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Interstate 375 (North Bay Drive) is the northern freeway spur connecting Interstate 275 with Downtown St. Petersburg and The Pier. One-tenth of a mile shorter than its southern counterpart Interstate 175, Interstate 375 is the shortest designated Interstate within Florida. Florida 592 silently follows I-375 and North Bay Drive its entire length from I-275 to its end at Florida 595 & U.S. 19 Alternate (4th Avenue North).


Interstate 375 was built between 1977 and 1979 in two phases, with the first completed section opening to traffic on January 17, 1978. The remaining piece opened to traffic on January 1979 and completed the 1.34-mile freeway spur.1 The I-375 designation, however, was not formally included into the Interstate system until November 1982.2 One ghost ramp exists at the west end for a once proposed connection with adjacent 20th Street North.

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Western Terminus - Interstate 275 - St. Petersburg, Florida
Perspective from Interstate 375 west
Interstate 375 west rises over 15th & 16th Streets North on its final approach to Interstate 275. Traffic is defaulted onto I-275 north toward Saint Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport (PIE) and the city of Tampa while a ramp leaves for I-275 south. Photo taken 07/10/11.
The 1.34-mile freeway officially ends at the split to north and southbound Interstate 275 ramps. Photo taken 07/10/11.
Provisions were made along the I-375 ramp to southbound I-275 for an additional off-ramp to 20th Street North but never came to fruition. Otherwise traffic defaults onto Interstate 275 for nearby I-175 (South Bay Drive) and points south. Photo taken 01/16/14.
Perspective from Interstate 275 south
Crossing 22nd Avenue North, Interstate 275 makes its one mile approach to Interstate 375 (Exit 23A), the first of two Downtown spur freeways. Photo taken 05/28/14.
Interstate 375 east leaves Interstate 275 south for the Uptown neighborhood near Downtown St. Petersburg. The freeway is also signed as the most direct route to both Sundial (shopping district) and The Pier, the city's municipal marina. Photo taken 05/28/14.
Motorists prepare to depart left for Interstate 375 east (North Bay Drive) to Downtown St. Petersburg. The short freeway makes one connection with Martin Luther King Jr. Street North before defaulting onto Florida 595 (4th Avenue North) ahead of 5th Street North. Interstate 275 south will next meet Interstate 175 (South Bay Drive) east. Photo taken 05/28/14.
Perspective from Interstate 275 north
Leaving the stack interchange with Interstate 175 east to Tropicana Field, Interstate 275 quickly approaches Interstate 375 east to The Pier. The freeway follows North Bay Drive to Florida 595 & U.S. 19 Alternate (4th Avenue North) north of Downtown. Photo taken 07/06/13.
One lane departs for Interstate 375 (North Bay Drive) east at Exit 23. The short freeway spur parallels between 5th & 4th Avenues North with a slip ramp leading to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Street (9th Street) North. Otherwise three lanes continue I-275 north toward Pinellas Park and Tampa. Photo taken Photo taken 01/12/14.
Eastern Terminus - Florida 595 - St. Petersburg, Florida
Perspective from Interstate 375 east
Interstate 375 (North Bay Drive) east rises above Martin Luther King Jr. & 8th Streets North as it comes to within 2,000 feet of its eastern end. Photo taken 08/24/13.
Two shields mark the official end to Interstate 375 as the mainline prepares to merge onto Florida 595 & U.S. 19 Alternate (4th Avenue North) south. Photo taken 08/24/13.
Perspective from Florida 595 (5th Avenue North) west
Two lanes prepare to depart for Interstate 375 (North Bay Drive) west from Florida 595 & U.S. 19 Alternate (5th Avenue North) north. Photo taken Photo taken 07/10/11.
Mainline I-375 west splits from 5th Avenue North ahead of its intersection with 7th Street North. North Bay Drive will carry I-375 directly to Interstate 275 north to Tampa and south to the Sunshine Skyway. Continue along Florida 595 (5th Avenue) to reach U.S. 19 (34th Street). Photo taken 07/10/11.


  1. Florida's Interstates: A Half-Century of Progress (official Florida Department of Transportation site) - now defunct
  2. American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Route Numbering Committee Meeting, November 19, 1982 (document).

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State Florida
Mileage 1.34
Cities St. Petersburg
Junctions I-275
Source: December 31, 2016 Interstate Route Log and Finders List
I-375 Florida Annual Average Daily Traffic

County From To AADT Composite
Pinellas I-275 MLK Jr. St N 27,500
Pinellas MLK Jr. St N 8th St N 20,600
Pinellas 8th St N 4th Av N 9,200
Source: Florida Traffic Information 2013 (web site)