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Northbound Interstate 435 approaches its junction with Interstate 70/Kansas Turnpike in Kansas City, Kansas. Photo taken 10/17/04.


Interstate 435 is the 83-mile beltway for the Kansas City metropolitan area, including mileage in Kansas and Missouri. The highway serves Kansas City International Airport, Overland Park, and Independence. A three-mile section of pavement is shared with Interstate 29, otherwise, Interstate 435 is not duplexed with another Interstate.

Interstate 435 encircles the Kansas City metropolitan area. The beltway is topped only by Interstate 275 of the Cincinnati metropolitan area as the longest in the Interstate system (84 vs. 83 miles). The mileage statistics below do not factor in the Interstate 29 overlap mileage.


Interstate 435 in Kansas and Missouri was fully completed and open to traffic in December 1986 with the completion of the Missouri River Bridge.1

Planned Improvements

Reconstruction of various segments of Interstate 435 began in August 2005 with the Focus 435 project.

Beltway Milepost 0 - Interstate 35 - Lenexa, Kansas
Perspective from Interstate 435 south
Interstate 435 East mileage sign. Interstate 35 is 1.25 miles away at this point. This sign is located inside the Interstate 435/Kansas 10 interchange (Exit 1B), where Interstate 435 turns from north-south to east-west. The bridge in the background is the ramp from Kansas 10 East to Interstate 435 East. Photo taken by Eric Stuve (11/30/02).
Interstate 435 eastbound at Exit 1A/Lackman Road. This is the last mainline interchange before the exit numbers reset. This occurs in accordance with the placement of milepost 0 at the Interstate 35 interchange. Photo taken by Eric Stuve (11/30/02).
A second perspective of the Exit 1A/Lackman Road sign bridge on Interstate 435 south. The beltway switches to east/west cardinal directions at this point, with Exit 83 serving Interstate 35 in one mile. Photo taken by Ben Prusia.
One-half mile to the west of Interstate 35/Exit 83 at Exit 1A. Lackman Road is one of several thoroughfares that Interstate 435 sees interchanges for in the suburb of Lenexa. Photo taken by Eric Stuve (11/30/02).
Interstate 435 maintains three eastbound lanes through the Interstate 35 interchange. Junction U.S. 56 and 169 shields are posted on the sign bridge support to the right. U.S. 56 overlaps with Interstate 35 through this interchange while U.S. 169 enters Interstate 435 east from Interstate 35 north. This is a common practice in the Kansas City area to indicates U.S./Interstate multiplexes. Photo taken by Eric Stuve (11/30/02).
Traffic for Interstate 35/Exit 83 departs to the right as Interstate 435 picks up U.S. 169 north and proceeds eastward to Overland Park, Leawood, and south Kansas City, Missouri. U.S. 169 departs in four miles at Exit 79/Metcalf Avenue. Photo taken by Eric Stuve (11/30/02).
Proceeding onto the Exit 83 ramp to Interstate 35 sees this sign bridge at the split. Wichita is 178 miles to the south. The Iowa state capital is approximately 255 miles to the north. Interstate 35 northbound will enter the Kansas City, Kansas city limits in ten miles. Photo taken by Eric Stuve (11/30/02).
Perspective from Interstate 35 north
Centerline upcoming exits sign for Interstate 435, one mile south of the interchange. Note the omission of the U.S. 169 northbound departure from Interstate 35. Photo taken by Eric Stuve (11/30/02).
Nondescript Exit 222A guide sign for Interstate 435 eastbound, one-half mile south of the junction. 20 miles to the east via Interstate 435 is Interstate 70. Photo taken by Eric Stuve (11/30/02).
Northbound Interstate 35 at Exit 222A/Interstate 435 east and U.S. 169 north. The lack of control cities for the Kansas City beltway is reminiscent of the lack of control cities for the Indianapolis Beltway (Interstate 465). This meaning that Interstate junctions with the beltway see no destinations for Interstate 465. Photo taken by Eric Stuve (11/30/02).
