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Interstate 274 North Carolina


Proposed Routing

Interstate 274 is the proposed designation for the western half of the Winston-Salem Northern Beltway between Interstate 40 near Clemmons and Interstate 74 and Interstate 285 near King.1 Interstate 274 appears in North Carolina's Strategic Highway Corridors map as of November 12, 2004. Unlike Interstate 285, Interstate 274 has never been submitted to the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) and is not yet constructed. (Interstate 285 was submitted to AASHTO as "Interstate 185" and was rejected on May 30, 2003.)2 It is likely that Interstate 274 will be submitted to AASHTO for approval in the near future, and once it is approved, then Future Interstate signs may start appearing along the route.


The western half of the Winston-Salem Northern Beltway will be designated as Interstate 274, and the eastern half will be Interstate 74. Currently, the loop route early in its planning process (as of November 2004), and construction is planned after the completion of environmental studies and community input processes, currently estimated to be complete by late 2005. Construction was to follow in 2006 or later, but funding availability pushed back the time table to 2012.3 A full schedule for right-of-way acquistion and construction can be found at the NCDOT: Winston-Salem Northern Beltway page.

Western Terminus - U.S. 158 between Jonestown Road and Lockwood Drive - Clemmons, North Carolina
The Winston-Salem Northern Beltway will end at a signalized at-grade intersection with U.S. 158.
Eastern Terminus - Future Interstate 74, Future Interstate 285, and U.S. 52 - near King, North Carolina
A new directional-cloverleaf interchange will be constructed on top of the Exit 117 partial "Y" interchange with the North Carolina 66 connector. Interstate 74 will take over the Northern Beltway east from Interstate 274 and U.S. 52 over the current connector road.


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Page Updated May 14, 2009.


State North Carolina
Mileage TBD
Cities Winston-Salem
Junctions Interstate 40, Future Interstate 74, Future Interstate 285
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