Interstate 430 Arkansas


Joining I-30 with I-40, Interstate 430 provides a both a western bypass of Little Rock and a commuter route. The I-430 bridge across the Arkansas River is the lone crossing of the waterway between Downtown Little Rock and Conway, some 25 miles to the northwest.


Early plans for both Interstate 430 and I-630 in western Little Rock originated in the mid-1950s. During that time period, University Avenue represented the western extent of the built up area of the capital city. Interstate 430 was constructed initially from Markham Street in west Little Rock to I-40 near Crystal Hill. The route was completed in 1975 at a total cost of $67 million.

The Big Rock Interchange, where I-430 converges with the west end of I-630, opened in 1977. Rapid development along the west side of the exchange resulted in a 400% increase of traffic within the vicinity along both freeways. The Arkansas Highway Commission authorized a study for area improvements in 2004. Plans for the interchange upgrade were announced in 2006.1

The first of three construction phases to rebuild the Big Rock Interchange commenced in January 2009.1 The third phase added two high speed flyovers. The interchange name was derived from a 5 million pound rock formation uncovered during construction. The nearly $150 million project was dedicated on July 8, 2015.2

The diamond interchange (Exit 5) with Shackleford Road on Interstate 430 was added sometime between 1982 to 1984. The addition of the exchange at Exit 5 coincided with expansion of I-430 to eight overall lanes northward from Shackleford Road to Rodney Parham Road (Exit 8).3

Separate projects expanded the southbound roadway of Interstate 430 between Highway 5 (Exit 1) and I-30. $13.4 million in improvements at the exchange with I-30 included the addition of an off-ramp (Exit 128) to the I-30 frontage road west. The exit to Otter Creek Road, Mabelvale West Road and Bass Pro Parkway opened to traffic in December 2014.4 Widening of the remainder of I-430 south from Exit 1 to four lanes was finished in November 2016. This included expansion of the westbound on-ramp to I-30.5

Widening of Interstate 40 to six lanes between Conway and North Little Rock included the expansion of single lane ramps from I-40 east to I-430 south and from I-430 north to I-40 west. Bids for the project were opened by the Arkansas Department of Transportation (ArDOT) in September 2014. Construction on the $38.36 million contract got underway in Fall 2014 and was completed in August 2016.6

Southern Terminus - Interstate 30 and U.S. 67-70 - Little Rock, Arkansas
Perspective from Interstate 430 south
Southbound Interstate 430 meets Arkansas 5 (Stagecoach Road) at a diamond interchange (Exit 1) along the eastern foothills of Ellis Mountain. Three lanes press southward 1.25 miles to Interstate 30. Photo taken 05/07/12.
Interstate 430 previously reduced to two southbound lanes beyond Fourche Creek. Exit 128 to the north side frontage road for I-30 opened along this stretch in December 2014. Photo taken 05/07/12.
Interstate 430 concludes at a trumpet interchange (Exit 129) with I-30 west to Texarkana and east toward Downtown Little Rock. Construction in 2016 widened Exit 129B to two lanes. Photo taken 05/07/12.
Perspective from Interstate 30-U.S. 70 east & U.S. 67 north
Two miles southwest of Interstate 430 (Exit 129) on I-30 eastbound. The ensuing interchange connects with Mabelvale West and Otter Creek Roads. Photo taken 05/20/14.
A frontage road system accompanies Interstate 30 east from Exit 116 at Benton to 65th Street (Exit 135) in LIttle Rock. The four roadways pass under Vinny Ridge Road one mile out from Interstate 430 north. Photo taken 05/20/14.
A slip ramp (Exit 128) links with the I-30 frontage road ahead of Mabelvale West Road and the Outets of Little Rock retail center located west of I-430. Photo taken 05/20/14.
Interstate 430 provides a bypass of Little Rock north to I-40 northwest to Conway, Russellville and Fort Smith. Photo taken 05/20/14.
Entering the trumpet interchange (Exit 129) with I-30-U.S. 70 east and U.S. 67 north. Photo taken 05/20/14.
Perspective from Interstate 30-U.S. 70 west & U.S. 67 south
Exit 131 departs from I-30 & U.S. 67-70 westbound to McDaniel Drive 2.25 miles ahead of Interstate 430 north. Photo taken 05/20/14.
All guide signs for Interstate 430 along I-30 from the Mabelvale Pike overpass westward were replaced during construction to relocate Exit 128 to Otter Creek. The new westbound off-ramp at Exit 128 opened to motorists on December 17, 2014.4 Photo taken 05/20/14.
Exit 128 constitutes a slip ramp to the north side frontage road a half mile east of Interstate 430. Photo taken 05/20/14.
Exit 129 parts ways with I-30 & U.S. 67-70 west for Interstate 430 through west Little Rock to North Little Rock. Photo taken 05/20/14.
Northern Terminus - Interstate 40 and U.S. 65 - North Little Rock, Arkansas
Perspective from Interstate 430 north
Crossing Murray Lake along the Arkansas River, Interstate 430 converges with Arkansas 100 at a diamond interchange (Exit 12) preceding I-40 in North Little Rock. Photo taken 05/20/14.
Six lane expansion underway in 2014-16 along I-40 west from Interstate 430 to Highway 365 at Maumelle included adding a third northbound to Exit 13B. Photo taken 05/20/14.
Exit 13B separates with two lanes from the north end of I-430 to Interstate 40 west 21 miles to Conway. Exit 13A joins a c/d roadway along I-40 east ahead of Highway 100 in North Little Rock. Photo taken 05/20/14.
Perspective from Interstate 40 east & U.S. 65 south
Interstate 40 passes by an abandoned rest area at Padgett Mountain, 1.25 miles ahead of the directional T interchange (Exit 147) with I-430 south. Photo taken 05/07/12.
Entering the city of North Little Rock, Exit 147 departs from I-40 east & U.S. 65 south at the Norman Road overpass for Interstate 430 south to west Little Rock and I-30 to Texarkana. Photo taken 05/07/12.
Perspective from Interstate 40 west & U.S. 65 north
Interstate 40 west & U.S. 65 north navigate a pair of S-curves through Burns Park to Arkansas 100 (Crystal Hill Road) at Crystal Hill. I-430 follows in one mile. PPhoto taken 05/07/12.
Exit 148 departs I-40 west & U.S. 65 north for Highway 100 (Crystal Hill Road). A lane drop occurs at the succeeding slip ramp (Exit 147) for I-430. Highway 100 originates at Exit 148 and loops northwest through Maumelle. Photo taken 05/07/12.
The entrance ramp from Highway 100 forms a collector distributor roadway to the directional T interchange (Exit 147) with Interstate 430 south. Photo taken by Eric Stuve (12/19/02).
Guide signs for I-430 were replaced in 2016 and show Texarkana for the connection with I-30 west. Photo taken 05/07/12.
The c/d roadway at Exit 147 partitions for I-40 west to Conway and Fort Smith and I-430 south into west Little Rock. Photo taken 05/07/12.


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