Interstate 195 Rhode Island / Massachusetts


Interstate 195 serves regional traffic demands, joining Providence, Rhode Island and the I-95 corridor with Fall River, New Bedford and Cape Cod in southeast Massachusetts. With auxiliary lanes, the nearly 45 mile long route accommodates as many as ten lanes.

Starting in Downtown Providence across the Iway Bridge over Providence Harbor, I-195 travels to East Providence, Rhode Island and suburban areas of Seekonk and Swansea, Massachusetts. East from there, I-195 crosses the Taunton River on the Braga Bridge to the city of Fall River, where the freeway passes below the Fall River Government Center through a cut and cover tunnel. Route 24 also overlaps with I-195 between separate freeways leading south to Tiverton, R.I. and north to Taunton, Mass.

Continuing east from Fall River, Interstate 195 parallels U.S. 6 through rural sections of Westport and Dartmouth with six overall lanes. The freeway narrows to four lanes across the city of New Bedford, where it spans the Acushnet River along a short causeway. Curving northeast, I-195 heads through Fairhaven, Mattapoisett and Marion through to its junction with Interstate 495 and Route 25 in Wareham.

Massachusetts 25 extends the Interstate 495 freeway east from I-195 to Buzzards Bay, U.S. 6 and the Bourne Bridge to Cape Cod. The Bourne Bridge provides one of two spans across Cape Cod Canal, with U.S. 6 east over the Sagamore Bridge being the other.


Initially planned as Interstate 95E in 1957, the East Providence Expressway was renumbered as I-195 in 1959. Work on the route through Providence was already underway by 1956, with a one mile section completed through the Jewelry District in 1958. Construction of I-195 through East Providence was underway in 1957, and completed to the state line in 1960.1

Interstate 195 was originally proposed east only as far as New Bedford, Massachusetts. Construction on the freeway in the Bay State started in 1958, with the first segment opened to traffic between Seekonk and Swansea in 1960. Another seven miles of I-195 were completed from Exit 3 to Exit 10 in Westport in 1965.1

Interstate 195 completed from Providence to U.S. 6 and Route 118 in 1963.

Work on I-195 east to Massachusetts 18 in New Bedford continued to 1968. The remaining 14 miles east from there were built between 1968 and 1974, and signed as a new alignment for U.S. 6. With AASHTO approval on June 17, 1975, Interstate 195 was formally extended eastward to Massachusetts 25 in Wareham, with U.S. 6 shifted back to its former course.1

Costing $610 million, the Iway Project in Providence, Rhode Island relocated 1.6 miles of Interstate 195 onto a new seven-span, 1,250 foot long bridge3 over the Providence River. The 2,000 foot realignment of I-195 passes south of the Hurricane Barrier along the Providence River, connecting with a new three-wye interchange with Interstate 95 to the west, and leading east to India Point Park. Improvements included rebuilding a 0.8-mile section of I-95 as well.4

The Iway Project addressed regular congestion along the curved portions of both Interstates 95 and 195 south of Downtown Providence. Work involved 14 new bridges, including the eight-lane Iway Bridge. 20 acres of land were made available for redevelopment along the former I-195 right of way. The Iway Bridge was constructed off site and transported by barge in August 2006 for installation.4 The main span is a 400 foot long network arch bridge.3

The new Iway Bridge opened to eastbound traffic on November 4, 2007. Westbound traffic shifted to the span on June 18, 2009.5 Final work on the Iway Project wrapped up by the end of 2010.3

