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Interstate 220 allows Interstate 55 motorists to bypass downtown Jackson and the Interstate 20/55 overlap. Based on this, it might make better sense as Interstate 255.


Interstate 220 in Mississippi provides a bypass loop of western Jackson linking Interstate 20 and Interstate 55. It travels predominantly north-south, so it serves as a better bypass for Interstate 55 than for Interstate 20. The freeway is cosigned with U.S. 49 between the southern terminus and the Exit 5 cloverleaf interchange. Overall the highway carries four lanes of travel and a 70 mph speed limit.

A new interchange will open to traffic on Interstate 220 Spring 2004. This $13.4 million project will see a diamond interchange constructed at Industrial Drive and will be situated between the Clinton Boulevard and U.S. 49 north junctions. The project will also result in the expansion of Interstate 220 from four to six lanes from Clinton Boulevard (Exit 2A/B) northward to Industrial Drive. The benefits of this new facility include reduced truck traffic and congestion on area local roads and direct freeway access for nearby Hawkins Field Airport and Hawkins Field Industrial Complex.1


The freeway was completed by 1981.1

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Southern Terminus - Interstate 20 - Jackson, Mississippi
Perspective from Interstate 220 south
The final mainline interchange of Interstate 220 is this cloverleaf with U.S. 80. U.S. 80 parallels Interstate 20 from Clinton eastward through Jackson, Pearl, and Brandon. The highway is divided and surrounded by decaying strip malls in the vicinity of Interstate 220. Photo taken by Chris Patriarca (04/08/03).
Immediately after Exit 1 for U.S. 80 on southbound Interstate 220 is this sign bridge for the terminus with Interstate 20. U.S. 49, which overlaps from the north at this location, continues its Interstate cosigning on Interstate 20 eastbound. U.S. 49 parts ways with Interstate 20 just east of the Interstate 20/55 duplex. Photo taken 04/13/02.
The conclusion of Interstate 220 as seen from the southbound mainline. There is no end shield displayed, just this sign bridge. Vicksburg is 36 miles to the west. The Interstate 55 overlap of Interstate 20 is three miles to the east. Photo taken by Chris Patriarca (04/08/03).
Perspective from Interstate 20 east
Just east of Exit 40 for Mississippi 18 on Interstate 20 is this sign bridge for the upcoming junction with Interstate 220. The control city of Yazoo City is in relation to the U.S. 49 multiplex. U.S. 49 partitions at that point into U.S. 49E and U.S. 49W. Otherwise Yazoo City is a city with a population of 14,500. Photo taken 04/13/02.
Eastbound Interstate 20 at Exit 41 for the northbound beginning of Interstate 220. This is the only Interstate 220 entrance at either terminus that is a left-hand exit. Photo taken 04/13/02.
Adam Froehlig visited this same location during December of 2000. The left-hand panel notably has since been replaced with the signage in the above photobox.
Perspective from Interstate 20 west
Westbound Interstate 20/northbound U.S. 49 at Exit 42 for Ellis Avenue with advance signage for Interstate 220 (Exit 41). Interstate 20 loses a lane to Interstate 220 and reduces from six to four west of Exit 41. Photo taken 04/13/02.
Nearing the north beginning of Interstate 220 via Interstate 20 west/U.S. 49 north. U.S. 49 co-signage is excellent along Interstate 220. Photo taken 04/13/02.
Interstate 220 begins and U.S. 49 leaves Interstate 20 westbound. The control city of N. Jackson is actually not an independent suburb of the city of Jackson. Photo taken 04/13/02.
A second view of Interstate 20 westbound at the split with U.S. 49/Interstate 220 north/Exit 41. In the background is guide signage for the next Jackson area exit, that of the western segment of Mississippi 18 (Exit 40). Photo taken by Justin Cozart.
Northern Terminus - Interstate 55 - Ridgeland, Mississippi
Perspective from Interstate 220 north
The first indication that Interstate 220 is about to conclude in the northbound direction. Asides the last sign bridge, and one auxiliary signage for Interstate 55 south, there are no control cities posted. Photo taken 04/13/02.
A full sign bridge supports this small Interstate 55 junction panel, one mile before the end of Interstate 220. Photo taken 04/13/02.
Mainline Interstate 220 continues onto Interstate 55 north. A deceleration ramp begins before the stack interchange for Interstate 55 southbound. The Mississippi based northern control city of Grenada is about 100 miles northward and has a population of 14,879. An argument can be made as to the validity of having such destinations given such prominence within the Magnolia State. Other notable control cities with this distinction include Laurel and Picayune for Interstate 59 and McComb for Interstate 55 south of Jackson. Photo taken 04/13/02.
Adam Froehlig offers this December 2000 view of the northern terminus (12/00).
Northbound Interstate 220 ramp to Interstate 55 north. This ramp represents the lower level of the tri-level stack interchange. Also note the brown exit signage for the National Park Service Natchez Trace Parkway (Exit 105A). The ramp for the parkway is situated just to the north of this interchange. Photo taken 04/13/02.
Perspective from Interstate 55 south
Interstate 55 southbound at the closed Natchez Trace Parkway interchange (Exit 105A). At the time of this photograph, Interstate 55 was under construction from the northern terminus of Interstate 220 (Exit 104) northward through Exit 108. Photo taken 04/13/02.
One-quarter mile from the split of Interstate 220 southbound traffic from Interstate 55 south. As was the case with the Interstate 220 northbound control city of N. Jackson, West Jackson is also a geographical designation rather then an actual suburb of Jackson. Photo taken 04/13/02.
Southbound Interstate 55 at the south beginning of Interstate 220. Interstate 55 south represents the second level of the tri-level stack, the highest flyover is the ramp from northbound Interstate 55 to southbound Interstate 220 (see below photo). The city of Jackson abruptly greets Interstate 55 southbound travelers beyond this interchange. Photo taken 04/13/02.
View of the same scene, pre-construction. Photo taken by Adam Froehlig (12/00).
Perspective from Interstate 55 north
Northbound Interstate 55 approaching Southbound Interstate 220 (3/4 MILE). Photo taken by Rich Piehl (12/01).
Northbound Interstate 55 approaching Southbound Interstate 220 (1/2 MILE). Photo taken by Rich Piehl (12/01).
U.S. 51 parts ways with Interstate 55 northbound at Exit 103/County Line Road. Traffic merging northward faces this sign bridge for the nearby Interstate 220 northern terminus stack interchange. Photo taken 04/13/02.
A wintertime view of the above depicted sign bridge. Photo taken by Rich Piehl (12/01).
Interstate 55 loses its third lane to Interstate 220, as traffic bound for the Jackson bypass soars high above Interstate 55 on the flyover in the background. Interstate 220 retains rural character from the southbound beginning through to Exit 9. A nearby mileage sign for Interstate 55 north reads Memphis - 193. Photo taken 04/13/02.
Here is another perspective of the above scene from December 2001. Photo taken by Rich Piehl.


  1. I-220 and Industrial Drive Interchange. Mississippi DOT.
  2. 3-digit Interstates from I-20 (Kurumi).

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State Mississippi
Mileage 12.01
Cities Jackson
Junctions I-20, I-55
Source: December 31, 2016 Interstate Route Log and Finders List