I-24 Business

Interstate Business Route 24

Interstate 24 has only one business loop, in Paducah, Kentucky.



Business Loop I-24 shield in Paducah. Photo taken by H.B. Elkins (06/00).

Business Loop I-24 constitutes a 11.4-mile loop through the city of Paducah between Exits 4 and 11. The loop overlays U.S. 60 east along Hinckleville Road to Park Avenue and U.S. 60 Business (3rd Street) through Downtown. Following U.S. 60 Business (Wayne Sullivan Drive), Business Loop I-24 traverses an industrial area along side the Tennessee River before turning south to become Kentucky 1954 (John L. Puryear Drive) on the return to Interstate 24.

The Paducah Business Loop was originally signed as “Downtown” Loop I-24, similar to signs for the Interstate business routes in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

The alignment changed with the completion of John Puryear Parkway, a new five-lane arterial for KY 1954, north from I-24 at Husband Road to U.S. 60 and 62. Prior to 1998, Business Loop I-24 overlapped with U.S. 60-62 southeast to U.S. 68 and Exit 16.1


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Business Loop I-24 & U.S. 60 (3rd Street) west at Ohio Street outside downtown Paducah. Photo taken 04/05/13.

Business Loop I-24 partitions into a one-way couplet of 3rd (west) and 4th (east) Streets through Downtown Paducah.

Downtown Loop I-24
Business Loop I-24 shield in Paducah. Photo taken by H.B. Elkins (06/00).