Interstate 270 Maryland

Interstate 270 Maryland
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Interstate 270 in Maryland is a regional connector between the Capital Beltway (I-495) and I-70 at Frederick. A heavily traveled commuter route, I-270 joins Washington, D.C. with points west to Hagerstown and Cumberland and north into Pennsylvania.

Just north of the Capital Beltway, I-270 splits into two branches. The main line angles east to link with I-495 by Chevy Chase. Interstate 270 Spur drops south to join I-270 with I-495 ahead of Cabin John and the American Legion Memorial Bridge across the Potomac River.

North from the merge of I-270 and I-270 Spur, the freeway expands with four overall roadways. The Local / Express configuration extends north to Gaithersburg and MD 117 (Clopper Road) at Exit 10.


The freeway for Interstate 270 was dually signed with U.S. 240, an intrastate route from Frederick, Maryland to Washington, DC. Interstate 70S was established along the route in 1956 and I-270 subsequently applied to what is now I-270 Spur. I-70 east to Baltimore was designated Interstate 70N.

U.S. 240 was decommissioned in 1972. The split route for I-70 was eliminated the following year, adhering to the AASHTO mandate to renumber all suffixes routes within the Interstate Highway System. I-70N became I-70 and I-70S was renumbered as I-270. I-270 Spur was created in place of the short I-270 on the west leg connecting with the Capital Beltway.

I-270 - 1968 Maryland Official Highway Map

I-270 along I-270 Spur and U.S. 240 extending south from I-70S along MD 355 (Rockville Pike) – 1968 Maryland Official Map

$27 million in roadwork improved Interstate 270 at MD 187 (Old Georgetown Road) and Rockledge Drive east of I-270 Spur. Work rebuilt the diamond interchange and widened the MD 187 overpass to ten lanes. The project also improved access to Rock Springs Industrial Park with two new ramps from I-270. Despite inclement weather, construction wrapped up nine months ahead of schedule on November 4, 2003.1

Route Information

  • North End – Frederick, MD

  • South End – Bethesda, MD

  • Mileage – 34.40

  • Cities – Rockville, Gaithersburg, Frederick

  • JunctionsI-495 I-270 Spur I-70

Source: December 31, 2018 Interstate Route Log and Finders List

I-270 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

I-270 Spur Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

Location Vehicles per day
I-495 to Exit 1 130,730
Exit 1 to I-270 131,292
Frederick, MD - 1967
Frederick inset – 1967 Maryland Official Highway Map

Interstate 70S defaulted onto U.S. 15 north in Frederick prior to the 1960s completion of the freeway west from Frederick to Hagerstown.

I-70/270 east split - 1994

Button copy signs preceding the split of I-70/270 eastbound previously referenced Interstate 70S. 02/18/94

Highway Guides

North End I-70 US 15 US 40 – Frederick, Maryland

I-270 North at I-70 US 15 US 40

I-270 north at I-70/US 40 - Frederick, MD

Traffic separates at the north end of I-270 into a two-lane ramp (Exit 32) for Interstate 70 and a two-lane continuation of the freeway to U.S. 40 west. 08/04/13

I-270 north at I-70/US 40 - Frederick, MD

Exit 32 branches away from the I-270 mainline for I-70/U.S. 40 east to Baltimore and a left merge onto I-70 west toward Hagerstown. 08/04/13

I-270 north at I-70/US 40 - Frederick, MD

Replaced with a small guide sign by 2012, an end shield for I-270 stands at the gore point where U.S. 40 merges from I-70 westbound. Photo by Tim Reichard (08/25/02).

I-70 East at I-270 US 15 US 40

I-70/US 40 east at I-270 - Frederick, MD

U.S. 15/340 combine along a freeway leading northeast to Frederick. U.S. 340 ends at I-70 (Exit 52B). I-270 splits with Interstate 70 east at the ensuing exit. Photo by Jeff Royston (06/10/06).

