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South End


Interstate 795 branches southeast from I-95 at Exit 119 and accompanies U.S. 264 along the southwestern outskirts of Wilson. I-795 and U.S. 264 (Future I-587) separate at a wye interchange south of Wiggins Mill Reservoir. U.S. 264 continues east to Greenville while I-795 turns south along a rural freeway to the towns of Fremont and Pikeville.

Paralleling U.S. 117 to the west, Interstate 795 reaches the north side of Goldbsboro at U.S. 70 Bypass (Future I-42). A cloverstack joins the two freeways adjacent to Lane Tree Golf Course. I-795 extends another 2.19 miles to U.S. 70 Business and North Carolina 581 just west of Downtown Goldsboro.

Exit numbers along I-795 increase from north to south. Counter to standard Interstate numbering, the sequence accommodates lengthening the route southward to Interstate 40. Supported by government officials in both Duplin and Wayne Counties, the 24 mile extension will directly replace or bypass portions of U.S. 117 between Goldsboro and I-40. Upgrading the corridor will require eliminating 35 at-grade intersections, around 100 driveways / business entrances and two railroad crossings.5

Future I-795 - Goldsboro, NC
Future I-795 corridor signs were posted by December 2017. This assembly stands just south of U.S. 70 along the connector to NC 581 in Goldsboro. 12/14/17

Route Information

  • North End – Wilson, NC

  • South End – Goldsboro, NC

  • Mileage – 25.46

  • Cities – Goldsboro, Wilson

  • JunctionsI-95

Source: December 31, 2018 Interstate Route Log and Finders List

I-795 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

Location Vehicles per day
Exits 25 to 22 16,000
Exits 22 to 18 19,000
Exits 18 to 14 19,000
Exits 14 to 9 18,000
Exits 9 to 5 19,000
Exits 5 to US 264 13,000
Exits 43C to 42 33,000
Exits 42 to 40 32,000
Exits 40 to 38 29,000

Through Goldsboro, four possible routes were considered during a feasibility study completed in 2015. The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) budgeted funds for a seven mile stretch of the U.S. 117 Corridor Upgrade, between Genoa Road and Country Club Drive near Mount Olive, starting in 2027. Public meetings and environmental studies take place through 2022.5


North Carolina submitted an application to renumber U.S. 117 north from Greensboro to Wilson as Interstate 795 to the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) on May 4, 2007.1. It was initially rejected, and then conditionally approved at the AASHTO meeting on September 28, 2007.2,3 NCDOT sought to add the U.S. 117 freeway to the Interstate system so that trucks longer than 48 feet could use the U.S. 117-264 freeway alignment. With I-795 approved, trucks meeting this criteria were permitted to use the roadway and as of October 3, 2007, the state highway patrol stopped enforcing the previous truck restriction.4

North End I-95 US 264 FutureI-587 – Wilson, North Carolina

Perspective from Interstate 795 north and U.S. 264 west
I-795 north & U.S. 264 west advance 1.76 miles from N.C. 42 to Interstate 95 a short distance beyond the Wilson city limits. Photo taken 12/16/07.
One half mile ahead of the full -cloverleaf interchange (Exits 38B/A) with Interstate 95 on I-795/U.S. 264 westbound. Photo taken 12/16/07.
An end shield for Interstate 795 precedes the departure of Exit 38B for I-95 north to Rocky Mount, Roanoke Rapids and Petersburg, Virginia. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Interstate 95 north connects with U.S. 64 (Future I-87) outside Rocky Mount in 19 miles and reaches Richmond, Virginia in 136 miles. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Benson, the town where Interstates 95 and 40 cross paths, lies 40 miles to the southwest from Exit 38A. U.S. 264 continues west along Future I-587 to Zebulon, where it merges with U.S. 64 (Future I-87) en route to Knightdale and Raleigh. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Perspective from Interstate 95 north
Interstate 95 angles northeast from N.C. 42 to converge with U.S. 264 (Future I-587) and I-795 south at a rural cloverleaf interchange west of Wilson. Photo taken 12/21/18.
St. Rose Church Road spans I-95 one mile south of Exit 119 with U.S. 264 and Interstate 795 south. U.S. 264 comprises an intrastate highway between Raleigh and Manns Harbor. Prior to 2003, the route extended east along side U.S. 64 to Manteo and Whalebone Junction. Photo taken 12/21/18.
A collector distributor roadway splits from the I-95 mainline for Exits 119A to Wilson / Goldsboro and 119B to Raleigh. The U.S. 264 freeway between Zebulon and Greenville was approved as Future Interstate 587 in 2016. Photo taken 12/21/18.
Exit 119A departs the c/d roadway for U.S. 264 east to Wilson and Greenville and Interstate 795 south to Freemont and Pikeville. Photo taken 12/21/18.

South End US 70 US 117 N.C. 581 – Goldsboro, North Carolina

Perspective from Interstate 795 south
Interstate 795 travels south between a wooded area along Little River and the Winbon Acres community ahead of Exits 25A/B with U.S. 70 (Grantham Street). Photo taken 12/16/07.
Separate ramps connect the south end of I-795 with U.S. 70 west toward Smithfield and east to Downtown Goldsboro. Completion of the U.S. 70 Bypass (Future I-42) freeway to the north serves through traffic around Goldsboro between Raleigh and Kinston. Photo taken 12/16/07.
The I-795 freeway extends another 0.62 miles from the U.S. 70 underpass to N.C> 581 at Ash Street. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Perspective from U.S. 70 west
U.S. 70 (Grantham Street) navigates through succeeding parclo interchanges westbound from Downtown Goldsboro to Interstate 795. The initial exchange connects Grantham Street with U.S. 13/117. I-795 follows northward from N.C. 581 to U.S. 264 at Wilson. Photo taken 12/14/17.
Interstate 795 extends north from an expressway linking U.S. 13/117 with N.C. 581 at Ash Street. The rural freeway travels from Goldsboro to Pikesville, Fremont and Black Creek. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Perspective from Interstate 795 north
U.S. 13/117 north separate with N.C. 581 just ahead of Ash Street. U.S. 13/117 follow an older freeway (former U.S. 117 Bypass) around central Goldsboro while N.C. 581 leads directly to Interstate 795. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Beyond the signalized turn of N.C. 581 west onto Ash Street, the freeway for I-795 commences northbound leading into the exchange with U.S. 70 (Grantham Street). Photo taken 12/16/07.
The unnumbered ramp for U.S. 70 departs from Interstate 795 for Grantham Street east into Downtown Goldsboro and U.S. 70 west to Smithfield and Raleigh. U.S. 70 Bypass (Future I-42) converges with U.S. 70, 4.7 miles to the west. Photo taken 12/16/07.


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