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Welcome to the Interstate-Guide!

Welcome to the Interstate-Guide, brought to you by AARoads! Included on this site are guides for every Interstate highway within the Eisenhower Interstate System. Individual guides include facts, mileage statistics, history, planned improvements, photographs, and basic information.

Northbound Interstate 85 splits with Business Loop I-85 near Greensboro, North Carolina. The southeastern portion of the new Greensboro belt route carries Interstate 85 around the city, and the old alignment of Interstate 85 is now designated as Business Loop I-85. Photo taken 06/05/05.

Interstate Highway Guides

Designated in 1956, the Eisenhower Interstate System includes over 65,000 miles with routes in each of the 50 states and the U.S. Territory of Puerto Rico. You'll find photos, facts, and background information of the four kinds of Interstate Highways:

Business Route Guide

Interstate business connections (loops and spurs) were approved by AASHTO in 1964 as a method to provide access from the Interstate superhighway to the cities and towns bypassed by the freeway. Included is a complete list of:

  • Active Business Loops/Spurs
  • Decommissioned Business Loops/Spurs
  • Potential Business Loops/Spurs

Interstate Shield Gallery

The Interstate Shield Gallery is now a part of the new Shield Gallery on AARoads. Featured there are not only photos of Interstate highway shields for each state, but also U.S., State, County, Turnpike, and other route shields from throughout the country.

Turnpikes and Tollways

Cataloging most known turnpikes and toll roads, including those that are not part of the Interstate highway system.

All About Interstates

Featuring trivia, factoids, and other information about Interstate Highways

In addition to our list of Interstates, we recommend you also peruse the Official Federal Highway Administration Interstate Route Log and Finder List and Three-Digit Interstates (3dis) at for additional information on the United States Interstate Highway System.

We are interested in obtaining photos of Interstate Highway endpoints to complete this project. If you have one you would like to share, please see our contact page for email. Credit will be given for all photos on these pages. Contributors to the Interstate-Guide can be found at the Acknowledgements Page. In addition, if you notice a factual error or an omission or have an update, please feel free to email us with relevant information.

Southbound Interstate 5, originally signed with U.S. 101 before it was retracted in 1964, passes through downtown San Diego's S-curve. This view is taken from the Fifth Avenue overcrossing, with the Sixth Avenue overcrossing visible in the foreground. Photo taken 07/13/06.

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Interstate 80 westbound at U.S. 83 in Nebraska. Photo taken 09/05/05.
Nebraska was the first state to complete its Interstate system. Find more Interstate facts on the All About Interstates page.
Crossing the Columbia River on Interstate 5 north. Photo taken 08/27/06.
This bridge is one of a handful of draw bridges on the Interstate system. Find more Interstate facts on the All About Interstates page.