I-70/US 40 east at I-270 - Frederick, MD

Ramps from U.S. 15/340 north and MD 180 add two auxiliary lanes to Interstate 70 east to Exit 53 for I-270 south. Photo by Jeff Royston (06/10/06).

I-70 US 40 West at I-270 US 15

I-70/US 40 west at I-270/US 15 - Frederick, MD

I-70/U.S. 40 advance west from MD 355 (Market Street) south of Downtown Frederick to their split at I-270 (Exit 53). 06/08/12

I-70/US 40 west at I-270/US 15 - Frederick, MD

Interstate 270 north ends at I-70, with U.S. 40 overtaking the freeway north to U.S. 15 (Frederick Freeway) to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. 06/08/12

I-70/US 40 west at I-270/US 15 - 2002

Replaced overheads one quarter mile from I-270 south. Photo taken by Tim Reichard (08/25/02).

I-70/US 40 west at I-270/US 15 - Frederick, MD

Exit 53A loops away from I-70 west to Interstate 270 south toward Gaithersburg, Rockville and Washington, DC. 06/08/12

South End I-495 – Bethesda, Maryland

I-270 South at I-495

I-270 south at I-495 - Bethesda, MD

Interstate 270 concludes with ramps joining both the Capital Beltway east toward Silver Spring and MD 355 (Rockville Pike) south to Bethesda. 08/04/13

I-495 West at I-270

I-495 west at I-270 - Bethesda, MD

One mile southeast of the wye interchange (Exit 35) separating I-270 north from I-495 west. 12/30/12

I-495 west at I-270 - Bethesda, MD

Exit 34 departs just ahead of I-270 for MD 355 (Rockville Pike). The state route parallels I-270 to the east, serving Rockville and Gaithersburg. 12/30/12

I-495 west at I-270 - Bethesda, MD

Westbound I-495 (Capital Beltway) at Exit 34 for MD 355. MD 355 follows the original course of U.S. 240, which was replaced by I-270 between Bethesda and Frederick. 12/30/12

I-495 west at I-270 - Bethesda, MD

Traffic partitions for I-270 north to Frederick from the Capital Beltway westbound below the Rockville Pike overpasses. I-495 winds westward 2.5 miles to a wye interchange with I-270 Spur. 12/30/12

I-495 west at I-270 - Bethesda, MD

Interstate 495 advances southwest to Northern Virginia while I-270 initially heads west to I-270 Spur and then northwest to Rockville and Frederick. 12/30/12

I-270 South at I-270 Spur

I-270/270 Spur south split - Potomac, MD

Southbound on Interstate 270 at the split with I-270 Spur. This is the lone reference on guide signs for the spur route. Photo by Jeff Royston (06/10/06).

I-495 North at I-270 Spur

I-495 east at I-270 Spur - Bethesda, MD

Interstate 495 splits with I-270 Spur 3.6 miles north of the American Legion Memorial Bridge spanning the Potomac River from Virginia. 12/21/12

I-495 east at I-270 Spur - Bethesda, MD

The Capital Beltway northbound widens to six lanes ahead of the separation with Interstate 270 Spur. The left lane is restricted to HOV-2 traffic. 12/21/12

I-495 east at I-270 Spur - Bethesda, MD

Interstate 270 Spur meets Democracy Boulevard by Westfield Montgomery Mall midway between the Capital Beltway and the merge with I-270 north. Interstate 270 expands with Local/Express roadways northward through the Rockville area. 12/21/12

I-495 east at I-270 Spur - Bethesda, MD

Guide signs for I-270 Spur reference the route as Interstate 270. Mileposts along the freeway however reference the spur extension. 12/21/12


  1. “State Highway Administration Celebrates Opening of I-270/MD 187 (Old Georgetown Road)/Rockledge Drive Interchange in Montgomery County.” Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT), news release. November 4, 2003.

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