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Serving the downtown Youngstown area, Interstate 680 loops from Interstate 80 to the Ohio Turnpike, acting as the main artery in and out of the city. The freeway carries four lanes overall and no overlaps. The Interstate 680 designation dates back to when Interstate 76 was signed as Interstate 80S (prior to 1963).


Once proposed as an Interstate 78 and then Interstate 480, the downtown loop for Youngstown received its final designation as Interstate 680 in 1962. The entire 16.43 miles of Interstate 680 was completed by 1976.

Highway Guides

Southern Terminus - Interstate 76/Ohio Turnpike - South of Youngstown, Ohio
Perspective from Interstate 680 south
Interstate 680 southbound nearing the final mainline interchange at Exit 14/Ohio 164 - Western Reserve Road. Traffic that does not depart at Exit 14 will enter the Ohio Turnpike System at the southern terminus in 2.50 miles. Photo taken 10/07/01.
The final southbound exit of Interstate 680 before the terminus at Interstate 76. Since the turnpike system is tolled, this is the final departure point before encountering a toll plaza. From this interchange Ohio 164 travels southwestward to Columbiana and the Ohio 11 freeway. Photo taken 10/07/01.
A new one-mile advance guide sign is posted on Interstate 680 south for the eastbound connection to Interstate 76. This is posted just north of the Ohio Turnpike toll plaza. Photo taken by Dan Garnell (07/12/03).
Approaching the Ohio Turnpike toll plaza of Interstate 680 southbound. Interstate 76 carries the turnpike from Austintown to the west of Youngstown southeastward to the Pennsylvania state line and Turnpike near Petersburg. Photo taken 10/07/01.
Continuing on the eastbound Interstate 76/Ohio Turnpike ramp from Interstate 680 south. There are seven miles between this junction and the state line. Before crossing into the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Interstate 76 travelers will encounter the east-gate toll plaza of the Ohio Turnpike. Photo taken 10/07/01.
The merge of Interstate 680 south onto Interstate 76 east. The next interchange one encounters in this direction is Pennsylvania Turnpike Exit 10 at Pennsylvania Toll 60. This tollway to tollway junction is 17 miles to the southeast. Photo taken 10/07/01.
Perspective from Interstate 76/Ohio Turnpike west
Two miles to the east of the southern terminus of Interstate 680 is this overhead. At the time of this photograph, the conversion of Ohio Turnpike exit numbers from a sequential to mileage based system was underway. Therefore two exit numbers are displayed. Photo taken 05/21/02.
The same two-mile advance guide sign of Interstate 76/Ohio Turnpike west, minus the sequential exit number. This is the first exit sign on the entire length of the Turnpike in the westbound direction. Typical of most two-mile advance guide signs on the Ohio Turnpike, no control city is featured. Photo taken by Dan Garnell (07/12/03).
Interstate 76 one mile east of the Interstate 680/Exit 234 interchange. For some reason, the Turnpike authority goes out of their way to indicate that Interstate 680 travels north only. This trumpet interchange has no other connections to any local highway. Photo taken 05/21/02.
Interstate 680 northbound begins from the Ohio Turnpike west. One mile to the west is the second interchange of Interstate 76 in Ohio, Exit 232 with Ohio 7. This junction is about 11 miles to the south of Downtown Youngstown. Photo taken 05/21/02.
Perspective from Interstate 680 north
The first northbound Interstate 680 reassurance shield. Exit 14 with Ohio 164 is approximately 2.5 miles to the north. Interstate 680 enters the city limits of Youngstown near milepost 10. Photo taken 05/21/02.
Northern Terminus - Interstate 80 and Ohio 11 - Northwest of Youngstown, Ohio
Perspective from Interstate 680 north
Traveling north on Interstate 680 at Exit 3C (Connecticut Avenue/Belle Vista Avenue), in one mile is the freeway connection to Interstate 80 east (at Exit 3A). Interstate 680 then continues northwest to merge directly onto Interstate 80 west. Photo taken by Tim Kubat (April-June 2006).
Northbound Interstate 680 reaches Exit 3A, Ohio 711 north to Ohio 11 and Interstate 80 east to Sharon, Pennsylvania and all points east through Pennsylvania and New Jersey to New York City. The next exit is Exit 2, Meridian Road, which also connects to Interstate 80. Photo taken by Tim Kubat (April-June 2006).
The only sign proclaiming the end of Interstate 680 formally is posted at the Exit 2/Meridian Road interchange. The method of travel for motorists wishing to access Interstate 80 east is to take Meridian Road north to Sand Springs Road and the Exit 226 interchange of Interstate 80. Note the sign replacement from button copy to reflective signage between 2002 and 2006. Photos taken by Tim Kubat (April-June 2006) and on 05/21/02.
