Interstate 570 Missouri

I-570 Missouri


The Jefferson City Area Chamber of Commerce proposed Interstate 570, which would involve upgrading or replacing existing freeways and expressways that link Jefferson City to Interstate 70. If built, I-570 would bring two corridors to Interstate standards: U.S. 54 and U.S. 63. This route would loop from I-70 at Kingdom City south to U.S. 50 in Jefferson City via U.S. 54 and then return north to I-70 at Columbia via U.S. 63.1

No schedule for constructing Interstate 570 was ever planned, and the project was unfunded. The proposal never gained traction, with only the chamber of commerce openly advocating it. The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) did not propose this route, nor has the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) approved it. As of 2006, no known studies were made to upgrade this corridor to Interstate standards. Notably, Jefferson City is one of the few state capitals not connected to the Interstate Highway System.

Route Information

  • East End – Kingdom City, MO

  • West End – Columbia, MO

  • Mileage – approximately 63 miles: 32 miles south on U.S. 54, 31 miles north on U.S. 63

  • Cities – Jefferson City, Fulton, Columbia

  • JunctionsI-70

Source: 2007 Rand McNally atlas


In 1970, an Interstate corridor along U.S. 63 between Rolla and Columbia via Jefferson City was submitted for approval by the state of Missouri, but it was rejected by the Federal Highway Administration.2 Today, U.S. 63 is largely expressway/freeway north of Jefferson City and is two to four lanes south of Jefferson City.

Potential Eastern Terminus I-70 – Kingdom City, Missouri

I-70 West at US 54

I-70 west at US 54 - Kingdom City, MO

One mile ahead of Exit 148 for U.S. 54 southwest to Jefferson City on I-70 westbound. As proposed, Interstate 570 would travel along with U.S. 54 through Fulton to Jefferson City. 10/16/14

I-70 west at US 54 - Kingdom City, MO

U.S. 54 angles southwest from I-70 to Jefferson City, the state capital of Missouri. The route is a mix of expressway and freeway between Kingdom City and Jefferson City, with a freeway bypass of Fulton. 10/16/14

I-70 west at US 54 - Kingdom City, MO

Westbound Interstate 70 reaches Exit 148 for U.S. 54 southwest to Fulton and Jefferson City. Presumably this interchange would be upgraded to Interstate standards and provide a freeway-to-freeway connection if I-570 were built. 10/16/14

Potential Western Terminus I-70 – Columbia, Missouri

I-70 West at US 63

I-70 west at US 63 - Columbia, MO

Westbound Interstate 70 meets U.S. 63 in Columbia at Exit 128A. The Interstate 570 proposal would require construction of a systems interchange linking with U.S. 63 and I-70. 10/16/14


  1. “Chamber delegation has successful trip to Washington, D.C. – This may have been the most successful visit to the nation’s capital yet for a delegation from the Jefferson City Area Chamber of Commerce” Jefferson City News-Tribune (MO), September 26, 2006.
  2. Interstate System Add Requests: March 1970 compiled by based on “Report on the Status of the Federal-Aid Highway Program”, Hearing before the Subcommittee on Roads of the Committee on Public Works, U. S. Senate; dated April 15, 1970; pages 89-91.

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