As the Interstate 435 west to Interstate 35 southbound (carrying U.S. 169) flyover soars overhead, Exit 222B for Interstate 435 westbound departs. The beltway turns to the north within two miles and passes through Lenexa and Shawnee before entering the Kansas City, Kansas city limits. Photo taken by Eric Stuve (11/30/02).
North Parent Junction - Interstate 35 - north Kansas City, Missouri
Perspective from Interstate 435 north
Interstate 435 northbound at Exit 54-Parvin Road/48th Street. The next exit is for Exit 52, connecting to Interstate 35 and U.S. 69. The two highways are not overlapped, but do parallel each other closely. The roller coasters in the background are at the Worlds of Fun amusement park. Photo taken by Eric Stuve (11/30/02).
One mile south of Interstate 35/Exit 52B on Interstate 435 northbound. Note that the control city of Saint Joseph represents the connection to Interstate 29 near Kansas City International Airport. Photo taken by Eric Stuve (11/30/02).
Exit 52A for U.S. 69 leaves to the right as the center lanes prepare to depart for Interstate 35/Exit 52B. U.S. 69 serves the Claycomb section of northeast Kansas City as Liberty Boulevard. The highway eventually enters Interstate 35 one mile to the north. Photo taken by Eric Stuve (11/30/02).
Continuing northward to Exit 52B for Interstate 35 is this sign bridge. The ramp crosses over U.S. 69. The stoplights on the right are those for U.S. 69 and the exit ramp. Photo taken by Eric Stuve (11/30/02).
Perspective from Interstate 35 south
Original button copy signage for Interstate 435/Exit 12A on Interstate 35 southbound. The orientation of the two freeways allows for only a ramp to Interstate 435 south from Interstate 35 south. Note that the control city of the Beltway is now Saint Louis, due to the connection with Interstate 70 nine miles to the south. Photo taken by Eric Stuve (11/30/02).
Interstate 35 southbound at Exit 12A for Interstate 435 south. These guide signs are also originals, retaining button copy shields. Interstate 35 enters downtown Kansas City in about nine miles. Even closer is the overlap with Interstate 29, only four miles to the southwest. Photo taken by Eric Stuve (11/30/02).
Perspective from Interstate 35 north
Interstate 435/Exit 12A 0.75 mile guide sign on Interstate 35 north. The darker green area behind the Interstate 435 shield is an imprint leftover from the replaced original button copy shield. The sign itself dates from the completion of Interstate 35 through here. Photo taken by Eric Stuve (11/30/02).
A newer reflective sign for Interstate 435 south. The control city again is that of Saint Louis. The eastern half of the beltway also serves the suburbs of Independence and Raytown. Photo taken by Eric Stuve (11/30/02).
More button copy signage is displayed on this sign bridge at Exit 12A for Interstate 435 south. The right-hand panel is completely original, with an extra large Interstate 435 shield. Unlike Interstate 35 southbound, access to both directions of Interstate 435 is provided. Photo taken by Eric Stuve (11/30/02).
Just like the south parent junction, Interstate 435 and 35 share a stack interchange at the north junction. This photo looks at Exit 12B for Interstate 435 northbound. The Beltway will reach Kansas City International Airport in approximately 18 miles. Photo taken by Eric Stuve (11/30/02).


  1. Kansas Interstate 50th Anniversary

Page Updated June 13, 2006.


State Missouri
Mileage 52.78
Cities Kansas City, Grandview, Raytown, Independence, Gladstone
Junctions Interstate 470, Interstate 49, Interstate 70, Interstate 35, Interstate 29, Interstate 29
State Kansas
Mileage 28.03
Cities Kansas City, Leawood, Overland Park, Shawnee
Junctions Interstate 70, Interstate 35
Source: December 31, 2014 Interstate Route Log and Finders List
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