Interstate 370 Missouri

I-370 Missouri


Missouri Route 370 is a 12 mile long freeway connecting I-270 with I-70 in the vicinity of St. Charles, northwest of St. Louis. Interstate 370 currently does not exist in Missouri. Although Route 370 is a freeway, it was constructed without Interstate funding. No official plans are in place to redesignate the state highway as an Interstate.1

Route 370 was considered as I-370, but it would only be approved by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) if it were designated as I-870.2,3 Missouri objected to this, because Interstate 870 was a designation that was supposedly being reserved for a bypass route in Columbia.4


Missouri Route 370 was originally planned as Missouri Route 115, but it was renumbered to be consistent with the numbering of I-70 and I-270. A brief chronology of the freeway:5

  • August 3, 1984 – Route 115 preliminary alignment adopted by the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission for section from Interstate 270 to Route 94
  • 1985 – Highway 115 Northern Corridor Commission formed to promote the development of the new freeway
  • April 1987 – gasoline tax approved by voters; funds used for Route 370 extension from Route 94 to Interstate 70
  • December 1988 – Construction began with new interchange at Interstate 270
  • December 16, 1992 – Discovery Bridge and first leg of Route 370 opens ahead of schedule at a ribbon-cutting ceremony
  • 1997 – remaining section from St. Charles to St. Peters opens; old Route 115 bridge demolished

Route Information

  • East End – Bridgeton, MO

  • West End – St. Peters, MO

  • Mileage – 12.96

  • Cities – St. Peters, St. Charles, Bridgeton, Hazelwood

  • JunctionsI-70 I-270

Highway 370 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

Location Vehicles per day
Exits 1B to 2 46,337
Exits 2 to 5 51,979
Exits 5 to 7 51,421
Exits 7 to 9 58,267
Exits 9 to 11 52,288

 Photo Guides

East End I-270 – Bridgeton, Missouri

I-270 West at Route 370

I-270 west at Route 370 - Hazelwood, MO

Missouri Route 370 is a viable alternative from I-270 for Interstate 70 west to Wentzville and Kansas City via the Discovery Bridge between Bridgeton and St. Charles. 10/16/04

I-270 west at Route 370 - Hazelwood, MO

Three quarters of a mile ahead of Route 370 on Interstate 270 by the Hazelwood and Bridgeton city line. 10/16/04

I-270 west at Route 370 - Hazelwood, MO

Two lanes depart for Missouri Route 370 west at Exit 22B. 10/16/04

I-270 west at Route 370 - Hazelwood, MO

Entering the directional T interchange with Route 370 west to St. Charles from I-270 in Bridgeton. 10/16/04

West End I-70 – St. Peters, Missouri

I-70 West at Route 370

I-70 west at Route 370 - St. Peters, MO

Crossing into the city of St. Peters, I-70 advances one mile west to Exit 224 with Route 370 east. 10/16/04

I-70 west at Route 370 - St. Peters, MO

Route 370 arcs northeast from I-70 back into St. Charles en route to Elm Point and the Discovery Bridge across the Missouri River. 10/16/04

I-70 west at Route 370 - St. Peters, MO

A directional T interchange connects Interstate 70 and Missouri Route 370 at Exit 224. 10/16/04


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