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I-195 Saco, Maine Map
Interstate 195 links the Maine Turnpike with the city of Saco and the town of Old Orchard Beach in York County.


Interstate 195, the Saco Industrial Spur, is a 1.60 mile1 long route leading east from Interstate 95 (Maine Turnpike) across Goosefare Hill to U.S. 1 (Main Street) in the city of Saco. While officially ending at the exchange with U.S. 1 (Exit 2), the freeway extends east from Main Street as I-195 to Goosefare Brook, the dividing line between the Saco and town of Old Orchard Beach. Maine 5 eastbound overtakes the ending freeway along Ocean Park Road to Saco Avenue through Old Orchard Beach. Maine 5 westbound utilizes the freeway to connect with U.S. 1 for their shared alignment south to the Saco city center.


The Saco Industrial Spur was included in original Maine Interstate Highway plans. The route however remained proposed until 1980, when construction finally broke ground on the freeway. I-195 opened initially from Industrial Park Road (Exit 1) east to U.S. 1 (Exit 2) in 1982. This included the 0.87 mile freeway extension (inventoried by MaineDOT as Route 5195S) east to Maine 5 (Ocean Park Road). The remaining half mile link to the Maine Turnpike opened in 1983.2,3

Route Information

  • East End – Saco, ME

  • West End – Saco, ME

  • Mileage – 1.59 eastbound/ 1.57 westbound
  • Cities – Saco

  • JunctionsI-95 Maine Tpk

Source: MaineDOT Public Map Viewer
1.55 miles on the December 31, 2017 Interstate Route Log and Finders List

I-195 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

Location Vehicles per day
I-95 to Exit 1 31,650
Exits 1 to 2 21,850
Exit 2 to SR 5 11,080

Source: MaineDOT Public Map Viewer, accessed on January 23, 2019

Highway Guides

East End Maine 5 – Saco, Maine

Perspective from Interstate 195 east
National Highway System mileage for Interstate 195 ends at the exchange with U.S. 1 (Exit 2). The freeway however continues another 0.87 miles to end at Route 5 (Ocean Park Road). Photo taken by Sheila Schumacher (08/31/04).
A lane drop occurs ahead of the at-grade merge with Route 5 (Ocean Park Road) southbound. Route 5 overtakes the ending freeway east into Old Orchard Beach. Temple Avenue separates with the state route at Saco Avenue to connect with the coastal community of Ocean Park. Photo taken 06/27/05.
An end sign assembly for Interstate 195 was erected at the junction with Route 5 in 2004 during a freeway wide sign replacement project. Photo taken by Sheila Schumacher (08/31/04).
Perspective from Maine 5 north
Maine 5 (Ocean Park Road) upgrades into Interstate 195 just beyond Reserve Avenue at the Saco city line. Photo taken 06/27/05.
A left-hand turn connects with Ocean Park Road west to U.S. 1 (Main Street). Maine 5 northbound accompanies I-195 west to Exit 2A. Photo taken 06/27/05.

West End I-95 Maine Tpk – Saco, Maine

Perspective from Interstate 195 west
Interstate 195 west & Maine 5 split at the three-quarter cloverleaf interchange (Exits 2B/A) with U.S. 1 (Main Street). I-195 continues another 1.75 miles to the Maine Turnpike. Photo taken 06/27/05.
U.S. 1 & Maine 5 overlap south along Main Street to Downtown Saco. U.S. 1 constitutes a four to five-lane boulevard north from Saco to Portland. Photo taken 06/27/05.
Continuing beyond a set of toll booths, travelers partition for the Maine Turnpike on-ramps north 8.3 miles to South Portland and south 34 miles to Kittery. Photo taken by Jeff Royston (12/02).
Perspective from Interstate 95 (Maine Turnpike) north
Maine 5 (New County Road) spans Interstate 95 (Maine Turnpike) two miles south of the trumpet interchange (Exit 5) with Interstate 195 east. Maine 5 dog legs east along Bradley and Spring Streets and an overlap with Maine 112 to connect with U.S. 1 (Main Street) north to I-195. Photo taken by Jim Teresco (11/18/01).
One-mile guide sign for Interstate 195 east (Exit 36) on Interstate 95 (Maine Turnpike) north. There are two interchanges along Saco Industrial Spur for the city of Saco. The succeeding northbound exit on I-95 lies 6.7 miles ahead at Scarborough. Photo taken by Sheila Schumacher (08/31/04).
Exit 36 parts ways with Interstate 95 (Maine Turnpike) north for Interstate 195 east. The Old Orchard Beach town line lies 2.6 miles to the east at the freeway end. Photo taken by Sheila Schumacher (08/31/04).
Perspective from Interstate 95 (Maine Turnpike) south
Two miles north of Interstate 195 (Exit 36) along the Maine Turnpike southbound at the Flag Pond Road overpass. The ensuing stretch runs between Saco Industrial Park and wetland areas east of The Heath. Photo taken 06/28/05.
Interstate 195 provides a direct route to Downtown Saco from I-95 south via U.S. 1 south & Maine 5 (Main Street) north. Photo taken 06/28/05.
One half mile ahead of the trumpet interchange (Exit 36) with the Saco Industrial Spur along Interstate 95 south. The exchange between the two routes was previously a half cloverleaf interchange. Photo taken 06/28/05.
Exit 36 leaves Interstate 95 (Maine Turnpike) south for I-195 (Saco Industrial Spur) east to adjacent Industrial Park Road, U.S. 1 (Main Street) and Route 5 southbound to Old Orchard Beach and Ocean Park. Photo taken 06/28/05.


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