Interstate 384 Connecticut

Interstate 384 Connecticut


Interstate 384 is suburban freeway branching east from I-84 at the East Hartford/Manchester city line. Bypassing the Manchester city center to the south, I-384 extends into rural areas of Bolton, where it connects with U.S. 6 and U.S. 44 ahead of their separation to Willimantic and Putnam respectively.

I-384 at Route 83 - Manchester, CT

Interstate 384 expands to eight overall lanes west from the parclo interchange (Exit 3) with Route 83 in Manchester to I-84 in East Hartford. 05/31/22


Interstate 384 was approved by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) on May 23, 1984 as a redesignation for I-84 between I-86 in East Hartford and U.S. 6/44 in Bolton Notch. I-86 was previously established in 1971 along what is now I-84 from East Hartford to Sturbridge, Massachusetts. I-84 was relocated then onto both the freeway taking U.S. 6 around Manchester and U.S. 6 along the Willimantic bypass further east. These two disconnected highways were part of the Interstate 84 proposal to join Hartford with Providence.1

Environmental concerns with constructing a freeway over Scituate Reservoir in Rhode Island resulted in the cancellation of I-84 in 1982. Connecticut subsequently dropped I-84 from plans by 1984.2

With the exception of the link between Silver Lane and I-84, the Manchester bypass was completed in 1971. The interchange with I-84 and adjacent Interstate 291 was built during a reconstruction project. The initial ramp opened with Interstate 384 in October 1986.1

Route Information

  • East End – Bolton, CT

  • West End – East Hartford, CT

  • Mileage – 8.20

  • Cities – Hartford, Manchester

  • JunctionsI-84

Source: December 31, 2021 Interstate Route Log and Finders List

I-384 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

Source: State of Connecticut Department of Transportation 2015 Traffic Volumes State Maintained Highway Network (Traffic Log)

East End U.S. 6 US 44 – Bolton, Connecticut

I-384 East at US 6 US 44

I-384 east at Route 85 - Manchester, CT

The last exit along Interstate 384 east is the half diamond interchange with Route 85 (Bolton Center Road). 05/30/22

I-384 east at US 6/44 - Bolton, CT

Interstate 384 converges with U.S. 6/44 eastbound at a wye interchange 0.6 miles beyond Route 85 in Bolton. 05/30/22

I-384 east at US 6/44 - Bolton, CT

U.S. 6/44 proceed east from the end of Interstate 384 through Bolton Notch to split at a second wye interchange. 05/30/22

I-384 east at US 6/44 - Bolton, CT

U.S. 6 (Hopriver Road) shifts southward 10.8 miles to the Willamantic bypass freeway. 05/30/22

I-384 east at US 6/44 - Bolton, CT

U.S. 44 continues east 7.4 miles to Mansfield Depot and 31.4 miles to the Quinebaug River in Putnam. 05/30/22

US 6 US 44 West at I-384

US 6/44 west at I-384 - Bolton, CT

U.S. 6/44 combine ahead of a wye interchange with the beginning of Interstate 384 westbound near the Hartford County line. U.S. 6/44 continue into Manchester while I-384 bypasses the town center to the south en route to East Hartford. 05/30/22

West End I-84 I-291 U.S. 6 – East Hartford, Connecticut

I-384 West at I-84 US 6 US 44

I-384 west at I-84 - Manchester, CT

The directional T interchange at the west end of Interstate 384 includes a lengthy distributor roadway leading onto both I-84 east to Tolland and I-291 west across the Bissell Bridge to Windsor. 05/31/22

I-384 west at I-84 - Manchester, CT

Interstate 384 curves north through the diamond interchange (Exit 1) with Silver Lane / Spencer Street just ahead of I-84. 05/31/22

I-384 west at I-84 - Manchester, CT

Interstate 384 defaults onto I-84 west into the town of East Hartford. I-84 continues across the Buckeley Bridge into the capital city. 05/31/22

I-84 US 6 East at I-384

I-84 east at I-384 - East Hartford, CT

Eastbound I-84/U.S. 6 expand to six overall lanes with the advent of traffic from Connecticut Route 15 and the Charter Oak Bridge. 05/31/22

I-84 east at I-384 - East Hartford, CT

I-84/U.S. 6 advance east 1.25 miles from the Simmons Road overpass to the separation with Interstate 384 at Exit 59. 05/31/22

I-84 east at I-384 - East Hartford, CT

The HOV-2 lane along I-84 eastbound diverges from the mainline ahead of the fully-Y interchange (Exit 59) with Interstate 384. The carpool lane proceeds east to a left exit for I-384. 05/31/22

I-84 east at I-384 - East Hartford, CT

Forbes Street spans I-84/U.S. 6 one quarter mile ahead of Interstate 384 at the Manchester Town line. I-384 connects with the Manchester Town Center via interchanges with Spencer Street, Keeney Street, Route 83 (Main Street) and Spring Street. 05/31/22

I-84 east at I-384 - East Hartford, CT

Interstate 384 comprises the first leg of the most direct route between the capital cities of Hartford and Providence, Rhode Island. The freeway ends at U.S. 6/44 in Bolton, with U.S. 6 continuing east from there to Willimantic and Danielson. 05/31/22

I-84 West at I-291 I-384

I-84 west at I-384 - Manchester, CT

A collector distributor roadway (Exit 62) separates from Interstate 84 (Wilbur Cross Highway) westbound ahead of Buckland Street. The roadway extends southwest to ramps for I-384 west and U.S. 44 at Exit 60 before returning to I-84 ahead of East Hartford. 05/31/22

I-84 west at I-384 - Manchester, CT

Exit 61 follows for I-291 west to Windsor and I-91 north to Bradley International Airport (BDL) and Springfield, Massachusetts. Exit 59 combines with the ramp from the c/d roadway beyond Buckland Street to Interstate 384 east. 05/31/22

I-84 west at I-384 - Manchester, CT

Ramps link I-291 with I-384 independent of the Interstate 84 mainline between Exit 61 and 59. 05/31/22

I-84 west at I-384 - Manchester, CT

The distributor roadway from Exit 59 travels alongside I-84 west below U.S. 6/44 (Middle Turnpike) to Interstate 384 east at Spencer Street and Silver Lane on the East Hartford/Manchester town line. 05/31/22

I-84 West I-291 East at I-384

I-291 east at I-84/384 - Manchester, CT

The ramp joining the east end of Interstate 291 with I-84 west ties into the c/d roadway for Exits 62 and 60. 05/30/22

I-291 east at I-384 - Manchester, CT

Traffic headed to I-384 from I-291 east and I-84 west via Exit 59 combines within the exchange at U.S. 44 (Middle Turnpike). The two lane roadway proceeds through a pair of tunnels below the I-84 and I-384 mainlines. 05/30/22

I-291 east at I-384 - Manchester, CT

The entrance ramp to Interstate 384 east from I-84 west and I-291 partitions with a slip ramp for Silver Lane west and Spencer Street east before joining the freeway mainline. 05/30/22


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