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Interstate 277 constitutes an urban freeway connector in south Akron between I-76 at the Kenmore community and I-77 by the Firestone Park neighborhood. U.S. 224 overlaps with the entirety of I-277.


The early Interstate Numbering plans for Ohio outlined Interstate 80 along a corridor paralleling SR 18 between Norwalk and Youngstown via Akron. The Ohio Turnpike north was a part of Interstate 80N. During this time period, I-80 was slated to overlap with I-77 southeast from Ghent to a point south of Downtown Akron. By 1962, I-80 shifted northward to Cleveland and I-80S was proposed along what is now Interstate 76 through Akron. I-277 was the link between I-80S and I-77 across south Akron.

The western leg of I-277 joining I-76 with Waterloo Road (former U.S. 224) was open to traffic by 1962. The remainder east to I-77 through Akron was completed by 1970.

Route Information

  • East End – Akron, OH

  • West End – Akron, OH

  • Mileage – 4.14

  • Cities – Akron

  • JunctionsI-76 I-77

Source: December 31, 2018 Interstate Route Log and Finders List

I-277 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

Highway Guides

East End I-77 US 224 – Akron, Ohio

Perspective from Interstate 277 & U.S. 224 east
There are only two mainline interchanges of Interstate 277. The first of which is Exit 2/Ohio 93, serving Waterloo Road and Manchester Road. Pictured on this sign bridge is the second interchange, Exit 3 with Main Street. The terminus interchange of Exit 4/Interstate 77 will be reached already in just two miles. Photo taken 05/21/02.
Eastbound Interstate 277 and U.S. 224 approaching Exit 4, Interstate 77. U.S. 224 departs the Interstate system after a 23 mile overlap for Akron-Fulton International Airport and the southeast suburb of Mogadore. Photo taken 05/21/02.
The Exit 4A (unsigned here) deceleration lane departs for Interstate 77 southbound to the city of Canton. Canton, the home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, is a fifteen mile drive south. Photo taken 05/21/02.
Continuing on Interstate 277/U.S. 224 eastbound to the Exit 4A departure of Interstate 77 south. The north-south Interstate will not encounter another major city beyond Canton until it reaches the West Virginia city of Parkersburg. Photo taken 05/21/02.
Interstate 277 concludes at the Exit 4B cloverleaf ramp to Interstate 77 north toward downtown Akron. U.S. 224 continues as a freeway headed toward Youngstown and New Castle. Three miles to the north is the Interstate 76 overlap begin of Interstate 77 north. Youngstown is 47 miles to the east via Interstate 76. Photo taken 05/21/02.
Perspective from Interstate 77 north
Two miles south of the Interstate 277 eastern terminus on Interstate 77 north is this button copy overhead. Exit 122 is the first of several interchanges along Interstate 77 to serve the city of Akron. Photo taken by Chris Curley (12/29/00).
The left-hand exit that constitutes the Interstate 277 westbound beginning departs Interstate 77 north. Interstate 277 does allow Interstate 77 travelers to bypass the downtown area, in addition to its functionality of carrying Interstate 76 through traffic. Photo taken 05/21/02.

West End I-76 US 224 – Akron, Ohio

Perspective from Interstate 277 & U.S. 224 west
Sign bridge westbound on Interstate 277 for Exit 1/Interstate 76 east to Interstate 77 north. The mainline of Interstate 277 defaults onto Interstate 76 west. U.S. 224 continues on the Interstate system with U.S. 224 to Barberton and Lodi. Photo taken by Chris Curley (12/29/00).
The Exit 1 departure of Interstate 76 east and Alternate Interstate 76/U.S. 224 west. This alternate route returns to Interstate 76 at the Ohio 21 interchange (Exit 13). Photo taken 05/21/02.
A trumpet interchange represents the western terminus of Interstate 277. Featured here is Exit 17B overhead for Ohio 619, the first westbound interchange Interstate 277 and U.S. 224 travelers encounter on Interstate 76 west. Photo taken 05/21/02.
Perspective from Interstate 76 & U.S. 224 east
Exit 17B leaves I-76 & U.S. 224 east for Ohio 619 in southwest Akron, 0.75 miles ahead of Interstate 277. Photo taken 05/21/02.
Interstate 76 makes a TOTSO (turn off to stay on) movement at the exchange with I-277 and U.S. 224 east. Photo taken 05/21/02.
Former button copy overhead on Interstate 76 east for the the split with Interstate 277 and U.S. 224. Photo taken by Chris Curley (01/02/01).
The freeway defaults onto I-277 & U.S. 224 east at a trumpet interchange (Exit 18). Photo taken 05/21/02.
Perspective from Interstate 76 west
Beyond the Interstate 76/77 split on westbound at Exit 19 – Battles Avenue and Kenmore Boulevard. The junction with Interstate 277 east and U.S. 224 represents the next interchange (Exit 18). Photo taken 05/21/02.
Westbound Interstate 76 at Exit 18 for Interstate 277 and U.S. 224. From this point until its western terminus, Interstate 76 and U.S. 224 combine en route to Lodi. Photo taken 05/21/02.

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