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Interstate 575 Georgia

At Exit 16A, Interstate 575 passes through the lowest level of a tri-level stack interchange with Georgia 20-140 and Business Georgia 5 in Canton. The diagrammatic graphic shows the lane allocation for the continuation of Interstate 575 south to Marietta and Atlanta. Photo taken by Andy Field (05/27/07).


Interstate 575 (secret Georgia 417) is the 30-mile Phillip M. Landrum Memorial Highway, which serves the far northern suburbs of the Atlanta metropolitan area. It is cosigned with Georgia 5 throughout; the old alignment of Georgia 5 is now a local road, maintained by either the county or city through which it passes.

The highway connects Interstate 75 at Marietta with Nelson via Canton and Holly Springs along the Georgia 5 corridor. The southern terminus is a partial access interchange with no ramp from Interstate 75 south to Interstate 575 north. As of December 1999, a button copy END shield was located at this junction; by 2007, the shield was no longer button copy but still sported the state name.

West of Nelson, when Interstate 575 crosses the Cherokee/Pickens County line, Interstate 575 (which is multiplexed with Georgia 5 for its entire length) ends and transitions directly onto the non-controlled-access Georgia 515 (also multiplexed with Georgia 5). Georgia 515 continues as part of ARC Corridor A from this point northward as a divided highway, the Appalachian Developmental (APD) Highway/Zell Miller Mountain Parkway.

Approaching the northern end of Interstate 575 are two standard black-on-yellow diamond signs (one on either side of the roadway) that say, "End Limited Access 1500 Feet."


Interstate 575 was constructed in phases between 1979 and 1987.1, 2 The freeway route opened in phases as follows:

  • From Junction Interstate 75 to Junction Georgia 92 (Exit 7) - construction began in 1979, opened on October 16, 1980
  • From Junction Georgia 92 (Exit 7) to Junction Business Georgia 5/Riverstone Parkway (Exit 20) - construction began in 1981, opened on March 29, 1985; this incorporated the two-lane Georgia 20 bypass of Canton between Exits 16A and 19 that was built in 1978
  • From Junction Business Georgia 5/Riverstone Parkway (Exit 20) to Junction Georgia 372/Howell Bridge Road, opened in 1987

AASHTO approved the establishment of Interstate 575 on October 28, 1977.

Future Aspirations

There are no active plans to extend Interstate 575, although Georgia 515/Appalachian Development (APD) Highway continues as a limited access expressway from the Cherokee-Pickens County Line north to Blairsville in Union County. If this route is upgraded to Interstate standards at some point in the future, it could be a candidate as a northerly extension of Interstate 575. No plans exist to extend Interstate 575 south.

Planned Improvements

With explosive growth in the suburban areas along the Interstate 575 corridor in Cobb and Cherokee Counties, a public-private partnership (Georgia Transportation Partners) is among options being considered (as of 2005) to improve the capacity of the mostly four-lane freeway (along with Interstate 75). Options being contemplated include truck toll lanes (on Interstate 75 for through trucks), toll high occupancy vehicle express lanes, and managed toll lanes.3,4 For more information, visit Georgia State Road and Tollway Authority and Georgia Department of Transportation Public Private Initiatives, which features information about the I-75/575 Northwest Corridor.