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Western Terminus - Interstate 95 - Providence, Rhode Island
Perspective from Interstate 195 west
Interstate 195 & U.S. 6 west cross the eight-lane Iway Bridge over the Providence River just ahead of their separation at Interstate 95. Three lanes join I-95 leading south to T.F. Green Airport (PVD), New London, Connecticut and New York. Photo taken 10/06/14.
Construction from 2005 to 2010 associated with the Iway Project added high speed flyovers linking Interstates 95 and 195. The previous exchange included left-hand ramps. U.S. 6 west merges onto I-95 north to the Memorial Drive interchange while Exit 1B departs from the southbound on-ramp for Eddy Street and Rhode Island Hospital. Photo taken 10/06/14.
Perspective from Interstate 95 south
Construction started in 2014 for the Providence Viaduct replacement project rebuilt the southbound lanes of Interstate 95 through to the exchange with U.S. 6 west and Memorial Boulevard east. New signs were installed along this stretch in 2015, including a side mounted sign for I-195 east ahead of the Smith Street overpass. Photo taken by H.B. Elkins (05/31/13).
U.S. 6 east combines with Interstate 95 south from the Huntington Expressway for a short overlap through to Interstate 195 east (Exit 20). Photo taken by H.B. Elkins (05/31/13).
A lane drop occurs at forthcoming Exit 20 for Interstate 195 & U.S. 6 east. The two routes cross the Iway Bridge to India Point Park, and the Washington Bridge over the Seekonk River into East Providence. Photo taken by H.B. Elkins (05/31/13).
Staying below grade, Interstate 95 & U.S. 6 curve southeast through to their split at I-195 (Exit 20) below the Broad Street overpass. Photo taken by H.B. Elkins (05/31/13).
Historic Perspective from Interstate 95 south
An older diagrammatic sign posted at the Atwells Avenue overpass preceded the short overlap of U.S. 6 east between the Huntington Expressway west and the former alignment of I-195 east. Photo taken 06/26/05.
A button copy overhead at the Broad Street overpass outlined the original left-hand ramp (Exit 20) for Interstate 195 & U.S. 6 east. Photo taken 06/26/05.
Perspective from Interstate 95 north
Interstate 95 advances north with four lanes along industrial areas beside Providence Harbor through to the three-wye interchange (Exit 19) with Interstate 195 & U.S. 6 east. Photo taken by Ian Ligget (07/03/10).
The steel arches of the Iway Bridge come into view as Exit 19 separates from the Interstate 95 northbound mainline for I-195 & U.S. 6 to East Providence, Fall River, New Bedford and Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Photo taken by Ian Ligget (07/03/10).
Historic Perspective from Interstate 95 north
The old exit for Interstate 195 & U.S. 6 east was located 0.6 miles further north. It was numbered as Exit 20. Photo taken 06/26/05.
The former alignment of Interstate 195 circled around the Jewelry District from I-95 along side Friendship Street to span the Providence River by James Street. The freeway curved south between the couplet of Main and Water Streets and east to the Washington Bridge. Photo taken by Douglas Kerr (09/28/01).
Eastern Terminus - Interstate 495 - near Wareham, Massachusetts
Historic Perspective from Interstate 195 east
The second to last exit on Interstate 195 is for Exit 21 to Route 28 and Wareham. Route 28 provides a cutoff from I-195 to Route 25 at Exit 22A. Photo taken by Douglas Kerr (04/20/02).
Interstate 195 eastbound concludes as traffic separates at Exits 22A/B. Route 25 extends southeast along a freeway to East Wareham, Indian Beach and Buzzards Bay. I-495 leads northwest toward Middleborough. Photo taken by Douglas Kerr (04/20/02).
Perspective from Massachusetts 25 west
Massachusetts 25 winds west from U.S. 6 at Buzzards Bay as a 10.04 mile route through to Interstates 195 west and 495 north. Photo taken by H.B. Elkins (05/31/13).
Massachusetts 25 takes a long straight away from a causeway over Mill Pond through to the trumpet interchange (Exit 1) with I-195 west to New Bedford and I-495 north to Middleborough. Photo taken by H.B. Elkins (05/31/13).
Crossing the Wankinco River, traffic separates at the west end of Route 25, with Interstates 195 and 495 diverging toward Providence and Worcester. Photo taken by H.B. Elkins (05/31/13).
Historic Perspective from Massachusetts 25 west
A vintage ground level sign directed motorists onto Interstate 195 west from Massachusetts 25 west at Exit 1. Photo taken by Douglas Kerr (04/20/02).
Perspective from Interstate 495 south
See the Interstate 495 guide for photos covering the joint south end of I-495 and east end of Interstate 195.


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State Rhode Island
Mileage 3.82
Cities Providence, East Providence
Junctions I-95
State Massachusetts
Mileage 40.73
Cities Fall River, Somerset, New Bedford, Fairhaven
Junctions I-495
TOTAL 44.55
Source: December 31, 2017 Interstate Route Log and Finders List
I-195 Rhode Island Annual Average Daily Traffic

From: To: AADT Composite
I-95 U.S. 6 west Dyer St eastbound ramps 161,600
Dyer St eastbound ramps Dyer St westbound ramps 147,000
Dyer St westbound ramps Exit 2/ U.S. 1A/44 158,000
Exit 2/ U.S. 1A/44 Exit 3/ Gano St 128,100
Exit 3/ Gano St Exit 4-5 / U.S. 44 east 169,400
Exit 4-5/ U.S. 44 east Exit 6/ Broadway 102,500
Exit 6/ Broadway Exit 7/ Warren Av 115,300
Exit 7/ Warren Av Exit 8/ East Shore Expwy 102,500
Exit 8/ East Shore Expwy MA state line 71,400
Source: Traffic Flow Map 2002 (Rhode Island Department of Transportation)
I-195 Massachusetts Annual Average Daily Traffic

From: To: AADT Comp. Year
RI state line Exit 1 MA 114A 72,577 2000
Exit 1 MA 114A Exit 2 MA 136 75,515 2000
Exit 2 MA 136 Exit 3 U.S. 6 56,400 1999
Exit 3 U.S. 6 Exit 4 MA 103 59,900 2001
Exit 4 MA 103 Exit 5 MA 79 & 138 70,000 1999
Exit 5 MA 79 & 138. Exit 6 & 7 Plymouth Av 71,200 2001
Exit 6 & 7 Plymouth Av Exit 8A MA 24 south 62,700 1999
Exit 8A MA 24 south Exit 8B MA 24 north 82,363 2002
Exit 8B MA 24 north Exit 10 MA 88 south 59,600 2001
Exit 10 MA 88 south Exit 11 Reed Rd 49,200 2001
Exit 11 Reed Rd Exit 12 Faunce Corner Rd 60,579 2002
Exit 12 Faunce Corner Rd Exit 13 MA 140 56,200 2001
Exit 13 MA 140 Exit 15 MA 18 56,500 1999
Exit 15 MA 18 Exit 16/17 Washburn / Coggeshall Sts 46,300 1997
Exit 16/17 Washburn / Coggeshall Sts Exit 18 MA 240 south 42,800 2000
Exit 18 MA 240 south Exit 19 Mattapoisett 37,158 2002
Exit 19 Mattapoisett Exit 20 MA 105 25,700 2001
Exit 20 MA 105 Exit 21 MA 28 22,800 2000
Exit 21 MA 28 Exit 22 I-495 / MA 25 24,200 1999
Source: Mass Highway Traffic Volume Counts (2002)
Some exit information provided by the former I-195 @ web site
Providence, Rhode Island in 1963
The initial section of Interstate 195 connected U.S. 6 & 44 with Pine and Friendship Streets west of the Providence River.
Fall River, Massachusetts in 1971
Massachusetts previously continued the sequential exit numbering system for Interstate 195 started in Rhode Island. Exits 10, 11 and 12 here are now Exits 4, 5 and 6.