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State North Carolina
Mileage 25.46
Cities Wilson, Goldsboro
Junctions I-95
Source: December 31, 2016 Interstate Route Log and Finders List


Interstate 795 North Carolina


Interstate 795 in North Carolina connects Goldsboro with Wilson at Interstate 95 Exit 119 via the U.S. 117 freeway.1, 2 The entire route is currently freeway standard, and it connects to Interstate 95 via a brief overlap with U.S. 117-264 near Wilson.


Submitted to the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) as Interstate 795, it was initially rejected on May 4, 2007, and then conditionally approved by AASHTO on September 28, 2007.1, 3 (For more on this and other actions taken by AASHTO at their spring 2007 meeting, see AASHTO Committee Actions - Special Committee on Route Numbering.)2 Part of the impetus to obtain the Interstate 795 designation revolved around permitting trucks longer than 48 feet to use the U.S. 117-264 freeway alignment. With the new Interstate designation, trucks may now use the freeway as if it were any other Interstate highway (as of October 3, 2007, when the state highway patrol stopped enforcing the truck restrictions).4 This in turn adds Wayne County and the county seat of Wilson to the Interstate Highway System.

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Southern Terminus - U.S. 70 - Goldsboro, North Carolina
Perspective from Interstate 795 and U.S. 117 south
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Perspective from U.S. 70 east
U.S. 70 (Grantham Street) eastbound enters the Goldsboro vicinity and meets Interstate 795 (former U.S. 117). Interstate 795, signed in November 2007, replaced U.S. 117 along the freeway between U.S. 70 at Goldsboro and U.S. 264 at Wilson. Photo taken 12/16/07.
A diamond interchange joins U.S. 70 (Grantham Street) with the south end of Interstate 795 at Goldsboro. Although the Interstate designation ends here, the freeway continues a short distance south to the merge with U.S. 117 Bypass. U.S. 117 Bypass and Business converge at George Street for the U.S. 117 journey southward to Mt. Olive and Wilmington. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Interstate 795 shields appear beyond the southbound on-ramp to U.S. 117 Bypass (and U.S. 13). Interstate 795 was designated in October 2007 along the entire U.S. 117 freeway northward to U.S. 264, and U.S. 264 west to Interstate 95 near Wilson. The designation allows trucks exceeding 45 feet in length to legally use the highway. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Perspective from U.S. 70 west
Nearing the southern terminus of Interstate 795 on U.S. 70 (Grantham Street) west at Stuart Street/Pine Valley Road in west Goldsboro. Interstate 795 north begins and heads to U.S. 264 at Wilson. Photo taken 12/16/07.
A diamond interchange facilitates the movements between U.S. 70 (Grantham Street) and Interstate 795 in west Goldsboro. While the Interstate designation ends here from the north, the freeway continues south a short distance to its merge with U.S. 13 & 117 Bypass. Photo taken 12/16/07.
U.S. 70 (Grantham Street) westbound at the northbound beginning of Interstate 795. Interstate 795 serves the communities of Pikesville, Fremont, and Black Creek before merging with U.S. 264 west at Wilson. U.S. 117, the route which Interstate 795 replaced, travels a surface routing through those towns on a parallel alignment. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Perspective from Interstate 795 north
Interstate 795 begins along the U.S. 117 freeway north of its interchange with U.S. 70 in west Goldsboro. U.S. 117 bypasses Goldsboro to the west. Pictured here is the first northbound reassurance marker. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Northern Terminus - Interstate 95 - Wilson, North Carolina
Perspective from Interstate 795 north and U.S. 264 west
Interstate 795 north & U.S. 264 west draw to within one mile of Interstate 95 (Exits 38B/A). Interstate 95 stays west of both Wilson and Rocky Mount along a rural route. The freeway primarily serves through traffic interests between the Northeastern U.S. and Florida. However cities such as Smithfield and Lumberton lie directly along the route. Photo taken 12/16/07.
A full-cloverleaf interchange facilitates the movements of Interstate 795 & U.S. 264 with Interstate 95 at Exit 38. Exit 38A carries drivers 24 miles southbound to Smithfield (U.S. 70) and Interstate 40. 19 miles separate Exit 38B from the U.S. 64 freeway at Rocky Mount along Interstate 95 north. Photo taken 12/16/07.
End Interstate 795 shield posted as the U.S. 264 freeway enters the Exit 38 interchange with Interstate 95. U.S. 264 continues as a full freeway west to Zebulon, Knightdale, and Raleigh. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Exit 38B departs U.S. 264 westbound for Interstate 95 north. Interstate 95 next meets U.S. 264 Alternate in two miles on the 136 mile drive to Richmond. Benson, the town where Interstate 95 and 40 cross paths, lies 40 miles to the southwest via Exit 38A. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Perspective from Interstate 95 north
The freeways of Interstate 795 & U.S. 264 and Interstate 95 meet at a full-cloverleaf interchange west of Wilson (Exits 119A/B). U.S. 264 constitutes a full freeway from its split with U.S. 64 near Zebulon to its junction with U.S. 13 north of Greenville. Interstate 795 (formerly U.S. 117) begins at Interstate 95 and follows U.S. 264 four miles east to its own freeway south of Wilson. Photo taken 06/25/05.
One mile southwest of Exit 119 at the St. Rose Church Road overpass on Interstate 95 north. U.S. 264 overall comprises an intrastate U.S. highway between Raleigh and Manns Harbor. The U.S. highway shares pavement with the U.S. 64 freeway from Zebulon west to Interstate 440 at Raleigh. Eastward, U.S. 264 once overlapped with U.S. 64 east from Manns Harbor to Manteo and Whalebone Junction. In 2003, U.S. 264 saw truncation west from the Outer Banks to its junction with U.S. 64. Photo taken 06/25/05.
collector distributor Roadways facilitate the movements between Interstate 95 and the Interstate 795 & 264 freeway at Exit 119. Old Raleigh Road passes over the freeway at the Exit 119 c/d roadway split. U.S. 117 was extended northwest from its end at U.S. 301 upon completion of the freeway alignment between Wilson and Goldsboro. The overlap with U.S. 264 existed for continuity purposes to Interstate 95. On October 3, 2007, the entire U.S. 117 freeway from U.S. 70 northward to U.S. 264 at Wilson was upgraded to Interstate 795. At that time, U.S. 117 reverted to its original alignment, signed as U.S. 117A when the freeway was built, and truncated back to U.S. 301 again. Photo taken 06/25/05.
Exit 119A departs the c/d roadway for U.S. 264 east to Wilson and Greenville and Interstate 795 south to Freemont and Pikeville. U.S. 117, like U.S. 264, is an intrastate highway, traveling a short distance between U.S. 301 near the Interstate 795 and U.S. 264 split and Wilmington. Much of the route between Wilson, Goldsboro, and Faison existed as a freeway until Interstate 795 was signed. Photo taken 06/25/05.


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