Highway Guides

Southern Terminus - Interstate 75 - Marietta, Georgia
Perspective from Interstate 575 and Georgia 5 south
We begin our coverage on southbound Interstate 575/Phillip Landrum Highway prior to Exit 3, Chastain Road in Cobb County. As Interstate 575 approaches its southern terminus at Interstate 75, the final two exits (Exit 3, Chastain Road and Exit 1, Barrett Parkway) provide access to Interstate 75 north. All traffic on southbound Interstate 575 after Exit 1 defaults onto Interstate 75 south, with no access to Interstate 75 north. Photo taken 05/29/07.
Southbound Interstate 575 reaches Exit 3, Chastain Road. The next exit is Exit 1, Barrett Parkway. Photo taken 05/29/07.
The southern terminus of Interstate 575 is similar to the southern terminus of Interstate 985 and northern terminus of Interstate 675 also in the state in that it is a wye interchange. This means that no direct access to Interstate 75 northbound is available from Interstate 575 southbound. Therefore traffic wishing to turn northward to Interstate 75 must utilize Barrett Parkway westbound to the Exit 271 interchange. Photo taken 05/29/07.
Southbound Interstate 575/Georgia 5 reaches its final interchange at Exit 1, Barrett Parkway. Georgia 5 continues southward onto Interstate 75 for a brief overlap before departing at Marietta. Photo taken 05/29/07.
Southbound Interstate 575 at its end as traffic merges onto Interstate 75 southbound. This photo was taken at the south end, just before the merge with southbound Interstate 75, which is visible on the left side of the photo. The END Interstate 575 shield used to be signed with a button copy shield, but the replacement still shows the state name in the shield. There is no similar sign on the right-hand side of the road, but we suspect there had once been one a long time ago. Photo taken 05/29/07.
After the END Interstate 575 shield, the two lanes bridge over Interstate 75. The next exit for Interstate 75 south (Exits 267B-A, Junction U.S. 41 and Georgia 5, Canton Road) can be seen from the flyover ramp. Photo taken 05/29/07.
Traffic from Interstate 575 south merge onto Interstate 75 south. The next exit is the interchange with U.S. 41 and Georgia 5. Photo taken 05/29/07.
Perspective from Interstate 75 south
Access to Interstate 575 northbound is not direct and requires motorists to navigate on area surface roads between the two freeways. The preferred route for Interstate 575 northbound from Interstate 75 southbound is Chastain Road, accessible from Exit 271. Photo taken by Chris Patriarca (02/23/03).
Interstate 575 southbound at the Chastain Road interchange/Exit 271. Another 23 miles of Interstate 75 remain between this exit and downtown Atlanta. Photo taken by Chris Patriarca (02/23/03).
Interstate 575 auxiliary sign for the Exit 269 interchange with Barrett Parkway. This exit also connects to nearby U.S. 41. Photo taken by Chris Patriarca (02/23/03).
Next Three Interstate Junctions for Interstate 75 south
Interstate 285 10 miles at northwest Atlanta
Interstate 85
overlap begin
20 miles in Atlanta
Interstate 85
overlap end
29 miles in south Atlanta
Perspective from Interstate 75 north
Interstate 75 northbound at Exit 267B for Georgia 5 southbound to Marietta. Georgia 5 overlaps with Interstate 75 for the next mile before departing via Interstate 575 north at Exit 268. Georgia 5 and Interstate 575 share pavement for all 31 miles of Interstate 575. The bridge placard indicates that the overpass is apart of Georgia Spur 5. In the state of Georgia, spur and connector routes are part of the overall state system. Arkansas also uses spur state routes and Nebraska uses Link routes that accomplish the same feat as the Georgia Connector series. Photo taken 06/18/05.
Six lanes of Interstate 75/Georgia 5 northbound progress to their split at Interstate 575/Exit 268. The right-hand two lanes become exit-only for the Interstate spur. Photo taken 06/18/05.
The Interstate 575/Georgia 5 control city of Canton is the Cherokee County seat and is 17 miles to the north. Photo taken 06/18/05.
Split of Interstate 575/Georgia 5 from Interstate 75 north at Exit 268. Motorists continuing on Interstate 75 will reach Chattanooga in 88 miles. Georgia 5 also crosses the state line into Tennessee, 85 miles to the north. Photo taken 06/18/05.
