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Interstate 790 forms an L-shaped route between Downtown Utica and the New York Thruway (I-90) at Exit 31. The east-west leg constitutes separate roadways running adjacent to I-90 from LeLand Avenue (NY 5) west to the NY 8/12 expressway along Horatio Street. A trumpet interchange connects this section of I-790 with the Thruway. It also doubles as NY 5, which dog legs south from Herkimer Road via LeLand Avenue.

The north-south branch of Interstate 790 accompanies NY 5-8-12 south from a directional cloverleaf interchange joining Horatio Street with NY 49. NY 49 extends the expressway west from I-790 to Rome while I-790 crosses the Erie Canal and Mohawk River into central Utica. Interstate 790 extends south to the Court Street off-ramp west of Downtown. NY 5-8-12 continue from that exchange along the North South Arterial Highway to New Hartford.

North-South Arterial

The $66.5 million North-South Arterial Project replaced the elevated section of New York 5, 8 and 12 through Utica. The largest project completed by the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) in the city of Utica extended the viaduct southward across Court Street, replacing a signalized intersection with a single point urban interchange (SPUI). The SPUI opened to traffic in June 2017.1

Completed on October 31, 2017, the project also improved the interchange joining I-790 & NY 5-8-12 with NY 5A and NY 5S along Oriskany Street. A new off-ramp was added from NY 5A east to Lafayette and Varick Streets and existing ramps were reconfigured.1 The first of two contracts, including the March 2, 2014 implosion of the Fay Street Warehouse, started in March 2013. Work on the viaduct replacement and construction of the SPUI at Court Street started in March 2014.2

Route Information

  • East End – Utica, NY

  • West End – Utica, NY

  • Mileage – 2.41

  • Cities – Utica

  • JunctionsI-90 NY Thruway

Source: December 31, 2018 Interstate Route Log and Finders List

I-790 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

Source: 2016 AADT – NYS Traffic Data Viewer

Utica North-South Arterial Project Map


The Utica North-South Arterial was built in the 1960s to improve traffic flow through the city. The arterial between Court and Oswego Streets was constructed as an at-grade roadway with intersections due to community concerns with the elevated highway. The viaduct was rehabilitated in 1991.1

Highway Guides

East End I-90 NY Thruway New York 5 – Utica, New York

Perspective from Interstate 790 & New York 5 east
An end shield for Interstate 790 precedes the loop ramp for Genesee Street north along the eastbound roadway taking New York 5 to Leland Avenue. Photo taken by Douglas Kerr (04/01).
Perspective from Interstate 790 west
A Breezewood connnection links the New York Thruway with Interstate 790 & New York 5 west via Genesee Street. A trumpet interchange joins the Thruway access road from Exit 31 to Genesee Street south of I-790 and Auert Avenue. Photo taken by Douglas Kerr (08/00).
Perspective from Interstate 90 west
The New York Thruway crosses the Oneida County line 1.6 miles ahead of Exit 31 for Utica. New York 5 (Herkimer Road) and the Erie Canal parallel I-90 leading west to the trumpet interchange with Interstate 790. Photo taken by Douglas Kerr (08/00).
Perspective from Interstate 90 east
The east end of Interstate 790 appears along side the New York Thruway eastbound at Exit 31. Photo taken by Douglas Kerr (05/15/02).

West End New York 5 New York 8 New York 12 / Court Street – Utica, New York

Perspective from New York 8 north
New York 5S (Oriskany Street) leaves Downtown Utica and meets I-790 east and NY 5-8-12 (North South Arterial) by Utica Memorial Auditorium. New York 5A takes over along Oriskany Street west to the village of Yorkville. Photo taken by Douglas Kerr (09/16/02).
Perspective from New York 5S west
NY 5 east & NY 8-12 north at the directional cloverleaf interchange with NY 5S west and NY 5A (Oriskany Street) east on the former viaduct carrying Interstate 790 north. Replaced by the Utica North South Arterial Project in 2013-17, this elevated roadway dated to 1962. Photo taken by Chris Jordan (07/01).
Perspective from New York 5A east
The North South Arterial Project added a new eastbound off-ramp from New York 5A (Oriskany Street) to parallel Lafayette Street where this guide sign for I-790 east was previously located. The North-South Arterial carries NY 5-8-12 south to NY 840 at New Hartford. Photo taken by Douglas Kerr (10/12/02).

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