Interstate 420 Georgia

I-420 Georgia


Interstate 420 represents a planned southern bypass of the Atlanta Central Business District by way of the Lakewood Freeway (SR 166). The Interstate was to run east from I-285 in west Atlanta along northern reaches of East Point to reenter Atlanta through Lakewood Heights. This portion was built in the mid-1960s and signed as Georgia State Route 166. The remainder of the route east to Interstate 20 near Gresham Park was unconstructed.

Route Information

  • East End – Atlanta, GA

  • West End – Atlanta, GA

  • Mileage – 6.62

  • Cities – Atlanta, East Point

  • JunctionsI-285 I-75 I-85

Source: Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) State Functional Classification Map

Atlanta, GA - 1979

Interstate 420 appeared on the Atlanta inset within the 1979 Rand McNally Northern American Road Atlas.


Interstate 420 was approved by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) on June 17, 1975. It was never signed along the Lakewood Freeway however, and I-420 was subsequently dropped on the Georgia Official Highway Map in 1985. The freeway was renamed Langford Parkway in 1995 to honor Arthur Langford, Jr., a former Georgia State Senator and Atlanta City Councilman.

Atlanta, GA - 1979

Interstate 420 and I-675 on the 1979 Georgia Official Highway Map.

Atlanta, GA - 1982

Interstate 420 and I-675 on the 1982 Georgia Official Highway Map.

East End Georgia 166 / Lakewood Avenue – south Atlanta, Georgia

SR 166 East at Lakewood Av

SR 166 east at Lakewood Av - Atlanta, GA

Pryor Road spans Langford Parkway midway between the Downtown Connector (I-75/85) and the freeway end at Lakewood Avenue. 08/22/03

SR 166 east at Lakewood Av - Atlanta, GA

Roadway stubs appear at the half diamond interchange with Lakewood Avenue for the unbuilt extension of Interstate 420 east to I-20 near Exit 63. 08/22/03

SR 166 West

Lakewood Av north at SR 166 - Atlanta, GA

Lakewood Avenue eastbound at the entrance ramp for SR 166 (Langford Parkway). 08/22/03

SR 166 west at I-75/85 - Atlanta, GA

Leading away from Lakewood Avenue, SR 166 enters the cloverstack interchange with I-75/85 north to Downtown Atlanta and south to Hapeville and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL). 08/22/03

West End I-285 Georgia 154 Georgia 166 – southwest Atlanta, Georgia

I-285 North at SR 154 SR 166

I-285 north at SR 154/166 - Atlanta, GA

One half mile south of the cloverleaf interchange where Interstate 420 would have connected with the Perimeter Highway. Overlapping with SR 166 east to U.S. 29 (Lee Highway) at Fort McPherson, SR 154 was realigned onto Langford Parkway in the mid 1990s. 08/22/03

I-285 north at SR 154/166 - Atlanta, GA

Exit 5A departed from I-285 north for Langford Parkway east. SR 154 (Campbellton Road) ties into SR 166 (Langford Parkway) from an at-grade arterial west of Interstate 285. 08/22/03

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