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Interstate 587 is one of the shortest Interstates in the country. A spur route, Interstate 587 serves Kingston, New York, which is the former capital of the state. A traffic roundabout composes the western terminus of the freeway, linking Interstate 587 & New York 28 with Washington Avenue, Onteora Trail, and the New York Thruway via Exit 19. Interstate 587 is signed with New York 28 throughout its entire length. Guide signs along the New York Thruway ignore the presence of Interstate 587 at Exit 19.


Interstate 587 was designated in 1957 and constructed between late 1958 and mid-1960.1

Highway Guides

Western Terminus - New York 28/Interstate 87/New York Thruway west of Kingston, New York
Perspectives from Interstate 587 West
Interstate 587 & New York 28 reconstruction relegated traffic to just two lanes at the time of this photograph. Pictured here are junction shields for Interstate 87 and the New York Thruway. Sawkill Road passes overhead just east of the Kingston traffic circle. Photo taken 07/20/05.
End Interstate 587 shields posted as New York 28 enters the traffic circle at the New York Thruway. See the next photograph for changes to the roundabout and a sign bridge added to the scene after 2000. Photo taken by Steve Anderson (5/00).
Diagrammatic overhead detailing the departure points of the Kingston traffic circle at the western terminus of Interstate 587. Continuing on New York 28 westbound beyond this confluence will take traffic to the U.S. 209 freeway that bypasses Kingston to the north. The trumpet interchange to Interstate 87 (Exit 19) otherwise lies to the north. Photo taken 07/20/05.
Motorists destined for Interstate 87 (New York Thruway) for the Capital District, Newburgh, and New York City depart Interstate 587 & New York 28. Interstate 87 next encounters New York 32 (Ulster Avenue) ten miles to the north at Saugerties. Southbound travelers venture 16 miles south to the Exit 18 off-ramp with New York 299 (Main Street) at New Paltz. Photo taken 07/20/05.
After traveling through the Exit 19 toll plaza, Interstate 87 drivers partition into their respective directions. Interstate 287 lies 61 miles to the south; Interstate 787 is 51 miles to the north. Photo taken 07/20/05.
Perspective from Interstate 87/New York Thruway
Northbound on the New York Thruway at the ramp departure of Exit 19 for New York 28, Interstate 587, and the city of Kingston. For some reason or another, Interstate 87 guide signs omit the presence of the Interstate 587 spur into Kingston. Interstate 587 is the only such signed Interstate in the System to receive no acknowledgment from its parent route. Photo taken 07/20/05.
U.S. 209, Interstate 587 and New York 28 overhead at the Kingston traffic circle. This was the first set of signs that motorists departing the New York Thruway encountered. Vidcap taken 10/93.
Sign overhead explaining the New York 28/New York Thruway/Interstate 587/Washington Avenue traffic circle at the western terminus of Interstate 587 coming from the New York Thruway Exit 19 toll plaza. This reflective signage showing a diagram of the roundabout is the replacement for the signage in the above vidcap. Photo taken 07/20/05.
The first departure point for Thruway motorists emanating from Exit 19 is the westbound continuation of New York 28 (Onteora Trail) west toward Pine Hill and junction U.S. 209. U.S. 209 follows a freeway bypass to the north of Kingston between the Rhinecliff Bridge over the Hudson River west to the community of Hurley. The freeway sees a full-cloverleaf interchange with Onteora Trail just west of the New York Thruway over crossing. Photo taken 07/20/05.
Continuing counter-clockwise within the Kingston traffic circle is the departure point for motorists destined for Kingston via Washington Avenue southbound. Washington Avenue constitutes a north-south surface street between New York 28 and New York 32 (Boulevard) in southwest Kingston. Photo taken 07/20/05.
An original Interstate 87, Interstate 587 and New York 28 overhead posted within the Kingston traffic circle at the Colonel Chandler Drive departure point. Interstate 587 and New York 28 eastbound depart the circle at this point for their four-lane journey toward downtown Kingston. Vidcap taken 10/93.
Perspective from New York 28 east