Proceeding west of Exit 2 is this set of overheads for Ohio 11 south/Exit 1 and Interstate 80 west/Cleveland. All pull-through panels from this point westward display Interstate 680 north as Interstate 80 west. Photo taken by Tim Kubat (April-June 2006).
Proceeding west of Exit 2 is this set of overheads for Ohio 11 south/Exit 1 and Interstate 80 west/Cleveland. All pull-through panels from this point westward display Interstate 680 north as Interstate 80 west. Photo taken 05/21/02.
The last off-ramp of Interstate 680 north is the Exit 1 departure for the Ohio 11 freeway south. Otherwise traffic will enter Interstate 80 west in one fourth of a mile. Photos taken by Tim Kubat (April-June 2006) and on 05/21/02.
Interstate 680 north at Exit 1/Ohio 11 south. The merge with Interstate 80 west is ahead and features a split two lanes. Interstate 80, in conjunction with Interstate 480, travels west 58 miles to the city often called the Mistake by the Lake. Photos taken by Tim Kubat (April-June 2006) and on 05/21/02.
Before Interstate 680 merges onto Interstate 80 west, an Exit 223B/A overhead is provided for the next interchange motorists will encounter. The Ohio 46 junction is the last that Interstate 80 encounters before it accepts the reigns of the Ohio Turnpike from Interstate 76. Photo taken 05/21/02.
The conclusion of Interstate 680 northbound. The ramp partitions into two separate single lanes to allow for Ohio 46 traffic interests the opportunity to merge to the right segregated from the overall Interstate 680 movement onto Interstate 80. Photo taken 05/21/02.
Perspective from Interstate 80 east
Three mile removed from the Ohio Turnpike, Interstate 80 nears the Exit 224 complex with Ohio 11 and Interstate 680 south, both of which are freeways. At this overpass, a third eastbound lane adds to the fold for Exit 224A. The Ohio 11 constitutes a lengthy freeway from East Liverpool along the Ohio River to this interchange. Three miles to the east, Ohio 11 resumes its northward routing on a freeway that travels to Ashtabula and the Lake Erie shoreline. Photo taken 10/07/01.
Interstate 80 east expands to four lanes with the inclusion of two exit-only lanes for Exits 224A/B. Departing first is Ohio 11 as it bypasses Youngstown to the west. The control point featured is Canfield, a community near the crossing of Interstate 76 at U.S. 62. Photo taken 10/07/01.
Exit 224A of Ohio 11 southbound departs. A diagrammatic overhead guides Interstate 80 eastbound motorists toward the pending split with Interstate 680 south. Photo taken 10/07/01.
Ohio 11 northbound on board, Interstate 80 prepares to yield the southbound beginning of Interstate 680. The Interstate 680 freeway continues the east-west orientation of Interstate 80 into downtown Youngstown. Interstate 80 and Ohio 11 meanwhile take a northeasterly jog to the town of Girard. Photo taken 10/07/01.
Interstate 680 southbound begins at Exit 224B. The New York City control point is featured for Interstate 80 east of the Ohio Turnpike. With that in mind, motorists will not witness another the Big Apple sign on Interstate 80 until the highway enters the Garden State. Incidentally the second interchange of Interstate 680 connects with a short Ohio 711 freeway spur. This spur appears to have been a remnant from an Ohio 11 freeway plan that would have taken the freeway south of Interstate 80 into the city of Youngstown. Ghost ramps and empty sign bridges remain at the Ohio 11 departure of Interstate 80 at Exit 228B. Exit 228A does not exist, as it was to have directed traffic onto the non-existent Ohio 11 south. Photo taken 10/07/01.
Perspective from Interstate 80 west/Ohio 11 south
The first advisory sign for Interstate 680 along westbound Interstate 80 appears one mile prior to the Salt Springs Road interchange. Photo taken 09/01/05.
Access to Interstate 680 southbound from Interstate 80 west/Ohio 11 south is not direct. Because of the orientation of the two freeways at Exit 224, traffic interests to the southeast via Interstate 680 must utilize the Salt Springs Road interchange (Exit 226) and local area surface streets to access the freeway at Exit 2/N. Meridian Road. Photo taken 10/07/01.
Westbound Interstate 80 reaches Exit 226, Salt Springs Road to Interstate 680 south. Photo taken 09/01/05.
Perspective from Interstate 680 south
The first Interstate 680 southbound reassurance shield. One of the Ohio 11 overpasses is visible in the background. Otherwise Interstate 680 travels five miles into the central business district of Youngstown. Photo taken by Dan Garnell (07/12/03).

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