Interstate 75 north passes under the transition ramp from southbound Interstate 575 to southbound Interstate 75. The next exit is Exit 269, Barrett Parkway to U.S. 41 and Kennesaw. Photo taken 06/18/05.
Next Three Interstate Junctions for Interstate 75 north
Interstate 24 89 miles at Chattanooga, TN
Interstate 40
overlap begin
170 miles near Eaton Crossroad, TN
Interstate 140 178 miles at Farragut, TN
Perspective from Interstate 575 and Georgia 5 north
After Interstate 75 north and Interstate 575 north split, this is the first reassurance shield, along with the overhead sign for the first exit (Exit 1, Barrett Parkway). From here, it is 30 miles north to the vicinity of Ball Ground, where the freeway ends. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Interstate 575 is the Phillip Landrum Memorial Highway. Photo taken 06/01/07.
At the Exit 1 offramp, a pull-through Interstate 575 north sign provides the destination city of Woodstock and control city of Canton. Note the use of state name in the shields in the overhead signs. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Northern Terminus - Georgia 372/Georgia 515 - Nelson, Georgia
Perspective from Interstate 575 and Georgia 5 north
After Exit 27 (Junction Business Georgia 5 south to Ball Ground), this is the final northbound reassurance shield for Interstate 575. Photo taken 05/29/07.
This mileage sign provides the distance to the Appalachian Development Highway (called the APD Highway, it is Georgia 515 and represents the distance to the north end of Interstate 575) in three miles, Jasper (nine miles), and Ellijay (33 miles). Photo taken 05/29/07.
The final exit on Interstate 575 is the pending intersection with Georgia 372 and Business Georgia 5. This spur expressway connects Interstate 575 with Georgia 754, which is Old Georgia 5 and is known as either Canton Highway or Ball Ground Highway. Georgia 372 travels southeast from Interstate 575 to Ball Ground. This upcoming intersection serves as the terminus of multiple routes: Interstate 575 and Georgia 417 from the south, Georgia 515 from the north, and Georgia 372 from the southeast. Only Georgia 5 continues unscathed through this intersection. Photo taken 05/29/07.
Upon crossing the Pickens County line, signs begin to appear that represent the end of controlled access Interstate 575. Milepost 30 is the last posted milemarker on northbound Interstate 575. Photo taken 05/29/07.
A pair of End Limited Access 1500 Feet signs flank Interstate 575's northbound lanes. Photo taken 05/29/07.
Ahead is the right turn to Georgia 372 and Business Georgia 5 southeast to Ball Ground. This route is a 1.5-mile, limited access highway southeast to Ball Ground. The south end of the freeway features a stub end. A left turn is permitted from southbound Georgia 515/Interstate 575 onto southbound Georgia 372, so cross traffic is just ahead. Photo taken 05/29/07.
Use Georgia 372 and Business Georgia 5 southeast to Ball Ground and Junction Georgia 756 north to Nelson. An identical sign is posted in the median strip as well as on the right side of the freeway. Photo taken 05/29/07.
A second Intersection Ahead pair of signs is posted after the sign for Georgia 372 south. Photo taken 05/29/07.
There are two sets of END signs. The first one is posted prior to the Georgia 372 intersection. The pair of signs (one on the left side and the other on the right side) have been replaced between 2003 and 2007. Photos taken 08/22/03 and 05/30/07.
A right turn ahead sign is posted after the first END sign; this turn connects Interstate 575 north with Georgia 372 south. Photo taken 05/29/07.
Continuing north, the through route is now signed as Georgia 515. The shields have been replaced between 2003 and 2007. Georgia 515 continues northward into the Appalachian Highlands of North Georgia. The first traffic signal to be encountered on northbound Georgia 515 is with Junction Georgia 53-108 near the town of Jasper. Photos taken 08/22/03 and 05/30/07.
After the intersection that connects to Georgia 372 south is the second END sign, this time a standalone shield. To achieve all 30.97 miles of Interstate 575, the true end of the Interstate is located after the at-grade intersection. The presence of the aforementioned at-grade crossing indicates that the extreme north end of Interstate 575 is not, strictly speaking, a freeway. The merge between Georgia 515 and Georgia 372/Business Georgia 5 lies ahead; after the merge, Georgia 515 essentially continues as an expressway with uncontrolled intersections until the traffic signal at Junction Georgia 53 and Georgia 108 about two miles north of here. Photo taken 05/29/07.
