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Interstate 595 Florida



Known as the Port Everglades Expressway, Interstate 595 connects Interstate 75 and the Sawgrass Expressway/Florida Toll 869 with the Florida's Turnpike, Interstate 95, and U.S. 1 between Weston and Fort Lauderdale. Construction started July 1984 with all segments open by October 21, 1989. However, Interstate 595 wasn't officially approved as an Interstate until June 11, 1990. The Interstate 95 and Turnpike interchanges were not completed until 1991.1 The overall alignment so closely parallels Florida 84 that in areas between Interstate 75 and Interstate 95, east/westbound Florida 84 acts as the north and south, one-way frontage roads for Interstate 595. Florida 84 heads a bit north of the freeway east of Interstate 95 as Florida 84 enters Fort Lauderdale.


The following are key dates in the history of Interstate 595 in Florida:1

  • 1985 - Construction began on Interstate 595.
  • 1988 - The first section of Interstate 595 opened from Interstate 75 east to Pine Island Road.
  • 1989 - Interstate 595 opened from S.W. 26th Terrace east to the U.S. 1, which was realigned near Fort Lauderdale International Airport.
  • 1990 - Interstate 595 opened from Pine Island Road east to S.W. 26th Terrace. Interstate 595 is now complete.

Highway Guides

Western Terminus - Interstate 75 - Davie, Florida
Perspective from Interstate 595 west
Westbound Interstate 595 as it receives lane partitionings for the Interstate 75 and southern terminus interchange of Florida Toll 869, the Sawgrass Expressway. Interstate 595 ends in one mile. Photo taken by Justin Cozart (06/03).
A second, closer perspective of the sign bridge Pictured in the above photograph. Traffic has three options at the upcoming interchange: Interstate 75 southbound for its final 19 miles; Interstate 75 westbound to Naples via the tolled Alligator Alley; Toll Florida 869 as it extends the north-south alignment of Interstate 75 to Tamarac and Coral Springs. Photo taken by Justin Cozart (06/03).
The elaborate stack interchange of the terminal interchange of Interstate 595 comes into view for westbound motorists. The toll plaza of Florida 869 is two miles to the north. Therefore motorists who do not wish to pay a toll but do wish to travel northward to Sunrise are afforded the opportunity to exit before the tolled Sawgrass Expressway begins. Photo taken by Justin Cozart (06/03).
Traffic for Interstate 75 southbound for the Miami suburban communities of Weston, Miramar, and Palm Springs North departs to the left. Naturally, Interstate 595 westbound traffic defaults onto Interstate 75 north (orientated east-west at this point) otherwise. Photo taken by Justin Cozart (06/03).
Peering northward at ramps to the Sawgrass Expressway from Interstate 595 west to Interstate 75 north. Interchange projects in the state of Florida often incorporate retention basins such as this for the copious amount of rains that fall per annum. Photo taken by Justin Cozart (06/03).
Perspective from Interstate 75 south
Just five miles east of the Interstate 75 departure from the tolled Alligator Alley is this sign bridge for the pending junction with Interstate 595 north and Florida Toll 869 north. Interstate 75 resumes a north-south routing beyond this junction for the final 19 miles of the 471 total miles the highway travels within the Sunshine State. Photo taken by Justin Cozart (06/03).
Three lanes for Exit 19 depart the Interstate 75 mainline for Interstate 595 and Florida Toll 869. Interstate 595 travels 11.8 miles to the east to meet its parent Interstate 95. The Sawgrass Expressway travels 17 miles to the northeast with a conclusion at Deerfield Beach and Florida's Turnpike. Photo taken by Justin Cozart (06/03).
Exit 19 ramp split for north Florida Toll 869 and east Interstate 595. The first Interstate 595 interchange serves the communities of Sunrise and Plantation via NW 136th Avenue. Photo taken by Justin Cozart (06/03).
Intricate flyover ramps within the Interstate 75, 595, Florida Toll 869 interchange. This view can be seen from the eastbound Interstate 595 ramp from Interstate 75 north. Photo taken by Justin Cozart (06/03).
Perspective from Interstate 75 north
The first appearance of signs along Interstate 75 north for the pending junction with Interstate 595 (Port Everglades Expressway) east and Toll Florida 869 (Sawgrass Expressway) north is here, one and one-half miles prior to the interchange. Photo taken by Alex Nitzman and Justin Cozart (03/26/06).
Through traffic for north Interstate 75 should remain in the left lanes. The right lanes will transition to Interstate 595 east or Toll Florida 869. Use Interstate 595 east to Fort Lauderdale and its international airport. Photo taken by Alex Nitzman and Justin Cozart (03/26/06).
Interstate 75 northbound widens to six lanes in anticipation of the Interstate 595/Florida Toll 869 stack interchange. The left three lanes continue north on Interstate 75, while the right three lanes transfer traffic onto Interstate 595 and Toll Florida 869. Use Toll Florida 869 to Coral Springs (six miles north of here). In conjunction with the Florida's Turnpike, use Toll Florida 869 to West Palm Beach in 45 miles. Photo taken by Alex Nitzman and Justin Cozart (03/26/06).
As northbound Interstate 75 turns toward the west toward Naples, the exit lanes split off for Interstate 595 east and Toll Florida 869 north. Photo taken by Alex Nitzman and Justin Cozart (03/26/06).
Drainage of this massive, spread-out interchange in the Everglades Swamp is accomplished through drainage basins, ponds, and storm drains. This pond sits alongside northbound Interstate 75 within the interchange complex. Photos taken by Alex Nitzman and Justin Cozart (03/26/06).
After traffic from westbound Interstate 595 merges with northbound Interstate 75, the freeway aims due west across the Everglades toward Naples. After Exit 23 (Junction U.S. 27), Interstate 75 follows the Alligator Alley on its trek toward the Gulf of Mexico. Photo taken by Alex Nitzman and Justin Cozart (03/26/06).
Perspective Florida Toll 869/Sawgrass Expressway south
An older guide sign indicates the southern terminus of Florida Toll 869 is in one mile at Interstate 75/595. The city of Miami is approximately 30 miles to the south of this point. Photo taken by Andy Field (01/00).
Eastern Terminus - U.S. 1 - Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Perspective from Interstate 595 east
The final mainline interchange of Interstate 595 is that of Exit 12 with U.S. 1/Federal Highway. This photo shows an Exit 12A overhead for the ramps to U.S. 1 southbound to Dania Beach and (Exit 12B) Fort Lauderdale International Airport. Photo taken by Justin Cozart (06/03).
Replaced overheads at Exit 12A on Interstate 595 eastbound. Note that U.S. 1 saw no control city on this particular sign. The final two ramps of Interstate 595 connect with U.S. 1 and Fort Lauderdale International Airport. Note also that the northbound U.S. 1 control city of Port Everglades is now Fort Lauderdale. Photo taken by Andy Field (01/00).
A new Interstate 595 ends overhead is in place at the Exit 12B sign bridge for the airport. Construction during the time of this photograph saw the airport ramp temporarily closed. Traffic not utilizing either Exit 12B or 12C can stay to the left onto Eller Drive into Port Everglades. Photo taken by Justin Cozart (06/03).
This photograph reveals what the Exit 12B panel normally displays. Fort Lauderdale International Airport is situated southwest of the Interstate 595/U.S. 1 interchange. Photo taken by Jim Teresco (07/03).
A new end Interstate 595 shield is posted on the western perimeter of the Exit 12B/C interchange. The original end shield was posted at the Exit 12C split with the ramp to Eller Drive (see below photograph). Photo taken by Justin Cozart (06/03).
The same end Interstate 595 shield at the Exit 12B gore point, minus the construction jersey barriers. Photo taken by Jim Teresco (07/03).
The conclusion of Interstate 595. Traffic partitions to U.S. 1 north and Eller Drive east. Downtown Fort Lauderdale is two miles to the north and U.S. 1 continues beyond to Pompano Beach in nine miles. Photo taken by Justin Cozart (06/03).
The aforementioned end shield posted at the Exit 12C sign bridge for U.S. 1 north. There is no end shield or guide sign for the western terminus incidentally. Photo taken by Andy Field (01/00).
Continuing on the Exit 12C ramp to U.S. 1 northbound. This shield is posted at the end of the ramp. Ahead is the Florida 84 eastern terminus and downtown Fort Lauderdale. Photo taken by Jim Teresco (07/03).
Perspective from U.S. 1 north
Ramp to Interstate 595 westbound from U.S. 1 northbound. Interstate 95 and Florida's Turnpike are displayed prominently with Interstate 595. The Port Everglades Expressway intersects Interstate 95 in 1.5 miles and Florida's Turnpike in 4.5 miles. Photo taken by Andy Field (01/00).