One-quarter mile guide sign on New York 28 eastbound for the upcoming traffic circle with Interstate 87/New York Thruway and Interstate 587. New York 28 has just passed U.S. 209 as it enters the Kingston vicinity from the Catskill Mountains. The Albany exit of the New York Thruway is approximately 51 miles north of the Exit 19 interchange of Interstate 87 while New York City is 90 miles to the south. Photo taken by David Greenberger (04/01).
This graphical overhead is posted on New York 28 eastbound as it enters the roundabout for Interstates 87/587 and Washington Avenue. New York 28 continues eastward in conjunction with Interstate 587 into downtown Kingston. Photo taken by Douglas Kerr (06/01).
Perspective from Washington Avenue north
Washington Avenue stems north from New York 32 (Boulevard) and Lucas Avenue in Kingston across the Esopus Creek into the Interstate 87-587 & New York 28 roundabout. Motorists to Interstate 587 should use the first right. Drivers bound for Interstate 87 (New York Thruway) should use the second right and drivers destined for New York 28 (Onteora Trail) should depart at the third right. Photo taken 07/20/05.
Entering the Colonel George F. Chandler Drive roundabout on Washington Avenue north. Exit 19 of the New York Thruway lies adjacent to the traffic circle north of Washington Avenue. The U.S. 209 freeway north of Kingston is accessible from New York 28 (Onteora Trail) one half mile to the northwest. Photo taken 07/20/05.
Perspective from Interstate 587 & New York 28 east
The first Interstate 587 reassurance shield, posted at the exit of the traffic rotary with Washington Avenue and Interstate 87 on New York 28 east. Downtown Kingston lies just two miles to the southeast of this point. Photo taken 07/20/05.
Interstate 587 & New York 28 (Colonel George F. Chandler Drive) venture eastward toward the city of Kingston. A turn-off exists at the freeway beginning for an adjacent park and ride lot. Use the turn-off for a second chance to Washington Avenue south. Photo taken 07/20/05.
Eastern Terminus - New York 32 & Albany Street - Kingston, New York
Perspective from Interstate 587 & New York 28 east
Interstate 587 & New York 28 cross the Esopus Creek just ahead of their shared end point at junction New York 32 (Albany Drive & Broadway) near downtown Kingston. A set of button copy overheads guide motorists onto the respective directions of New York 32 and Albany Drive southbound to Uptown Kingston. Photo taken 07/20/05.
Perspective from Albany Street north
New York 28 and Interstate 587 share the same terminus. The endpoint coincides with a turn of New York 32 in downtown Kingston. This photograph shows junction signage from Albany Street northbound. Photo taken 07/20/05.
Continuing northbound on Albany street is the junction with Interstate 587/New York 28 west and New York 32 overall. New York 32 enters from the north and turns to the east briefly at Interstate 587 before resuming a southward trek towards New Paltz. This street split shows Interstate 587 and New York 28 beginning at the traffic light to the left and local access to New York 32 on the right. Photo taken 07/20/05.
Visible in the background of the above photograph, these overheads are posted at the intersection where New York 32 intersects the terminus of Interstate 587 and New York 28. Passing through the intersection from Albany Street will take motorists onto New York 32 northbound towards U.S. 9W. Photo taken 07/20/05.
Perspective from Interstate 587 & New York 28 west
The first westbound Interstate 587 & New York 28 reassurance shields. Construction at the time of this photograph directed motorists to share the westbound travel lanes of Interstate 58 New York 28 due to replacement of the Esopus Creek bridge and rehabilitation of the freeway pavement overall. Photo taken 07/20/05.


  1. Colonel Chandler Drive (I-587 and NY 28),

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State New York
Mileage 1.21
Cities Kingston
Junctions Interstate 87
Source: December 31, 2015 Interstate Route Log and Finders List
I-587 New York Annual Average Daily Traffic

County From: To: AADT Composite
Ulster I-87 & NY 28 overlap begin Kingston north city line 13,800
Ulster Kingston north city line I-587 end & NY 28 overlap end 13,800
Source: NYSDOT 2002 Traffic Volume Report