Perspective from Georgia 5 and Georgia 515 (Appalachian Development Highway) north
After the merge shown above, Georgia 515 takes over as the primary route north. This blue sign is the first one northbound for Georgia 515. It is the APD Highway (Appalachian Development Highway), and it is part of Appalachian Redevelopment Commission (ARC) Corridor A. Photo taken 05/29/07.
Georgia 515 is also called the Zell Miller Mountain Parkway, after a recent Georgia governor and Senator, who hails from Young Harris, which is located up the road a ways. Photo taken 05/29/07.
A second reassurance shield for Georgia 5 and Georgia 515 is posted after the Zell Miller Highway sign. From here, Georgia 515 targets Jasper, Ellijay, Blue Ridge, and Blairsville as an expressway with at-grade intersections. Photo taken 05/29/07.
Perspective from Georgia 5 and Georgia 515 (Appalachian Development Highway) south
Southbound Georgia 515 approaches the northern terminus of Interstate 575. At the junction with Georgia 372 and Business Georgia 5, southbound Georgia 515 ends and southbound Interstate 575 begins. This is the first sign to announce the beginning of the nascent freeway. Notice the style of the 2002 Interstate 575 sign: it uses button copy and still has the state name on it. Georgia 5 will parallel Interstate 575 from this point south to Marietta, the southern terminus of Interstate 575. Photos taken 05/29/07 and by James Pernikoff (1/20/02).
A small directional direction sign advises that a left turn onto Georgia 372 and Business Georgia 5 leads to Ball Ground and Nelson, while Interstate 575 and Georgia 5 continue south to Canton. Although there is no END shield, this is the southern terminus of Georgia 515 ... and the northern terminus of hidden Georgia 417. Photo taken 05/29/07.
Georgia 515 is a multi-lane, divided highway from Blairsville in Union County south to Nelson, where it transitions into Interstate 575. These signs are for the last at-grade crossing along Southbound Georgia 515, which is paired with Southbound Georgia 5 at this point. This intersection is the junction with Georgia 372, which leads southeast into Ball Ground. The signs themselves are visible (barely) in this photo. Note on the northbound side the backsides of the signs shown northbound. The green sign in the background is a mileage information sign. The shields were replaced between 2002 and 2007. Photos taken 05/29/07 and by James Pernikoff (1/20/02).
Close-up view of the above Pictured shield assembly. Note the Georgia standard of including the banner for Georgia 5 Business within the shield itself. This practice is adhered to for U.S. routes as well in the Peach State. Photo taken 08/22/03.
Perspective from Interstate 575 and Georgia 5 south
After the Georgia 372 and Business Georgia 5 left turn, Interstate 575 south begins. The first sign identifies Interstate 575 as the Phillip M. Landrum Memorial Highway. Photo taken 05/29/07.
Entering Cherokee County, southbound Interstate 575 passes Milepost 30 and begins its journey south toward Canton and Marietta. Photo taken 05/29/07.
The first mileage sign provides the distance to Canton (12 miles), Woodstock (23 miles), and Atlanta (51 miles via Interstate 75). The first reassurance shield is not posted until after the Business Georgia 5/Howell Bridge Road interchange (Exit 27). Photo taken 05/29/07.


  1. New Georgia Encyclopedia: Interstate Highway System
  2. Research by Trent Legg of Georgia official maps and date stamps on bridges on Interstate 575, plus old newspaper articles
  3. Public-private expansion of I-75/I-575 gains steam from Atlanta Business Chronicle, October 27, 2005, by Ryan Mahoney
  4. State Road and Tollway Authority Approves Key Planning Studies, State Road and Tollway Authority State of Georgia Press Release, February 16, 2005

Page Updated July 14, 2007.

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State Georgia
Mileage 30.97
Cities Marietta
Junctions Interstate 75
Source: December 31, 2014 Interstate Route Log and Finders List