east to the Kingston Traffic Circle with I-587. A bypass lane departs next for Washington Avenue south into west Kingston. Washington Avenue is the former alignment of NY 28 south to Hurley Avenue (historic U.S. 209). Photo taken 08/04/07.
The early 2000s reconfiguration of the Kingston Traffic Circle also added a park and ride lot between Colonel Chandler Drive and Washington Avenue. NY 28 east accompanies I-587 east from the rotary toward Downtown Kingston. Photo taken 08/04/07.
Perspective from Washington Avenue north
Washington Avenue stems north from west Kingston to cross Esopus Creek ahead of Sawkill Road and the Kingston Traffic Circle with I-587, the New York Thruway access road and New York 28 (Onteora Trail). Photo taken 07/20/05.
Two lanes of traffic funnel into the Kingston Traffic Circle adjacent to a park and ride lot. The first turnoff takes motorists onto Interstate 587 & New York 28 east back into Kingston. Photo taken 08/04/07.


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