  1. Florida's Interstates: A Half-Century of Progress (official Florida Department of Transportation site)
  2. Learned, Jason. "Interstate Guide - Florida I-195, I-395, I-595." Personal email, November 25, 2003.

Page Updated May 20, 2006.


State Florida
Mileage 12.86
Cities Fort Lauderdale
Junctions Interstate 75, Interstate 95
Source: October 31, 2002 Interstate Route Log and Finders List
Interstate 595 Annual Average Daily Traffic

County From To AADT Composite
Broward Interstate 75/ FL Toll 869 Exit 1B/ Florida 823 129,000
Broward Exit 1B/ Florida 823 Exit 2/ Hiatus Road 149,500
Broward Exit 2/ Hiatus Road Exit 3/ Nob Hill Road 142,000
Broward Exit 3/ Nob Hill Road Exit 4/ Pine Island Road 167,000
Broward Exit 4/ Pine Island Road Exit 5/ Florida 817 172,500
Broward Exit 5/ Florida 817 Exit 7/ Davie Road 177,112
Broward Exit 7/ Davie Road Exit 8A/ Florida's Tpk. 162,500
Broward Exit 8A/ Florida's Tpk. Exit 10AB/ Interstate 95 179,500
Broward Exit 10AB/ Interstate 95 Exit 12/ U.S. 1 96,500
Broward Exit 12 /U.S. 1 Freeway End/ W. of Eller Drive 34,500
Source: Florida Traffic Information 2002 CD-Rom

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